Inspiring Generation – Episode 17 & 18

Inspiring Generation – Episode 17 & 18

This weeks shows were stellar. I waited till Friday night this week to check out the show. I was feeling a bit thrilled out after 3 Days and God’s Gift 14 Days and I’m glad I did wait to watch Inspiring Generation. Neither episode was as good as the God’s Gift or episode four of 3 Days so, a bit of a breather was required to fully enjoy the show and it was so much better with a short break.

There is so much action and thrilling dramas airing right now that it’s hard, I’d imagine, for most to keep up with it all. Inspiring Generation is unique amongst the overwhelming number of great dramas on tv. It’s got a ton of action, it’s thrilling, it’s got a decent romance storyline, and it’s a period piece. This show stands out from the crowd in all the right ways. I absolutely enjoy the set design and art direction of the show. The budget for the show is one of the largest ever and it pays off. When you’re in Shanghai you feel like you’re actually seeing Shanghai and the same can be said for Shineuijoo and Osaka. Now, the show has filmed in all these places, but it’s set in the 1930’s and that the part that blows me away with the art direction. It’s not that you feel the spirit of the geography, but that she show evokes the spirit of the time. Club Shanghai’s grand opening had the bright lights, music, and feel of the swing era. It’s was believable and for that I think the show deserves a huge round of applause.

I didn’t think that this was the best week of the show. Not at all, but it did get two this right. First, we got the epic showdown between Mo Il Hwa (Song Jae Rim) and Shin Jung Tae (Kim Hyun Jung) which I think was the best fight scene in the show yet. The second also featured Song Jae Rim and was his sequence with Gaya way back when she was still relevant. The other aspect of the show was the storyline developing. Everyone is out to get Jung Tae. He’s a wanted man and it’s been exciting just to see how many traps can be set for him and watch him escape every time. Il Gook Hwae’s Shin’ichi and Aoki have both attempted to take down Jung Tae in recent weeks and failed…this week he did get some much needed help and from a rather unexpected source, Gaya. You’ve got to watch, trying to avoid the spoilers.

Speaking of Gaya, I’m disappointed with what has transpired with her character over the last eight episodes. She was a bad ass, a killer, a heroine easily rallied behind and since her initial arrival in Shanghai has accomplished not a damn thing. This needs to change next week. I would love to see her stand with Jung Tae and fight against Il Gook Hwae. How epic would a Jung Jaw Hwa, Mo Il Hwa, Shin Jung Tae, and Daeguchi Gaya fighting team be? Oh, if only.

After watching my big three shows, next week, I’m most excited for Inspiring Generation. All three of my big action thrillers are excellent, but Inspiring Generation has something special. It’s a head above the rest.

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