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She’s So Lovable – Episode 1


There’s something very lovable about this drama and it so revolves around this handsome guy named Dal Bong. You may have been expecting to see Rain, but no. Oh no no no. The star of this show is the super adorbs Golden Retreiver who is Rain’s baby. Seriously, this guys so cool with his bow ties!

It’s been a while since I’ve watched a drama. This summer’s shows just didn’t hold my interest and after the fiasco that was Doctor Stranger it was time for a much needed break. So, tonight I went to sleep early and grabbed my iPad and loaded up a certain Kdrama app and looked for something new. Something fresh…like a spring rain-fall. See what I did there? I was initially attracted to the drama because let’s be honest what’s not to like about the goofiest cheese ball idol turned actor that’s ever lived? Nothing. Then, the first five minutes hit the screen like a ton of bricks and well, there just wasn’t anything cheesy about the hour of drama I just enjoyed. You’ll have to watch the show, I’m not spoiling anything here folks.

Rain’s acting was pretty good, not so cardboard this time around, which was a nice relief. Aside from the awesome canine actor int he show the sets were gorgeous. I mean, gorgeous. I was impressed with the set design and color choices in his Jeju Island home. I want to live in a house like that.


I do have some questions though…

1) Did she did?
2) Who is this girl who called his cell phone…
3) Was she calling his cell phone?

I guess I’ll just have to watch the next few episodes, but if you just watched this first episode and you were confused too, let me know in the comments down below.

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Marriage, Not Dating – First Impressions – Episode 1


The rules of breaking up? Episode one of this quirky overly dramatic show deal with the three rules of etiquette. I don’t remember what they are, but what I do remember is how nasty one of the men on the show was to poor sweet Jang Mi (Han Groo). We’ve all been in her/his situation. You’ve given a person a chance and for whatever reason it just doesn’t work or they’re just not into you and then they suddenly stop answering your calls or responding to texts. It’s a crappy thing to go through, but sadly, one we’ve all been through at some point, I’m sure. What I’m not sure about is how fun this premise is to start a new drama. I mean…

Han Groo is a pretty good actress. She’s cute and believable. Her voice isn’t annoying and she doesn’t try to be cute, she just is. She got that cute factor, but when you turn her into a crying, sniveling, stalker who wants to get married for love and can’t face the lack of rejection from her really crappy boyfriend. Eh…I’m not buying it. Half way through the episode I wanted to scream at her, “Girl, he ain’t worth it! He’s not into and he’s a fool…get some self esteem and move on!” Plus, that blonde hair is really not his color. Total deal breaker. Amirite?

I did totally dig the sets. From #DonkeyFace Bad Boyfriends cafe to Gi Tae’s swanky bachelor pad the set design was very very posh. It’s what I expect from a show airing in TvN. I always dig their sets.

The highlight of the show for me was hottie Bo bottle 2AM’s Jin Woon making a cameo in the show and hopefully he’ll be back. After Seu Long blew it in Hotel King the 2AM boys could use a decent outing in the idol turned actor arena. I’m sorry….I won’t mention Hotel King again. Shudders. Oh, I wish I could have that hour of my life back.

Not sure if I’ll tune in next week, but Marriage, Not Dating was definitely very cute and while some of the plot was a bit second year of high school I did enjoy Yeon Woo Jin as Gi Tae and Han Groo’s performances.

Anyone else checking out this new rom com?

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Fated to Love – Episode 1 – First Impressions

Fated to Love – Episode 1 – First Impressions

Within the first twenty minutes of Fated to Love I was reminded of one of my favorite dramas ever, Secret Garden.  I doubt the show will have the emotional pull that Secret Garden managed to illicit (in my opinion it’s the greatest love story ever told.) but, there was something fantastic about the first episode. 

The show is full of bright colors and insane situations that had my guts in pain from laughter.  When you watch the show a certain cherry turns up and steals the show.  Aside from the delightful sets the lead female, Mi Young (Jang Na Ra) is outfitted in some really awesome prints that would make Lilly Pullitzer blush.  They did a great job making her look adorable, sweet, and likable.  The glasses she wears, while kind of reminiscent of Harry Potter’s, adds to her innocent face.  She’s super cute and I think many people are going to like this kind hearted character.  I do have to say that I would like to see her character grow a spine and learn to say no to the people who take advantage of her.  Let’s practice…

Ahneeyo…annie…andeyo. 하지, 하지. Mi Young.  Practice that, please.

