Bride of the Century – Episode One Review

Bride of the Century is a new drama airing on Chosun TV (a cable network) on Saturday and Sundays starring Lee Hong Ki and Yang Jin Sung. (You can read my preview for the show here

We were the happiest couple in the world then…

That quote, is quite likely, to be the theme for this show. I’m calling it now. Lee Hong Ki’s ( character Choi Kang Joo is such an ass. He’s condescending to everyone around him and seems to completely lack any manners at all except when in the company of his family. I do not like this character, not one bit. His counterpart, however, counterparts rather played by Yang Jin Sung ( is a riot. She’s strong and determined and I find her completely respectable. It will be interesting how these two character’s Yang portrays will interact with this pompous Kang Joo.

As far as the acting goes, it was full on camp. Lee Hong Ki played his role well as I had a visceral negative reaction towards him. He’s not playing a happy go lucky Chaebol a la Kim Tan of The Heirs. He’s a ruthless, almost sociopathic jerk. I hope they soften the character a bit, because he was so unlikable I almost stopped watching the show. Yang Jin Sung, appears to be a powerhouse. She’s able to show subtle emotion as one character and then blow up full force and kick some major ass as another. She’s playing two roles in this show, perhaps identical twins.

This show appears to be a melodrama with some fantasy thrown in to add to the drama. The show opens with a rather b-level fright fest 100 years prior to the events that we see in the present day. The story will likely revolve around this event, a curse on Choi Kang Joo’s family…I don’t want to spoil anything, but this ghost/witch/thing shows up at the most comical times in the funniest ways. The k-drama tropes were in full force with this first episode and I’m hoping that this will be the last time we see a company going under, an owner embezzling, a grandmother in the hospital, a mother fainting, and lord help me if there was another I forgot. Get this out of the way now, early, and get on to what I’m interested in…romance, drama, and some scares.

Ok, so there’s the review.

Here’s my brief and honest reaction to the show…

I did not like the first episode in any way with the exception of Yang Jin Sung’s performance. She was quite good and reminded me a lot of Song Yi and Geum Jan Di which are two female lead characters I very much adore. She’s spunky and a fighter which I like. The rest of the cast seems overwrought and lacking in personality. The exception here was Lee Hong Ki who simply rubbed me in all the wrong ways. This could be the character and I’ll learn to love his acting, but from a first glance…Jo Kwon says, “NO! I Don’t Like!”


I’ll be tuning in for the second episode tomorrow, but with two two other dramas airing and two more beginning next week. I’m not sure if this show is going to make the cut for a regular rotation and earn a replacement spot for either I Need Romance 3 or Man From the Stars.

What did you think of the premiere? Let me know in those comments down below!

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4 thoughts on “Bride of the Century – Episode One Review

  1. yu says:

    i love this drama. i can’t wait to read the review for epi 2 because i really love love love epi 2.

  2. Neha says:

    I have to admit, the 1st episode didn’t really hook me. But I am starting to get sucked in with the second episode. Kang Joo and Doo Rim’s interactions were the highlight for me, I think they have great chemistry and looking forward to seeing it develop more. In terms of the rest of the plot and characters, still taking a while to grow on me…..but will get there eventually hopefully!

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