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♥ Three Musketeers (2014) ♥

Korean drama reviews

Enjoyment: 10/10. Quality: 8/10.


Maybe this isn’t the time for a review of The Three Musketeers (or maybe it’s the perfect time for a review of The Three Musketeers) since this projected three seasons epic seems to have landed on a one season prequel – BUT I DON’T CARE. It was still one of my absolute favourite dramas of 2014 and all hope is not lost! It hasn’t been OFFICIALLY cancelled as far as I know. It can still make a come-back! Please?

Plot: Anyone who has read the classic Dumas novel (or seen any of the numerous screen adaptations) is going to recognise both the characters and the overall plot. But for the rest of you:

Park Dal-hyang/our d’Artagnan (Jung Yong-hwa) is a poor country boy determined to pass the military examination and make it as a palace official – all for the love of a…

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Friday Feature: Make Me Over!

Have you ever hated some of your Dramaland stars hair styles? Me to! Check out this great post for a trip down memory lane

God’s Gift 14 Days – Episode 13 – Falling Puzzle Pieces


The last few pieces of the puzzle are beginning to fall into place. If this show has confused you throughout its run episode 13 is the one for you. Finally, we get some answers to why Saet Byul goes missing and whose ultimately responsible. Now, that the cat’s out of the bag why is Soo Hyun going to do?

Here’s all you need to know about the show.

#1 Answers are coming
#2 You won’t have a heart palpitations, like last week
#3 Dong Chan will make you cry.

That’s really it. Episode 13 was a major filler episode that should set up a heart racing conclusion to the show tonight and next week when the show ends.

3 ways God’s Gift-14 Days is turning me into a bad person

This reaction to God’s Gift 14 Days is too funny, a must read. There’s even something juicy, a tidbit or a theory in there I hadn’t thought about…

[NEWS] tvN’s New Thriller Drama “Gabdong” Releases Teaser Trailer and Special Webtoon Episode

Another great preview for a show I’m interested in and was going to write about myself!

Oscar + Lee Joon = Me watching!


Gabdong 1

April 1, 2014 – The official teaser trailer and a special webtoon episode  for the upcoming drama Gabdong (Memories of Murder) were released today by Asia’s No.1 Contents Company CJ E&M.

Gabdong is a 20-episode mystery thriller about a series of murders which occurred over 20 years ago in a virtual city. Detective Ha Moo-yeom (Yoon Sang-hyun), whose father was falsely accused as the serial murder suspect Gabdong, chases after the true murderer among various people of suspicious backgrounds. Starring Lee Joon from MBLAQ as a psychopathic barista, Kim Min-jung as a reserved psychiatrist, Sung Dong-il and Yoon Sang-hyun as detectives, and Kim Ji-won as a webtoon artist, they wonder whether Gabdong is still alive after all these years. For its part, the teaser trailer will provide special clues to unraveling the mystery with the depictions by five witnesses who have different stories related to the murders.

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Secret Love Affair | Ep 1&2 | First Impressions

This first impressions review of Secret Love Affair echoed many of my own thoughts and expresses them in a very nice way. Check it out!

Bright Little World

I’m writing these while listening to the piano piece that our two protagonists played together. I thought it was appropriate considering that music was like the third protagonist in this drama. The third person that connected our heroes. Plus it is a beautiful music piece.

Let’s start of by saying that watching the first two episodes but also before that watching the 20-minute- long preview was a good decision that I’ve made. I’ve watched the preview without subtitles and realised that they weren’t necessary. The body language, the facial expressions, the music were enough to grasp what the story was about and the overall feeling of the drama.

The Pros

– First and foremost the music and the way it was used. Usually in dramas the music plays a secondary role. It is there to fill in the silence or to emphasize the feelings of the characters. But here it…

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[NEWS] tvN’s New K-Drama “A Witch’s Love” Releases Teaser Trailer starring Uhm Jung-hwa & Park Seo-joon

I was going to preview this show this weekend because you know, Uhm Jung Hwa is like life itself. But, now I don’t have to because this preview is everything. Check it out.


A Witch's Love 3

April 2, 2014 –The official teaser trailer for the upcoming drama A Witch’s Love was released today by Asia’s No.1 Contents Company CJ E&M. Starring longtime popular K-Pop singer and actress Uhm Jung-hwa and rising K-Drama star Park Seo-joon, A Witch’s Love is a romance drama about a woman who had given up on love until an unexpected man 14 years her junior walks into her life and changes everything. The new romance drama is a re-make of the international hit drama series from Taiwan, My Queen.

