Anime Monday – Samurai Flamenco Episode 12

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From beyond launches an elemental monster…a fire Heatnoid which is dispatched easily. Then frost bobble heads from team MMM34. The pop culture references in this show never cease to amaze. There are literally 34 of of these bobble head frost demons who can’t be anything but a reference to AKB48, the world’s largest girl group. For those who know pip culture these types of references give the show a charm and wit that’s both funny and eye rollingly cheesy.wpid-Screenshot_2014-02-16-04-10-53.png


Poking fun at pop culture is what this show does best. Nothing seems safe as the Power Rangers, The Avengers, and even Voltron are all spoofed and paid homage to. I really enjoy this aspect of the show. The humor doesn’t end there nor are tropes of the anime world such as fan service. The show handles fan service in such a way that fans will eat it up, but a novice would probably walk away. Hazama-san is the focus of most of the sexual fan service shown. Close ups of his face and tightly fitting uniform show off his physique and model beauty. No other character on the Flamengers squad gets this type of treatment.

They artists also use ridiculously phallic weapons often of Priapic proportion. While hilarious, this is also very intelligent. They’re playing on the idea of compensating for a man’s lack of endowed manhood representing the squads lack of teamwork. When I saw the below screenshot I was laughing out loud.

Then there was this…

Yeah… That happened. Still laughing out loud. Bobblehead Frost Giant Barbie transforming into a nightmare Gojira might have. You have to see this to believe it.

To really top things off in the fan service department we get a nice arming of the guard scene where Voltron the Flamengers get upgraded. Check that weapon…between his. I don’t even need to explain, do I?

All in all Episode 12 was a lot of fun from a more cerebral, read between the lines kind of way. A decent way to blow 25 minutes and I’m glad to be revisiting this show!

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