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Fated to Love You – Episode 2

Don’t think of your name as common, but popular and well liked.

Oh man…the shenanigans didn’t take long to get started with this show! Within the first ten minutes we were witness to creeper status level 1000 and then 1,000,000 and thanks be because we got to see Jang Hyuk shirtless and then…almost nekke. Teehee!

Seriously though, besides Jang Hyuk’s glorious 38 year old body on display this episode had lots of fun moments between the leads and after the second episode I don’t care about Choi Jin Hyuk’s Daniel, #DonkeyFace Lawyer Min, or anyone else! Gun + Mi Young = OTP. These two characters have an incredibly interesting dynamic between them. One is a charismatic rich boy (seen it before) and the other a timid, pleasing, pushover of a woman (oh please, this again?), but somehow Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra take these -tired- tried and true kdrama archetypes and breathe fresh life into them.

I said in my First Impressions – Episode One review that I felt like the show feels like Secret Garden and that still feels true after episode two. There were moments that made you want to cry…looking at you Lawyer Min #DonkeyFace and others that had me screaming at my screen. The show’s got quality written all over it and if you need an example because your not seeing it…I offer you…

Jang Hyuk’s hair. Satisfied? Good.

Strangely, I did not miss Choi Jin Hyuk in the episode at all. He had a very small cameo and we can add futbol to his growing lists of talents, but all in all I didn’t miss him and I’m not even worried if his role is minuscule in the show. He’s only getting in the way as Jill Scott may say and I’ve already chosen my OTP and that’s Mi Young and Gun. No room for you Daniel…go find your sister.

Did anyone else notice a drastically and almost disturbing makeup job in Lee Clara? I was not digging that harsh shading in her jawline. It made her look like a plastic queen ten years her senior. No thank you, please give me Clara all natural. >_<

Tomorrow night…episode three! Whose watching?


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Doctor Stranger – I’m Not Sure About This One Folks

2014 has been an amazing year in Dramaland with superb dramas all year. Doctor Stranger was my most anticipated Drama of the year and when it debuted the only drama I was really interested in following. Every other show that’s been on just wasn’t good enough to hold my attention and those that were like Gap Dong, A Witch’s Romance, Angel Eyes, and Secret Love Affair, sadly went to the wayside due to the Sewol Ferry Accident. Over the last month I’ve gone from watching eight to twelve hours of dramas each week and blogging about them to zero. This week…I haven’t watched a single drama and because Doctor Stranger has let me down so much I’m probably not going to.

This weekend, I’ll make time to watch this weeks episodes, but I have to ask…


Seriously, this is old news by now, but she’s driving me nuts and not in a good way. At the end of last week’s episodes I was hoping they’d shoot her and send her corpse back to Pyongyang! O_o.

Another issue I have with the show revolves around this political issue and the Prime Minister. I really couldn’t care less about him and his need for a surgery. I don’t find the storyline compelling in the slightest and wish he’d just go away. In it’s stead I’d love to see more of Doctor Oh’s family issues. Her father would make a great antagonist for the show.


I’ve been wanting to get that out for weeks now.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming…

– Matthew

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Game of Thrones – Character Development of Jamie


Due to the Sewol/Jindo Ferry Accident the majority of the content I write and blog about has been on hiatus and are only within the last few days coming back on the air. I hope the families and entire nation of South Korea takes all the time they need in dealing with the tragedy. In the meantime I’ve thrown myself head first back into one of the best television shows on t.v. ever. I don’t often write about non science fiction Western content, but lately I’ve gotten seriously back into George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones and it got me thinking about the masterful character development of many of it’s distinctly morally grey characters…specifically that of Jamie Lannister. The internet was lit on fire the past week and a half over a scene which many have concluded as rape of Jamie’s lover and sister.

Nearly everything I’ve read about this controversial scene has declared it was an act of rape by Jamie. This is isn’t disputed and I’m not so much concerned with the fact that the rape of another was shown on television, but that the outcry, other than about the rape itself, was largely focused on how this affects Jamie Lannister as a character. I don’t understand how
-that- can be an issue. This is a fictional character and the subject matter of the scene aught to be the issue. I was sad to see that this wasn’t the primary concern for some people. That being said, Game of Thrones is a show that features gratuitous amounts of rape and I had to ask myself why is that an issue now?

After spending a lot of time thinking about the issue it appears to me it’s not the fact that Jamie raped his sister in the equivalent of a church next to his inbred son’s corpse that’s the issue at hand. It’s the fact that a character whom many have come to enjoy and root for, a central and important character, whose storyline is one of redemption could stoop so low. It’s a big deal because people have come to like this guy and many haves aid it’s completely out of character. There must be a tremendously short memory with folks who buy into this argument. To put it simply Jamie Lannister is a complete and utterly horrible person. Yes, he’s done some things recently that aren’t completely horrible, but let’s not overlook the fact that the guy pushed a child out of a window in order to murder that child to keep his incest a secret. Let’s not forget he attacked the should have been hero of the story and killed many of his men. Jamie Lannister is not a good or redeemable person. He’s a murderer, a breaker of oaths, and now, yes a rapist.

