2NE1 – Crush Live

Welcome to our show. We’re 2NE1 and TONIGHT its All or Nothing, baby. Are you ready!”

Many reviews of 2NE1’s new album Crush referred to it as a return to their signature sound and with this live performance I have to agree. To say their signature sound, sure it exists…its definitive, but this team is so much more than just a sound. 2NE1 is a brand, their sound is accompanying with a specific striking visual, dance style, and a ton of swag. I love their costumes in this video. I don’t know what to call them…but their gold, black, and I love it. Simple as that. The backup dancers are wearing hot pink which I have associated with 2NE1 since 2010’s Can’t Nobody. The stage background is totally 2NE1 from day one. The graffiti is so reminiscent Fire and Clap!.

This is everything. Dara is back with crazy hair. Beom still can’t move her face much (I like it like that) and Minzi looks to be all grown up and is still in a ridiculously long coat.

Check out this performance cause they killed it. Isn’t that why we love them? Lets ask…

They love me cause I’m hot, they love me cause I’m cold. They love me cause I’m real. They love me cause…

I’m slayed.

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