Doctor Stranger – Episode 2

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Doctor Stranger seems to have it all. It’s got a sleek package, great acting, and a ton of fan service. Episode 2 had my heart pounding throughout the episode. When it comes to pulling on your heartstrings this show has it in spades. You can say and I’m saying it now that this show is a roller coaster of emotions. The show starts with a heart wrenching scene and builds to a thrilling chase that seems to go on forever. Their doesn’t seem to be a primary antagonist in the show, at least not one whose shown his face, but Hoon (Lee Jong Suk’s character) faces off against several North Korean officials in an attempt to return to South Korea. The first thirty minutes or so of the show were incredibly intense and thrilling. You’ve got to see this show!

The sets were beautiful and this episode was largely filmed in Hungary which offered the show a very distinct feeling. I wish we could have seen more from this location as it was very refreshing to see a drama in a location outside of Seoul. The ending put us back inside South Korea and it would seem that the majority of the show will focus on Lee Jong Suk’s exploits in finding his one true love. Park Hae Jin made an appearance in this episode and looks to be the leader or member of a very accomplished group of doctors. I’m expecting to see Lee Jong Suk and Park Hae Jin face off because I got the distinct impression that Hoon is not practicing medicine on the up and up. Perhaps the South Koreans don’t want to allow him to practice his trade in a hospital? I couldn’t really tell what the deal was with that, but I’d expect them to fully cement the character next week.

I said in my episode 1 reaction post that this was going to be good and boy oh boy does Doctor Stranger have all the makings of a very good show. I’ve been waiting all year for this show to come on the air and am super excited to have a great drama on Monday and Tuesdays to watch!

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