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Inspiring Generation – Time to Walk Away? Three Signs You Should.

It’s happened to everyone. You’re excited for a new show starring your favorite or new actor. You read every article you can find on the show and watch every previous drama, anime, or music video they’ve ever been in. The show starts and its good, you’re hooked on the solid plot and engaging characters seen on screen. You say things like, “I’m digging it” and “best produced show on television”. Then halfway through the show’s run something tragic happens…

You start to think, “It’s time for me to walk away from this show!”

This is my dilemma right now with Inspiring Generation. I certainly don’t have a problem walking away from a show, I’ve already walked away once this winter with Log Horizon ( Inspiring Generation, unlike Log Horizon was a show I’ve written most about and spent the most time analyzing. I enjoyed writing about the show and its meaningful content. Each week I’d work on multiple posts dealing with very deep topics like loss, grief, and death. I like this show, but lately…I’ve been thinking, “It’s time for me to walk away.

So, when do you know its time to walk away from a show? Here are the top three reasons to walk away from your show.


The first sign, look to Log Horizon. In that case I was simply bored. I think my exact words were, “BORED TO TEARS”. (fact check: thats correct, I was literally so bored a tear shed from my eye.) That’s never a good thing when you aren’t engaged by the content you consume. It’s like eating a bad cheeseburger. You don’t want it! Now, Log Horizon was a visual masterpiece, its gorgeous. But, if the storyline is more effective then NyQuil at putting you to sleep, be sure, its time to walk away.


The second sign you need to start looking suspiciously at your show is when there is a writer change. A writer is nearly always a long slow painful agonizing hair pulling frustratingly nauseating experience. Yeah, that bad. Right now, I’m going through this with Inspiring Generation. The first 10 hours of the show was fantastic, then Episode 11 and 12 roll into town and everything cool about the show you liked…they’re like no, we’re not doing that anymore. The new writer in this case has a tremendous amount of experience than the previous writer. You’d think that would be an advantage. Oh, no, that would be a wrong assessment here. This new writer didn’t know a thing about the show. They didn’t know a thing about what we fan’s like about the show and has made such sweeping changes that we’ve lost our Hero and Heroine kicking ass along with many other things…like the actors we tune in to watch!


Which is a fantastic segue to the number on reason its time to walk away from a show. Actor’s dropping out or being underutilized. When you’re bias walks out on a show…its time to go. Point blank. Don’t look back. You are done….FOREVER!

But, what happens when the writer, perhaps a new writer, write’s your favorite character out of the show, or the role is simply finished. This is the more difficult because the show could still be good, there could be really good stuff there. That’s not enough. If you fall in love with a character and their run on the show is done it’s high time to consider walking away from your show.

Don’t feel bad about walking away from your show. Ultimately, we watch content to be entertained and to learn. A show does its job when its engaging, consistent, and fun.

Regarding, Inspiring Generation…All three signs are staring me dead in the eye. Episode 11 featured the work of a new writer who simply bored me to tears and I was waiting for it to be over. Episode 12 wasn’t much better because the characters and actors I liked on the show were no longer present. Kim Jae Wook left the show after Episode 8 and Song Jae Rim was said to have completed his run after he saved Jung Tae. Uhm Tae Goo who played the backstabbing maliciously delicious Do Ggoo hasn’t been seen since joining Il Gook Hwae. Shin’ichi, played by Jo Dong Hyeok has been seen for a total of 30 seconds in these two hours of content in Episode 11 and 12. THAT’S NOT COOL! NO! I DON’T LIKE!

Just one more week.

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Sweet Potato Needs Romance Too! – Part 6


Sweet Potato Needs Romance Too – Part 6
I suggest listening to Super Junior’s It’s You while reading this post.

It’s you (it’s you)
It’s you (it’s you)
You’re the only one for me (it’s you)
It’s you (it’s you)

I don’t want to lose you.