Aside from Jang Na Ra who stole the show for me the remainder of the cast is killer.  Clara Lee (Emergency Couple), Jang Hyuk (OMG he’s back), Wang Ji Won (I Need Romance 3), and to top things off Choi Freaking Jin Hyuk round out the leading cast.  By the way, that’s Jin Hyuk’s official name from here on out on this blog.  CFJH…FTW!

Jang Hyuk hasn’t been in a drama in quite a while.  Last I saw him he was kicking butt in Iris II and The Flu, but you probably won’t recognize the age defying nearly forty year old actor here.  His hair, wow his hair, is completely different than what I’m used to seeing and may give Lee Min Ho’s Gun Jun Pyo’s perm a run for its money for nonsensical hair style of the century.  It’s kind of amazing.  In other news, I’ve already started growing my hair out so I can jump on this train…sure to be a hot issue.  I’m used to seeing Jang Hyuk in a very macho save the day kind of role, but here he’s caught me completely off guard.  He’s a big scaredy cat, well quoiffed, and way to into himself.  He’s so over the top I couldn’t help laughing at him…in a good way.

Clara Lee and Choi Jin Hyuk each owned just two scenes in the first episode and didn’t share any screen time together, but it was great to see them on screen within the same hour again.  I loved Emergency Couple and hope they get to have a scene or two before this show ends it’s run.  Jin Hyuk, as usual, did not disappoint with his trademarked faces and Clara looked absolutely amazing.  Wait till you peep her outfit in Macau.  Holee meat balls, batman. 

Overall, I’ve got to say I’m digging this show.  I’ve got big hopes for this one as it’s been a long time since a dramas really grabbed my attention.  It’s got all the makings for an extremely fun ride.  Will you be watching?

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Triangle – Jae Joong is a Bad Boy! – Episode 1

I checked out Kim Jae Joong’s new drama, Triangle -last- night. Which begs the question, why am I writing about it tonight?

Well, I didn’t really like the show. I was honestly kind of bored with what I saw from a storyline perspective, but Jae Joong is a huge draw in Hallyu and his musical contributions to the Wave are one of the reasons you’re reading this blog. He was one of the first idols I came to know and I feel kind of obligated to say something about his show whether good or bad.

I did like watching Jae Joong act. It was refreshing to see and old familiar face in the idol actor role. I haven’t watched any of his dramas in the past so I was somewhat excited to check him out prior to watching the show. Besides Doctor Stranger this was the show I was most looking forward to checking out because Jae Joong was staring in it. As far as he goes I really enjoyed what I saw. He’s a bad boy and a prostitute who has a serious gambling addiction and some rather questionable morals I found rather titilating. He takes his clothes off in the middle of a restaurant and in the same episode runs across town in his boxer shorts…fans, we need to get this man some better underwear. Fo’reals. Jae Joong was certainly a highlight for me of the show, but it was his acting that caught my attention more so than his nearly naked body. He was very very good.

The rest of the show though…Aish…it was just really quite boring. The other actor I was looking forward to in the show was Im Si Wan, who I’m loving in The Moon Embracing the Stars, but his scenes were way too short. I also didn’t get a feeling for who his character is aside from an inkling he’s rather wealthy and has a horrible hair cut.

While the storyline didn’t grab me from the get go, as most melodramas don’t, I might check out episode two some time this weekend. I like the premise of the show and Triangle does have a longer run than most dramas I follow so there is plenty of time for the rest of the cast and writers to make an impression. One last thought about the show…it was competing with Doctor Stranger which blew me away. I probably should have started with Triangle rather than finishing my night with it.

Did you check out the show? What did you think…let me know in the comments down below


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You’re All Surrounded – First Impressions – Episode 1

You’re All Surrounded is not a show I was going to even check out. I’m not a very big fan of Lee Seung Gi, but not because I don’t like him…I’m just not very familiar with his work. So, tonight I checked out the show for a few reasons.

1. It’s a action comedy. The Spring 2014 season has been full of so many thriller dramas I’m almost on thriller overload and am looking forward to a little comedy.
2. Cha Seung Won. I’ve liked this guy’s work in a few dramas, but haven’t ever been able to finish any of them. Third times a charm?
3. SBS has been on a role lately and it’s become my go to for the dramas I’ve liked the most this year like Man From the Stars and God’s Gift 14 Days.

