Aoora – Body Party

AA’s Aoora is back, this time with a solo project in Body Party. If you don’t know I discovered AA early last year and they made a huge impact on me with their re-release of Because I’m Crazy and Midnight Taxi. The group is led by Aoora (not the leader, but the spiritual leader of the group) who composes and writes nearly all of their work. Aoora is without a doubt one of the hardest working idols in the industry right along Zion.t and Jay Park.

The collective group has a sweet sound and a softness to their music that not many groups are trying to accomplish. AA, because Aoora is at the head of their music production has a unique sound and feeling to their music. Then…there is this. Body Party is a completely different type of song due to its subject matter, but isn’t a song that should have been unexpected. Last summer’s Midnight Taxi by AA marked a maturing of kpop idol’s music. The song was literally about midnight booty calls and the desire to see the one you want to be with…even if they aren’t your significant other. So, when we get to Body Party I’m not surprised that Aoora has taken a very sexy concept and subject matter with his debut track.

Yes, the beat and melody of the song completely scream Aoora in every way. It’s his signature sound and the video is whacky as all get out just like Aoora. Strange symbolism and moaning pop up throughout this video which is all about Aoora wanting to get it on with his lover. There is an unapologetic longing he expresses in the song for what he does with his partner behind closed doors. It’s a rather risky move on his part, but whose going to deny him his artistic freedom.

I get shades of Prince with this track and let’s not even get started on the fact that the video he released is only 69 seconds long.

AA’s comeback is one of my most highly anticipated comebacks this year and I hope Aoora brings this kinkyness back to his groups efforts.

I don’t love this video, but I can’t wait to hear the full version and everything else he’s prepared for his solo debut. 

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