A Witch's Love 2

A Witch's Love 1

A Witch’s Love will air on tvN every Monday and Tuesday at 11:00PM (KST) starting April 14.

Check out the official teaser trailer below!
(Press Release & Photos: CJ E&M)

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Inspiring Generation – Episode 24 – The Finale

What a way to end a show. Completely satisfying and an emotional roller coaster from beginning to the heart warming conclusion Inspiring Generation is a wonderful show. If you haven’t seen this show yet start watching now. After three long months this show has made the beginning of my year a wonderful delight and I think many of you out there will find this to be just as good as I have.

I began writing about this show with a post called Heroes which defined the term and I used it to describe Shin Jung Tae whom I thought would be the sole hero of the show. Oh, how wrong I was. Yes, Jung Tae was an exceptional hero, but he was surrounded by men and women who were also exceptionally heroic. Mo Il Hwa, Jung Jae Hwa, Ok Ryeon, and even Gaya were all incredibly heroic and as a cast made this show epic in every sense of the word.

The finale, as I said was satisfying and it gave us the deaths of our villains.

Wang Baek Sang…dead
Seul Bang Joo…dead

Seeing them perish at the hands of Bangsamtong’s citizens was a completely gratifying way to finish the show. No one deserved to die more than them and I was cheering as they met their end.

Since the early episodes of the show I’ve been calling for the writers to bring Jung Tae’s sister, Chung Ah, back. For me it was a glaring hole that never went answered or explained as to where she went. In the final moments of the show we were left with an awesome moment where Gaya returns Chung Ah back to him. Tears fell. Many tears.

Gaya…thank you for that!

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Inspiring Generation – Episode 23


I’m going to come right out of the gate and say that Ok Ryeon deserved better. Flat out, she deserved to have a happy ending and for that matter so did all of us. That being said, I did not expect for her to go out like that. In no way, shape or form have I ever seen a lead character leave a show in such a devious and heartbreaking manner. Whoa. The first fifteen minutes of Inspiring Generation this week are intense and you should ready a box or two of Kleenix. You will cry…

Buckets of tears.

Ok Ryeon is an interesting character to me, now in hindsight, because she wasn’t very likable. She was too pure, too kind, and in the end the most selfless person imaginable. That’s a situation that puts many people in an awkward position because Ok Ryeon was a shining light in a cesspool of nefarious people. For most of the show she did not fit in with the rest of the cast and more often than not was in the way of the man she loved, Shin Jung Tae. Honestly, I didn’t particularly like her and in the end I pitied her and cried for her. For a show called Inspiring Generation Ok Ryeon has gone down as truly inspiring. What she did for Shin Jung Tae and the love she felt…that is an inspiration.

I said previously that the first fifteen minutes of the show are intense and will make you an emotional wreck which made watching the rest of the show very difficult. Kim Hyun Jung was excellent. His character has experienced so much loss it’s amazing that he hasn’t crumbled under the massive weight of his grief. Kim Hyun Jung portrayed heavy emotions in a realistic way that made me question if he’s ever lost someone he loved. When you compare his scenes in this episode with the entirety of his body of work this role is going to go down as the role that took him from idol turned actor to full fledged actor. He’s reached another level folks and it’s a terrible delight to witness.

Heads are going to roll and I can’t wait to see how it goes down tomorrow night. I want to see copious amounts of anguish on the faces of Wang Baek Sang and #DonkeyFace Seul. In a happier moment I can’t wait to see Jung Tae reunited with Chung Ah. They’ve been separated for so many years and after watching Jung Tae suffer for what seems like a decade, literally, is it too much to ask to see him cry tears of joy to end this awe-inspiring show?

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Inspiring Generation – Death, Part 2


I didn’t always like you, but I’m glad you were there. Your skills with a sword were unrivaled and you protected Gaya over all else. For that all I can say is…

Thank you,

I’m going to miss you.

This is the second character killed off in Inspiring Generation whose death was felt by many and especially one of our leads. Gaya and Shin’ichi did not always get along, but they did care for each other in the end and were willing to give their loves for the other. Shin’ichi’s death reminded me so much of Poong Cha and found it fitting they should leave the show in a similar manner.

“No one really knows why they are alive until they know what they’d die for.”

– Martin Luther King

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