– Joo Wan

If I were your Hyung I would tell you #sweetpotatojoo to walk away. You’re a catch, handsome, adoring and affectionate. Any person would be crazy to turn from you and look another way, Micheyoseo! I know you’re angry now because the woman you love isn’t responding, but if you truly love her let her go. Let her find out for herself how much she missed out by walking away from you. I know you won’t listen to me, but I had to say it. Yes, it’s hard, but if you love her you’ll let her follow her heart. Yeah yeah, I know, I don’t like it either.

Even though those were the words I said…I was not OK. There was something that I wanted to ask you. Why couldn’t it have been me? You…you really are okay with that type of love?

– Joo Wan

Oh oh only for you oh oh only for you
Oh oh only for you oh oh only for you
Oh oh only for you oh oh only for you

Sweet Potato, she doesn’t know any other kind of love. She’s only known a love that’s untrue, one sided, or fake. She’s never had someone like you who loves with no conditions. This is why she’s drawn to Tae Yoon. You just need to show her a better way. See that giraffe over there…go buy it. No not that one…the big one! Yeah, it’s childish but she’s gonna love it. Trust me.

Why are you even worried about that jerk? Don’t date jerk . I don’t like you dating a jerk. Date someone who appreciates how worthy you are. A man who appreciates how precious you are.

– Joo Wan

Oh oh only for you oh oh only for you
To me, it’s you. It’s you to me. (Why don’t you know, why don’t you know)
To me it’s you, it’s you. It’s you to me. To me.

Well Sweet Potato, you did it. You said what needs to be said and I’m proud of you. It. Just have been tough, but Joo YeonnieNoona needed to hear those words. That she deserves to be appreciated. A round of applause for being the only adult in a room full of fetuses tonight.

But don’t forget,

Sweet Potato, you need romance too!

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New Drama Alert! – Bride of the Century, God’s Gift: 14 Days, and 3 Days

Three new dramas will be premiering soon, as in this Saturday February 22nd! Winter favorites Man From the Stars and I Need Romance 3 will be ending in two weeks time so…let’s take a look at a few of the dramas coming up!

First, is Bride of the Century which will air on CSTV for 20 Episodes starting this weekend and will run till April 27th, 2014. has secured the rights to air the show to us international fans and they are right now setting up notifications for when the show becomes available.

For me, the interest in this show is two fold. One, it stars FT Island’s actor-singer Lee Hong Ki and this will be the first drama I’ll have the chance to see him in. Secondly, this will also be my first melodrama, that I know of, and has some fantasy elements in it to drive the plot line along. The story is about a wealthy chaebol, Lee Hong Ki, whose the first son of the Tae Yang (great name) Conglomerate and his family has been under a curse for 100 years which is said to kill the first born son when he marries. The curse began when the bride of the first son, at the time, died on their wedding day. Shenanigans ensue and as this handsome chaebol is set to get married everyone around him rushes to get their plans underway.

The plot sounds interesting enough and I’ll be checking in for the first episode, at least, when it becomes available on Sunday.

Check out Dramafever’s trailer here:

On March 3rd the stunningly beautiful Lee Bo Young (I Hear Your Voice) makes her return to Dramaland in God’s Gift: 14 Days. This is the upcoming drama I’m most interested in as Lee Bo Young made a huge impact on me in I Hear Your Voice with her charm and strength of character. Originally Beast’s Lee Ki Kwang was supposed to be her counterpart and lead male costar but, due to his boy band activities had to drop out leaving the door for Icon’s Noh Min Woo to return to Dramaland! I’m excited to see Min Woo again. I haven’t seen him since he was on Midas and that was years ago.

The show is a mystery thriller with some science fiction elements. People, we just entered into the realm where I freak out. Korean drama, check. Two favorite Korean actors, check. Mystery, check. Time travel, check.

I’m digging it.