First Impressions…This show is going to be hilarious. The opening sequence had a stomach churning car chase with some incredibly funny moments that made my lips curl up and laugh out loud. That felt good. Go Ara, when she gets out of the car…Omo! I just about rolled off my chaise lounge I was laughing so hard. Within the same scene they set up Lee Seung Gi to be a bad ass. This was important because I got the distinct impression that his character would be at odds with Cha Seung Won which led me to believe that there would be a young vs. old conflict between the two of them. That may be the case, but as the show rolled on it is -so- much more than that.

If the show had me laughing at the beginning of the episode it had me cringing throughout the middle of the show. There was a pretty awesome 13 year old actor named, Ahn Do Kyu, who took on the younger version of Lee Seung Ki’s character. I don’t want to get into spoilers here, but the kid did an amazing job with the material he was given. I was terrified for him and wanted to give him a big hug by the end of his scenes.

What else stood out…

Ahn Jae Hyeon. Remember him from Man From the Stars? He was Song Yi’s younger brother who had a total bromance with Min Joon! He’s also in the show and looks like he’s playing a jerky character who doesn’t like to talk a lot, but makes some really snotty facial expressions. He’ll be a fun one to watch.

I should probably end this post with a warning. As fun as I thought the first few minutes of the episode were the middle two thirds was very very intense honestly difficult to get through. You’ll see some things from Dae Goo’s (Lee Seung Gi) eyes that you won’t ever want to see in real life. Anyone with half a heart is going to feel like I did and want to give the younger version of the character a big fat hug.

All in all out of the four dramas that have premiered in the last week You’re All Surrounded went from being a show I had very little interest in to a show I’m looking forward to seeing again tomorrow…maybe this will be a new Wednesday/Thursday show!

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Doctor Stranger – This is Going to be Good – Episode 1

The drama many of us have been waiting for all year has finally premiered…do I even have to say it’s name? Yes, yes I do.

Doctor Stranger is finally here!

I have been waiting for this drama since January if not earlier when it was announced that Lee Jong Suk would finally be returning to Dramaland after 2013’s summer hit I Hear Your Voice ran its course. He’s been off filming a movie and in the meantime two other actors caught my attention that are going to be featured in Doctor Stranger. The first is the incredibly handsome Park Hae Jin who many, many…MANY of you will remember from this year’s biggest hit Man From the Stars where he played Lee Whee Kyung. If that isn’t enough man-candy for you then there is just no helping you! The final piece of the puzzle for me that had be waiting very impatiently was Jin Se Yeon who I will always and fondly refer to as Kim Ok Ryeon from her involvement in -another- of my favorite dramas this year, Inspiring Generation. Ok, now that I’ve gotten that refresher out of the way.

This is going to be good!

Doctor Stranger opened up in a big way tonight. The basic premise of the show…is complicated. Hoon (Lee Jong Suk) is a genius brain surgeon of seemingly unparalleled skill. His father is recruited/kidnapped to save a high ranking North Korean official and Hoon, as a child, is used as collateral to ensure that his father succeeds in saving the official. After unfortunate turn of events they are forced to stay in North Korea and many years pass by. It seems like this show is going to be a part time medical drama, half time spy thriller, and quarter time love story. I’m digging that.

There were a slew of cute moments that made my eyes light up and smile. Most noticeably was baby Hoon whose tears made my own tear ducts work over time and Hoon and Jae Hee’s bike ride through the meadow. The color’s used were bright and warm which really made me feel like they were having a good time. It was a cheerful scene and stood out to me as a highlight of the show visually. These two scenes contrasted nicely with two others that told me this show was going to be a great drama. The first, a kiss scene…in the rain. Wait, what? Yes, you read that correctly. We get to see a kiss scene in episode 1! If that weren’t good enough we are lucky, oh so lucky, to get Lee Jong Sook in a shower scene…also in episode 1. Take a minute, catch your breath…go watch it and then come back.

Despite, the many dramaland tropes like kiss and shower scenes Doctor Stranger seems like it’s going to be a tough ride. Yes, there were some really sweet moments in this first episode, but there were also some very gruesome and heart wrenching scenes that are going to pull on your heart strings and possibly make you want to pull out your hair. I was incredibly impressed at how effective the writers and cast were able to bring a tear to my eye.

