Anime Monday – Log Horizon

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This post was supposed to be up on Monday night, but I was so underwhelmed with last night’s content I gave a day to think about posting it at all

So tonight I’m catching up on Log Horizon. I’m pretty excited to see episodes 7 through 14. This is the anime I was most anticipating for the Winter 2013-2014 season. The first two hours or so, eps. 1-6, set up a good storyline, interesting characters, and a beautiful world. Akhibara feels alive and they are actually using MMO mechanics as a central storyline feature. A lot of people have compared this show to last years 2012’s fantastic Sword Art Online which at the surface level I can see how these two shows would be comparable. However, for me Log Horizon was a vastly different show than Sword Art Online.

Then…Episodes 7 through 13 simply bored me to tears. The three main guild members do absolutely nothing for days upon days while Shiroe takes over Akhibara with meeting after meeting. Could we have at least got some samurai kick ass swashbuckling guardian action? No, we get a political out maneuvering of a rival guild and some kids who I have no emotional attachment to go on a dungeon run and while this was cool…it was simply not enough action to justify watching nearly three hours of content.

I love the art direction of the show and the character builds are interesting, but it’s time for me to say goodbye to Log Horizon.

I had high hopes, but there just isn’t enough here for me to continue watching. I will check back in with this show…when it’s done and I can Marathon through it.

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