Way Back Wednesdays – Bridal Mask – Episode 3


So, Episode 3 of Bridal Mask was really difficult to get through. It’s excellently produced, but the content was just hard to watch.

Lee Kang To was such a jerk in this episode I wanted to scream. How can the first lead of a Korean drama be so mean? It’s a first for me. I can deal with flower boy chaebols acting like jerks, but I wasn’t expecting this. Joo Won is winning me over with his acting. He’s got the pissed off and shamed down to a science. He adequately displays a large range of emotions that sells his internal conflict with his situation. Sadly, his situation one far too many Koreans found themselves in during the Japanese Occupation. If he serves he may have a better life, but it’s one where he will always be looked down upon by one side as a dog and the other a traitor. Impossible situation.

I can’t see the lead of a show of this scope and popularity lasting with his pro Japanese mentality for long and expect Kang To to go through a major character development throughout the show. I can’t see a Korean, in a show that exaggerates Korean nationalistic pride, remaining as a Japanese military official for long. On the same note, how will it affect Kang To when he finally discovers Gaksital’s identity? I’ll be looking forward to that.

I really enjoyed seeing Park Ki Woong help Kim Ok Ryeon’s alter ego, Mok Dan, when she needed it most. It appears Park Ki Woong is portraying an ethnically Japanese character and for him to help out a wanted criminal is admirable.

The action sequences in this show…I don’t know if I should be impressed or laugh. They are so ridiculous and uber cool at the same time I laugh every time Gaskital flies through the air. I do however, like that his actions are larger than life and taken straight out of the best of Chinese action cinema. It’s effect leaves the show with a consistency you’d expect from a adaptation of a comic.

Overall, I’m still liking the show, but something did feel a bit off with the episode and I’m wondering if it’s intended as a set up for major events to take place in episode 4.

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