After so many weeks of staggered returns for various dramas I’m excited to get back into the swing of things and can’t wait for Monday and Tuesday nights for Doctor Stranger.

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Way Back Wednesdays – The Moon Embracing The Sun – Episode 1 – First Impressions


Last night I checked out The Moon Embracing the Sun for a variety of issues, but mostly it’s a show I’ve wanted to watch for a very long time.

So here’s the deal with this show…as far as I can tell.

There’s a really cool prince and a very special little girl who I think will fall in love as they get older. It’s a period piece so were somewhere between 1386 and 1897 on the timeline. Were talking Joseon dynasty here which is where many, no most, of the Confucian based societal customs and structures comes from. This is the golden age, the history that Koreans look to that defines their culture. So, I was expecting beautiful sets, rustic villages, and amazingly bright clothes. What I saw was all that and more.

The show is indeed beautiful. The sets are historically accurate (it was filmed in a historical/heritage site/attraction) and give the show a sense that it could have been filmed 300 years ago. Seriously, the wardrobing is top notch, beautiful, amazing. They just don’t make clothes like that anymore!

The shows also really intense, for the first twenty minutes or so. While the Joseon Dynasty might have been the golden age, the Korean Renaissance…whatever you want to call it. It was also a highly superstitious time where politics could be easily corrupted. I’ll be honest. I did not like the first twenty minutes of the show. I was riveted and glued to my screen, but it was a difficult twenty minutes.

Once you get past the opening of the show the tone is much more relaxed and were offered up a delightful treat of color, wonderful child actors, and some characters I’m sure I’ll grow to love. This one is worth checking out.

What I didn’t get and wanted more than anything…

1. Kim Soo Hyun


My favorite Korean actor wasn’t in the show at all. I don’t know anything about the show’s plot but it’s safe to assume that one of the awesome child actors I saw (Yeo Jin Goo, Hwa Yi: A Monster Boy…I’m looking at you!) will turn into the handsome Kim Soo Hyun with time. I love me some KSH and hope I don’t have to wait too many weeks before I get to see him on my screen again!

2. Song Jae Rim

If you didn’t know already Song Jae Rim has become my Kdrama bias. I loooooved, like so many others, him in Inspiring Generation. I can’t wait to see him in this drama as well.

There are a few things I liked about the drama that surprised me, but more than anything it was how the show utilized the traditional Korean shaman. Those that were shown had a very large role in setting up the storyline and I’m all about SciFi and Fantasy so I quite liked the visions they received that foreshadowed events to come. A real hook line and sinker.

This is a show I’m looking forward to following. I may not have time every Wednesday to watch it, but it’s likely to be a staple for the coming months as I satiate my need for more Kim Soo Hyun and Song Jae Rim!

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Missing Inspiring Generation? Check out Bridal Mask!



So, if you’re like me the last few Wednesday nights just haven’t been the same as they used to be. Something’s missing and it’s quite obvious what it is. Inspiring Generation is off the air and you’re having serious Ahjeossi withdrawls. Song Jae Rim, Yoon Hyun Min, Uhm Tae Goo, Kim Sung Oh, Cho Dong Hyeok, and of course Kim Hyun Jung just made the mid week…inspiring. Aside from the awesome weekly double dose of man-candy I actually really liked the storyline from the show and more than catching up with another currently airing drama or soon to air drama I’d like to see more of the 1930’s and the Koreans who made such a difficult time in Joeson history such a big deal. I went out looking for a drama that was known for its action, production, and of course the time period I personally enjoy, the 1930’s. I was able to find one drama that fit the bill, Gaksital/Bridal Mask.

There are quite a few similarities between the show. Firstly, they’re both epics. Inspiring Generation ran for 24 episodes and Bridal Mask for 28. The time period and sets are also quite similar so if that’s your thing Bridal Mask will feel right at home. Both shows are very much action thrillers. IG was a bit more on the realistic side and BM much more traditional in the East Asian sense. These characters can fly and perform amazing uncanny stunts. There’s also a familiar face…one I wasn’t exactly thrilled to see.

