She’s So Lovable – Episode 1


There’s something very lovable about this drama and it so revolves around this handsome guy named Dal Bong. You may have been expecting to see Rain, but no. Oh no no no. The star of this show is the super adorbs Golden Retreiver who is Rain’s baby. Seriously, this guys so cool with his bow ties!

It’s been a while since I’ve watched a drama. This summer’s shows just didn’t hold my interest and after the fiasco that was Doctor Stranger it was time for a much needed break. So, tonight I went to sleep early and grabbed my iPad and loaded up a certain Kdrama app and looked for something new. Something fresh…like a spring rain-fall. See what I did there? I was initially attracted to the drama because let’s be honest what’s not to like about the goofiest cheese ball idol turned actor that’s ever lived? Nothing. Then, the first five minutes hit the screen like a ton of bricks and well, there just wasn’t anything cheesy about the hour of drama I just enjoyed. You’ll have to watch the show, I’m not spoiling anything here folks.

Rain’s acting was pretty good, not so cardboard this time around, which was a nice relief. Aside from the awesome canine actor int he show the sets were gorgeous. I mean, gorgeous. I was impressed with the set design and color choices in his Jeju Island home. I want to live in a house like that.


I do have some questions though…

1) Did she did?
2) Who is this girl who called his cell phone…
3) Was she calling his cell phone?

I guess I’ll just have to watch the next few episodes, but if you just watched this first episode and you were confused too, let me know in the comments down below.

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