Inspiring Generation – Episode 10

Inspiring Generation – Changes, Episode 10

I tried to avoid spoilers in this post, but there are some minor plot points I can’t avoid in discussing certain imagery I found visually stimulating.

Like a Grand Theft Auto video game we’ve left the training area and are now out in the world facing bigger, bigger, and more dangerous obstacles as out hero and heroine arrive in Shanghai. Episode Ten, yet again, marks a total shift in the show. Just as in Episode Five we saw less of Kwak Dong Yun as Shin Jung Tae and more of the Dobinori gang we will now see less of the Dobinori and Dandong gangs. They’ve been replaced solidly and literally by the Yakuza inspired Il Gook Hwae, Bangsamtong and Hwangbang organizations in Shanghai. So what does this mean for our heroes?

Firstly, Jung Tae is taking the logical path as a hero and working his way up the criminal infrastructure kicking ass, defending the weak, and generally being awesome. Since arriving in China he’s been forced to see a side of his family he did not know existed and this may bring out the saintly nature within him as the locals see him as a literal saint. Interestingly, the Korean contingent, Bangsamtong, due to a recent change of leadership is none too happy with Jung Tae’s arrival to the small Korean district they’ve built. Conversely, the Chinese Hwangbang organization sees Jung Tae as their only possible savior from fending off the rising tide of Il Gook Hwae. It’s a complicated position for Jung Tae to be in and one that is very likely to force him to grow up even further.

His path has mirrored that of his one true love, Gaya, as Gaya has moved on from Shineuijoo to Shanghai and boy oh boy…does she make a entrance. To say that Gaya is a boss, is insufficient. We would need Jeon Ji Hyun to adequately express her level of Bawwse. My favorite scene was Gaya’s grand entrance into the Chinese controlled French quarter. She walks alone, announcing her presence, and quite literally clears the street. The imagery here as she gracefully sauntered down a busy street in her amazingly beautiful kimono to meet the number two boss of Hwangbang. It was quiet, but to those who knew it was a lion roaring as she called out their leader. Really good stuff here.

Other takeaways from the show for me were Aoki being named mayor of Shinejoo, evidently he survived his battle with the hunter. The hunter hasn’t been seen since episode eight, nor has Kim Jae Wook’s Kim Soo-ok. Which is sad as the show has changed so have the writers. One of the reasons, I suspect, that the show has made such drastic leaps and left certain characters to not be seen for two or three episodes is because of the change in writers around episode eight. It may not be the reason, but possibly a reason as to why super talented actor Kim Jae Wook would withdraw from the drama. He was one of the reasons I watched the show initially due to his work in Who Are You?

The show, for me has taken off in positive directions and continues to be a fun and engaging two hours of content that I second more time writing about then any other show currently airing. In my opinion it’s the best produced show in air and it seems that viewers in Korea are starting to notice. Ratings for this episode surpassed the 11% mark and even hit 12% in Seoul

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