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100% – Beat

100% – Beat – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good

Let’s starts with the good. This song is really good. I like the beat’s repetitive synth sound and it pumps the vocals up which is nice. The vocals are on point even though I can’t tell a single one of them from the other without looking at their faces. I like the song. It reminds me of SS501’s Love Ya and that’s a good thing.

The Bad

Once again this concept doesn’t fit the group or the song. It’s too dark and SciFi for such an upbeat song like Beat. I would have rather seen them in suits singing with a much simpler visual. I think the video would have been much better suited along the lines of U-KISS’s 330, or even SS501’s Love Like This.

The Ugly

This is not a video I’d want people seeing me watch in public. I won’t be using it to show off how cool kpop is. Their company has done soooooo good with Teen Top it’s sad they can’t do better with 100%.

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