Thriller Thursdays – 3 Days – Episode 11 and 12



So, you’re’re going to go to the end?

Uhm, how do I say this…Not so sure about that.

3 Days was one of my most anticipated shows of the spring right along with Bride of the Century and God’s Gift 14 Days. One of those shows I ended up loving and the other I couldn’t stand watching. 3 Days falls so where in between. I was hoping that is enjoy the show much more with it not competing with Inspiring Generation, but after two weeks with no head to head competition that’s just not the case. I like 3 Days. It’s a good show with a great cast and a decent storyline, but something in the execution just isn’t working for me.

I think the majority of the issues with the show is in the pacing. So far the events we’ve seen have taken place just a bit over two days. That seems kinda ludicrous if you think about it as we’ve seen day turn to night and back again multiple times throughout the show. It’s possible that I’ve made a mistake and the countdown that takes place after each pivotal moment has been reset, but it doesn’t seem that way.

Another thing that has driven me crazy while watching the show is just how little can happen with two hours of fresh content week after week. Each episode remains largely the same with Park Yoo Chun kicking someone’s ass and chasing after some key piece of evidence only to have it snatched away and obliterated. That gets old fast. I started 3 Days episode 11 last Wednesday and didn’t have any urge to pick the show back up until last night, Wednesday, after I had exhausted every other show I was interested in seeing.

For what it offers, 3 Days is a good show, but it’s not one of the best. I think it’s rather mediocre, which is a shame considering how great it’s cast is and how thrilling it’s premise is. It’s going to be a show, for me, like Athena and Iris 2 that had loads of potential, but in the end turned out to be just average at best.

Any other season and I may have felt differently about the show, but this year’s dramas have been excellent and continue to be excellent. With only so many hours in the week Dramaland fans can’t watch them all and I’d have to say 3 Days is best left for a duller time when it can be left to shine.

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