About ten minutes into Bridal Mask who should show up but the overly whinny and always in the way Kim Ok Ryeon! She was my least favorite thing about IG, until the second to last episode…but, you know what Jin Se Yeon (the actress I’ll forever call Kim Ok Ryeon) is sooooooooo not weak and in the way. Her character Mok Dan kicks serious booty. I wish we could have seen Kim Ok Ryeon be such a bad ass. If you loved or hated Kim Ok Ryeon you should definitely check out Jin Se Yeon in Bridal Mask because she is just so cool.

As far as the differences go…

Bridal Mask doesn’t really have the production or budget as IG. The sets looks very modern (or simply don’t look aged) and are rather theatrical. There are lots of bright colors and the sets are gorgeous, they just don’t look like they were made in the 1930’s. It’s a very small issue, but one that I noticed. IG, for me, was very much about the players in the show. It knew where it took place and the politics of the time shaped the environment, but the focus was generally on the characters. I liked that aspect of the show where history can be referenced and utilized, but not the central issue at hand. Bridal Mask on the other hand feels very political. The first episode left me with a very pro-Korean, anti-Japanese, and nationalistic Korean pride as the driving force behind the show. Yes yes, I know the Japanese invasion and occupation of Korea was disastrous and insanely inhumane. I’m all for using actual history as a reference, but when it’s used in a overtly political way…well, I didn’t quite like the tone of the first episode as it went way beyond “Coreya Hwaitting!” and on a different level. One interesting perk of this though is the Korean Freedom Forces, who kicked serious butt during the occupation get to come to the forefront and that’s where we get our titular character, Gaksital. He’s like a Korean superhero if the Shadow met Jacky Chan…very cool. Aside from the tone and slight production differences the shows feel very much the same. Except for the man-candy…

The two leads of Bridal Mask appear to be Joo Won and Park Ki Woong. Two certainly handsome men, but not quite on the same level as Kim Hyun Jung and definitely not as mysterious as Song Jae Rim. They do have a close relationship and I saw a budding bromance, for sure. The cutest moment of the show, if there was one, was when the two of them are sleeping together in what appear to be Gap T-shirts circa winter 2011. Once again…production values.

Overall, I liked the show and I’m likely to throw it into my Wednesday and Thursday night rotation. With 3 Days ending in two or so weeks and my interest in following it waning considerably it would be nice to see a show at my own pace, rather than feeling like I must see said show.

Gaksital – Episode 1 8/10

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A Witch’s Love – Episode 1 – First Impressions


Ok so here’s the deal…

Not to be outdone by Secret Love Affair on JTBC, TvN follows up I Need Romance 3 and Emergency Couple with yet another Noona Romance!?! This time starring Uhm Jung Hwa, Queen of Kpop. The age difference this time around is roughly 14 on screen years and 20 real life years. The male lead, Park Seo Joon is 25 playing a 25 year old and Uhm Jung Hwa is nearly 45 portraying a 39 year old Ice Queen.

That’s the jist of this Romantic Comedy.

The show opens quite similarly to Emergency Couple with lots of laughs and a ridiculous chase scene. The character Ji Yeon feels an awful lot like Kim So Yeon’s Character from I Need Romance 3. She’s had her heart broken and has turned into a work-a-holic ice queen who doesn’t have a friend and forces her coworkers to follow suit. The show has a very nice feel to it that’s reminiscent of two of my favorite rom-com’s this year. If you liked either I Need Romance 3 or Emergency Couple A Witch’s Love will feel like coming home.

Here’s some of the stuff I liked…

The men. Park Seo Joon and Yoon Hyun Min are eye candy deluxe. Remember Aoki from Inspiring Generation? That’s Yoon Hyun Min and he’s rocking those handsome suits here, just like in IG. Reasons two and three to check this drama out!

Uhm Jung Hwa. Many people may not know who she is and if you don’t that’s ok. She’s been focusing on acting in movies for the last half decade or more, but is a singer…considered to be the Queen of Kpop. It’s safe to refer to her as the Korean Madonna, but Kylie Minogue is much closer to her actual schtick. She’s a very big deal in the Korean music world and if you want a taste of her music check out D.I.S.C.O. featuring T.O.P. or DJ featuring a pre debut CL. Reason number one to check out this show!

Also, the sets are fun and bright. They wear great clothes and the cast overall seems to mesh well. Nothing really jumped out at me as being overly awesome, but that’s ok. There’s plenty of time.

