Anime Monday – Kill la Kill Eps. 5-7

Kill la Kill - Episode 5-7 - 7

Kiryuin! Humans aren’t as week as you say they are!After giving up on Log Horizon last week as a regular Anime Monday show I was excited tonight to get into a show that’s dazzled me visually and entertained me throughout its run… Kill la KillI only watched three episodes tonight, but was into each fight scene and the unique characters Ryuko faced off with. The villain’s character design is a major appeal of this show for me. They’re so freaking weird and highly stylized cretins I can’t help but root for them.

The other aspect of the show I find interesting is it’s excellent use of fan service. Now, fan service is not something I usually dig in my anime, but this show gets it right. It’s neither heteronormative or focusing on a single sex which is a plus. If were going to sleeze it up…go all the way. All the way it goes as I’m beginning to think this show is actually making fun fan service in a brilliantly subtle way.

I know I’m way behind on this show, but what do you think of the weekly villains Ryuko faces off with and the shows use of fan service?

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