I was not up in arms over the rape of Cersei Lannister. I don’t like the copious amount of rape and brutality on display in Game of Thrones, but I am well aware of the gruesome nature of the story. I understand that in this stories universe rape, slavery and murder are common. Hell, there are entire civilizations in its world that are built around the rape and pillaging of those of weaker status. It’s a fact of life here and I accept that as part of the package. To everyone whose in an uproar over the Jamie-Cersei rape scene I’ve got to ask what are you really angry about? The rape itself or the fact that it didn’t fit I to your faulty notion of who Jamie Lannister is.

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Inspiring Generation – Episode 22

What a happy ending…

Wait, did I just watch Inspiring Generation? How can this show end on a happy note? I do not understand.

I think, this was a filler episode…pretty sure I just watched a filler episode. I’m not sure and this confuses Sifu because Sifu is always sure. Two thirds of the episode was devoted to Shin Jung Tae’s plan rolling out without a hitch which was pretty cool to see go down. All the key players executed their roles perfectly and BangSamTong will be better off for it. How cute were So So and Baek Chi Gi as they worked the phones, I was dying!

I really enjoyed this weeks show, but I wish Mo Il Hwa would have had more to do. How cool would it have been to have Aoki show up at the telephone operator and fight Mo? It’s one fight we won’t get to see at this point and it would have been epic.

Who else got excited when Gaya tells Jung Tae, “live so you can receive the one you seek most.”? For the rest of the show I was thinking Gaya knew something about the location of Chung Ah. Sadly, she was referring to Ok Ryeon…who makes me want to pull my hair out. I wish she would have left the show with Kim Jae Wook, drowned on that rickety boat, or something…anything.

With one week left Jung Tae isn’t out of the woods yet. He’s literally in the Dragon’s cave and I suspect that HwangBang isn’t going to let him out easily. There’s but one fight left for Jung Tae and that’s the final showdown with Wang Baek Sang. No problem, Jung Tae has his number.

After three months I’m excited to see this show end. It’s been a fun ride and one hell of a commitment to follow. It’s a beast of a show to get through with all the death and loss our hero has had to face, but a beautifully produced one nonetheless.


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Emergency Couple – Episode 13

Emergency Couple – Episode 13

This is a show that keeps getting better week after week. There is no roller coaster of emotion, there’s not back and forth or angst. I really like that because what you get is a straight forward love line that’s been broken and needs to be prepared. That’s it. Of course there is a nicely produced setting in the WuSu Hospital and a decent supporting cast to keep things interesting.

Song Ji Hyo makes this show fun and fresh with every episode. She’s been the rock of the show for the first half of its run. Her facial expressions give Choi Jin Hyuk a run for his money and her reactions are priceless. I adore the actress…she’s superb.

Since episode nine or ten I’ve felt like the writers have shifted the point of view from Oh Jin Hee to Oh Chang Min giving chase to his former wife. This was a much needed switch up as we get to see a different side of a Chang Min…a caring Chang Min and a guy you’d like to date. Ok fine, a guy I’d like to date.

I’ve been a fan of this show since day one and the coverage and articles about the show have started to rave about its quality. I couldn’t be happier because I think it’s an awesome show that’s airing on a cable network. I tend to enjoy the more low budget shows that come out on cable networks a little bit more than the big three. Emergency Couple is hands down the best romantic comedy in Dramaland at the moment. Easy and definitive.

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“The Rant” Inspiring Generation – Episode 11 Review

Inspiring Generation – Don’t Call it the Rant, Rant – Episode 11

So, Episode 11 marks a turning point in this drama as a new writer has taken over.

Sadly, with this episode not for the better. I quite liked episodes 1-10. There was a good story that was told with a nice non sequential progression around characters I cared about. Those being

Shin Jung Tae
Mo Il Hwa
Do Ggoo
Poong Cha

Only two of those five characters remain on the show after the last three episodes and a new writer. The writer isn’t to blame, since they just took over, but there are so many loose ends right now I’m rather frustrated and bored.

Where is Shin’ichi? Is Mo Il Hwa in hiding now that DanDong was taken over by Il Gook Hwae? Why isn’t he regaining his organizations strength? Where is Do Ggoo!?! He’s become Gaya’s dog and not seen from again, replaced by the weak and stupid Yamamoto.

These characters, largely have been replaced by new characters. Mo Il Hwa has been replaced by Baek San, Do Ggoo by Yamamoto, and Poong Cha…you can’t replace Poong Cha!

Episode 11 felt like a completely different show and I, honestly felt like I was watching a run of the mill drama going through the motions. It’s like the new writer said, “this worked in x drama so well do that and then that worked in y drama so well do that too!” It felt very derivative and I do not like.

Not digging it.

Another issue I had with the show was in dealing with Jung Tae’s father’s body. Why should we care? They didn’t give us enough through the eyes of Jung Tae or his sister to make us like the guy much less care that he’s gone. The pervious writer would have at least given us flashbacks showing why Jung Tae’s father matters. So, here we have a plot line that does not further the issues we do care about…Gaya and Jung Tae coming together.

This type of discord I experienced happens when a writer takes over halfway through a drama. I’m flipping a coin as I write this to determine if I’m even going to follow the show from here…

Heads I follow, tales I don’t.

Heads…but, I’m only giving it one more episode before I stop following weekly. What a shame…it was such a good show.

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