The plot line involves Bo Young portraying a mourning mother who suddenly finds herself able to teleport through time, up to two weeks in the past, where she will search for her daughter’s killer. This reminds me a lot of last Fall’s Mirae’s Choice and somewhat like Two Weeks. This one sounds like a heart pounding emotional ride. I’ve already ordered a extra box of Kleenex from Amazon to arrive that day.

God’s Gift: 14 Days airs on Monday and Tuesday and will be my replacement for I Need Romance 3, which has become my favorite Winter Drama. Big shoes to fill.

Check out the 33 second, chilling, teaser here:

Filling very big shoes seems to be a theme for these new upcoming dramas as Soo Yi Hyun (Who Are You) and Mickey Yoo Chun will be staring in 3 Days which replaces this Winter’s top Drama Man From the Stars for a 16 episode run starting March 5th, 2014. This also, is a thriller mystery starring yet another pop music icon from DBSK5’s JYJ (Yes, I still hold hope for a five member reunion). It’ll be interesting which drama does best in their time slot, while none will be competing against each other I’m interested to see which star is the bigger draw. My guess is Yoo Chun will be as he’s made a lot of inroads into becoming an actor over the last few years.

3 Days is a about a secret service agent, Yoo Chun, who has to hunt down the President whose gone missing after going on vacation and three gun shots sound off.

March is looking to be a huge month in Dramaland as Man From the Stars and I Need Romance 3 end their runs. Can these new dramas fill their shoes and join the ranks of other weekly shows wer’e watching like Inspiring Generation and Emergency Couple? I know I’m not looking to get into five currently airing dramas, but if they are -that- good I just might have to. Which new shows are you most interested in and are any of you thinking of picking up Inspiring Generaiton or Emergency Couple if you hadn’t been following them previously?

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Secret Garden – Response to “Don’t Ever Tell A Seoul”


I liked the above review from Don’t Ever Tell a Seou’sl format.  I hope you check it out because it is a fun read and an interesting perspective from someone who hadn’t a considerable amount of drama experience at the time of viewing the show.  

To answer the question posed in the article.  Yes!  I would switch bodies with any and every one of my crushes.  Who wouldn’t want to live for a day in Ok Taec Yeon, Kim Soo Hyun, or Kim Soo Yeon’s bodies!   

Here is a link to my review of the show, it was one of my first “blog posts” on Korean dramas and well, it is what it is, you might want to check it out for a little backstory.

In response to DETAS take on the show, here’s my thoughts as Sifu Hallyu…

Unlike other cinderella stories, our heroine was not a pushover.  She was a fighter.  It was the male lead who was the emotionally weaker person in the show.  This was a different perspective than any drama I had seen before.  Also, by the ninth episode anyone whose ever fallen in love (age may play a factor here in enjoying the show) goes completely nuts at the Christmas party because we can identify with -that- specific moment.  That moment when you and your crush let your concerns fall away and let love take over.  Chang Min’s Love is the Moment from Heirs would have been a perfect OST for that scene.

DETAS said this was their third drama they had ever watched.  I think that has a lot to do with their perspective on the show being “taffy” like.  When the show came out in 2010 I watched the first few episodes but as a U.S. fan (subs used to take much longer to come out, as in weeks, and Dramafever had just launched and did not have a wide selection of current and new dramas) I had just come off Boys over Flowers and Iris which are two of my favorite dramas of all time as they both were subbed roughly six weeks to a few months after airing in Korea.  Those two shows hooked me in from the first episode largely because of certain cast members (Kim Hyun Jung and Lee Byung Hun).  Secret garden had a completely unknown cast, to me, at the time and I couldn’t get passed the third episode after multiple attempts.  It wasn’t until three years later when there was a lul in dramaland that I picked it back up and once I did -and- had years of drama experience under my belt did I get the beauty of the show.

 From there, the last 10 episodes are a hurricane of emotions and since then Secret Garden has not become my favorite drama, but it does rank in the top 5.  Secret Garden is however, in my opinion, the single greatest love story ever told.  When I tell people how the story goes down 9/10

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