GOT7 – Girls Girls Girls – Hot Debut?

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Oh my…where to begin.

The Good JB and JR were great. JB styling in the opening and on the stains. JR picks things up right after JB and I like this. They’re the reason I care at all about the group. The rappers flow was excellent and each word was clear. I think I can easily say that was my favorite part of the video seeing future Thai Prince coming out with that baby face and that voice. That voice y’all. The beat was different I liked it, but sounded a little to similar to LC9’s Mama Beat slowed down a bit.

The Bad I did not like the lyrics. They are utterly stupid. Aside from JB and JR we don’t know these guys. It felt a bit pretentious every time the chorus came around. In time…this could have been a decent come back song but not digging it for a debut. JYP knows how to do a debut well too. I’m confused by this one.

The Ugly This video is just not easy to watch. I don’t like their outfits, the dingy dark set. Why are we in a basement…fight club at 10 pm? I was expecting the bright colors and vibrancy of 2PM, Miss A, WG, and JJ Project and got a video that even though is in HD I felt like the resolution is 360p.

I like this song, but I do not like the video one bit. I had high hopes for the group as a whole and I’ll probably follow them, but overall I think JYP dropped the ball with this debut.

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