Some of the stuff I didn’t like…

I couldn’t recognize Uhm Jung Hwa. She’s known for her cosmetically enhanced face and I don’t have any issues about that. But, she does not look like the woman I met six or seven years ago and it’s not the make up. Shes leaving Madonna territory here and jumping straight to Cher levels of plasticity way before her time. No judgements, but it was a bit awkward.

I don’t like mean people and the first episode as full people doing mean things. Granted, Ji Yeon may deserve to be humiliated, but we haven’t been given any reasons to want her to be humiliated and seeing her in such a situation rubbed me the wrong way. There simply isn’t an emotional or any kind of attachment to the character to warrant that type of storyline so early in the show.

Overall, I’m digging this show and hoping it will be just as entertaining and fun as the rest of TvN’s popular dramas have been this year.

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Gap Dong – Episode 1 – First Impressions


Memories of Memories of a Murder

I’ve been waiting days to watch Gap Dong staring Oska (Yoon Sang Hyun), Lee Joon, and Kim Ji Won, but sadly neither of the two legal content providers I watch have secured the rights to stream the show in North America. I turned to other means to watch the first episode and I’m glad I did. Gap Dong is 100% the type of show I like. Previews I read described it as a pretty basic thriller with a murder mystery plot line. This is true, but I would describe it much more along the lines of CSI meets Silence of the Lambs. No, actually Memories of a Murder is a far better fit.

A little bit of history…

Gap Dong is a fictionalized dramatization and updating of the first, in known modern Korean society, serial killer and rapist. The attacks began in 1986 and persisted until 1991 with no killer ever brought to justice. He simply vanished into thin air and to this day no one knows who he actually was. I’d highly recommend checking out the entertaining and eerily accurate 2003 film staring Song Kang Ho Memories of a Murder prior to watching Gap Dong. The film tells the story of the police detectives who were after the Hwaesong Killer and never gave up their search right up until the statute of limitations ran out on the crimes. Gap Dong picks up where that story ends…years later after the killer has vanished and runs no risk of being punished for his crimes. Does he return? Does he kill again? That’s what makes Gap Dong so interesting to me.

We’re left with a fictionalized version, a what if…based on real events. What would happen if the real Gap Dong (Hwaesong Killer) came back today nearly thirty years after his crimes and began killing again? A rather chilling and completely plausible thought. He’d only be between fifty and sixty years old, likely closer to fifty. What if the killings weren’t from the original killer, but a copycat or admirer. Maybe his son? Gap Dong looks to set out to answer these questions and provide a hell of a lot more.

As for the snow itself, Oska is awesome as usual. If you’ve liked his work in I Hear Your Voice or Secret Garden you’ll like him here. His role is far more complicated and endearing that his previous popular roles and he shines in every scene. Your eyes shine today…they’re both happy and sad.Boy, does he have a reason to be.
You’ll get to know his character pretty well in the first episode thanks to some very unobtrusive flashbacks that link his character to the Gap Dong Killer.

Lee Joon, as usual, is a delight to watch. He’s got the idol turned acting thing down and I can’t wait to see him in this drama. He’s one of the few idol turned actors, in my opinion, who takes on riskier roles and isn’t afraid to bare it all. (Fans of his might get that joke!). He’s portraying a seemingly creepy creepster this time around and should make a nice counterpoint to Oska’s character.

Lastly, The Heirs fans will recognize Kim Ji Won who played Rachel Yoo in last years biggest hit drama. I for one am excited to see her again, but I still can’t stand her face. She’s like the female version of Game of Thrones Joffery…I will never be able to like them in anything they do in the future. That is a sign of good acting so despite the fact that I already despise her character I’m giving Kim Ji Won to turn me around and see her in a better light.

As far as the production of the show goes, it feels a bit low budget…in a good way. There isn’t anything flashy here. We aren’t in Seoul and none of its bright lights, high fashion, and luxury hotel apartments are going to be seen. There is a grittiness and almost desolate feeling to the show that captures the emotional toll that living with the cloud of a serial killer over your head would bring to your life. Their is almost a sadness in the show that’s amplified because of the gritty nature of the sets and landscape. Won’t be for everyone, but I found it to be a nice touch and thematically similar to Memories of a Murder.

This is so going on my watch list, I hope Viki or Dramafever pick up the rights to stream soon. Episodes One and Two have already aired on TvN and the show replaces Emergency Couple on Friday and Saturday nights.

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