Anime Monday – Kill la Kill – Episode 8 – 10

Episode 8

With every hit, the more my hardness towers mighty and strong.”


Well, isn’t that an interesting analogy for this fantastic anime.  The more I watch, which i’m not watching nearly enough, this show gets better and better.  Tonight I tuned in for Episode 8 of Kill la Kill which has been a tour de force of action, amazing animation and very interesting fan service.  

Episode 8 finally got into the backstory of more of the characters.  We learned how Matoi became an orphan and living on the streets.  We learned how Kiryuin and Gamagoori became entangled and all hell breaks loose at Honnouji Academy.  Kriyuin reveals its seven days of no holds barred, student vs. student, fighting until those left standing take their new place in the social ranks.   

“The moment I reach my climax, the power that has building up inside me will burst out…all at once”


I’m beginning to like this guy.  This 20 year old pervert with an old man’s face.  He’s got a certain style.  I wonder though…will he switch sides and fight with Matoi?  Time will tell as it looks like Episode 9 will have Matoi fighting the Elite 4.  

Auto play…on

Episode 9  

“I punish and punish and punish myself till I bring myself to climax.”


Anyyone who calls Anime a cartoon for kids needs to watch this because this show is just not for kids.  Maybe, you can watch it with your kids and laugh at the ridiculous innuendo, but its so ridiculously over the top.  I can’t stop laughing.

Then we have this blonde behemoth Gamagoori facing off against Matoi only to chastise her for wearing a slutty sailor uniform when his beloved Kiryuin wears a nearly identical uniform.  So whats he to do…Pull a Han Solo and carbon freeze matoi into a perfect school girl mold.  

No…this Baka fails and lets Senketsu own him in two easy steps.  

Next up, two of four in the Finals of the Naturals Election!

Episode 10

I didn’t really like Episode 10 after Matoi defeated the Second of the Elite Four. The fight seemed rushed and underwhelming. Are we to believe that Matoi now has such control over her uniform that she can transform at will? I also did not like the entire third fight. I found it overwhelming visually, and not in a good way. it was too much and too much was going on.

Thats all for this week’s thoughts on Anime. Next Week, I’m going to finish up Arpeggio of the Blue Steel. Kinda excited about that!

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7 thoughts on “Anime Monday – Kill la Kill – Episode 8 – 10

  1. zhaoul says:

    Do you know if this is on crunchyroll?

  2. DataportDoll says:

    Huehue…you stopped at episode 10…boy are you in for a treat. xD

    Also good luck on Arpeggio, also an excellent show ^_^

  3. sifuhallyu says:

    Yes, I stopped at episode 10. Only one hour at a time for anime Monday. Otherwise I’d have no Anime to wrote about. I’d marathon everything.

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