Gap Dong – Episode 5

So I’m not sure about this show. It’s got all the right parts to be a great show, but something is missing. I found myself actually bored watching the fifth episode and I’m not sure why. Maybe if I make a list of what I like and therefor what I expect of the show and what I don’t I might understand a bit better.

What interested me about Gap Dong…

1. The actors, namely Lee Joon and Oska
2. Fictionalized version of an real serial killer
3. It’s a thriller, love thrillers.
4. I was expecting a murder mystery thriller

What I think I’m getting…

1. Very little Lee Joon
2. A very weird Oska. Why can’t be he be out there investigating and trying to track down both the real Gap Dong and his copy cat. It makes very little sense to me to have him locked up or in perpetual conflict with his superior. Their interactions together are so convoluted and asinine it boggles the mind.
3. As far as the murders go they are lacking quite a bit in the thrills department. So far, all we’ve seen is Lee Joon chasing after a few women and essentially pulling the wool over their eyes. We aren’t privy to his inner dialogue or intentions. I’d be far more interested in knowing what is going on in his head instead of passively witnessing Tae Oh acting mildly creepy.
4. I mentioned in my last post how inept the police force is depicted in the show and it’s really getting on my nerves. These guys just don’t have a clue.

Sadly, after two very good episodes the last three have left me very underwhelmed and I’m wondering if the Sewol Ferry Incident changed the direction of the show. It is in no way turning out to be the show it was marketed as and I’m feeling a bit let down. If the producers of the show decided to tone down the dark aspects of the show due to the ferry incident I would completely understand, but am a bit saddened by my perception of the show because I did have such high hopes.

I’ll check back in tomorrow with episode six and see if things get on track.

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9 thoughts on “Gap Dong – Episode 5

  1. zhaoul says:

    If the show doesn’t get back on track, do you think you’ll drop it?

    • sifuhallyu says:

      Yeah…If episode six doesn’t fix some of the issues revolving around the mad monk/angry tiger conflict I might have to move on. I’d rather get caught up on A Witch’s Romance than watch a badly written and oddly paced thriller.

      • zhaoul says:

        Ya. Hopefully it gets better though

      • sifuhallyu says:

        I’ve got my heart set in Doctor Stranger and I’m totally digging You’re All Surrounded right now…that’s enough for one week, but it would be ok with me to have some rom com in the mix…

      • zhaoul says:

        I want to watch doctor stranger too. Are there any good romcoms right now? My mind is blank. I finally started man from another star. I’m on episode 7. I like it. It’s cute.

      • sifuhallyu says:

        oh my…if you haven’t watched Man From the Stars…drop EVERYTHING and finish it! SOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD SPAZZZZ-ATTACK!


        Rom Com…Single Cunning Lady was totally fun. I really liked the first week of A Witch’s Love before the industry went on hiatus.

      • zhaoul says:

        Haha. Man from the stars is pretty much all I’m watching right now until I finish it.

      • sifuhallyu says:

        Problem is I love Lee Joon.

      • zhaoul says:

        I haven’t seen him in anything yet but oddly enough three of the dramas he’s been in are dramas I want to watch at some point

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