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Thriller Thursdays – 3 Days – Episode 11 and 12



So, you’re saying..you’re going to go to the end?

Uhm, how do I say this…Not so sure about that.

3 Days was one of my most anticipated shows of the spring right along with Bride of the Century and God’s Gift 14 Days. One of those shows I ended up loving and the other I couldn’t stand watching. 3 Days falls so where in between. I was hoping that is enjoy the show much more with it not competing with Inspiring Generation, but after two weeks with no head to head competition that’s just not the case. I like 3 Days. It’s a good show with a great cast and a decent storyline, but something in the execution just isn’t working for me.

I think the majority of the issues with the show is in the pacing. So far the events we’ve seen have taken place just a bit over two days. That seems kinda ludicrous if you think about it as we’ve seen day turn to night and back again multiple times throughout the show. It’s possible that I’ve made a mistake and the countdown that takes place after each pivotal moment has been reset, but it doesn’t seem that way.

Another thing that has driven me crazy while watching the show is just how little can happen with two hours of fresh content week after week. Each episode remains largely the same with Park Yoo Chun kicking someone’s ass and chasing after some key piece of evidence only to have it snatched away and obliterated. That gets old fast. I started 3 Days episode 11 last Wednesday and didn’t have any urge to pick the show back up until last night, Wednesday, after I had exhausted every other show I was interested in seeing.

For what it offers, 3 Days is a good show, but it’s not one of the best. I think it’s rather mediocre, which is a shame considering how great it’s cast is and how thrilling it’s premise is. It’s going to be a show, for me, like Athena and Iris 2 that had loads of potential, but in the end turned out to be just average at best.

Any other season and I may have felt differently about the show, but this year’s dramas have been excellent and continue to be excellent. With only so many hours in the week Dramaland fans can’t watch them all and I’d have to say 3 Days is best left for a duller time when it can be left to shine.

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3 Days – Episode 9



I think I’m going to enjoy this show so much more now that it isn’t up against my big show Inspiring Generation. 3 Days was the show I was most interested in when the current crop of Monday to Thursday night dramas began airing. Sadly, it couldn’t keep up with IG which was a show I was already deeply entrenched in and just isn’t as good as God’s Gift 14 Days. I hope it will have a little bit of room to breathe because I do like the show for what it is.

Visually, the show’s got a sleek look and even though much of the visual intrigue has dissipated now that every seen isn’t shot in the middle of the night I still like to look of the show. It feels like it has a decent budget and the action sequences are top notch. Park Yoo Chun is killing it every time his fists fly.

I think part of my disappointment in the show, if I can even call it that, is in the long bouts of talking interspersed between rather short action scenes. The show has turned into a political thriller rather than an action thriller which is a genre I don’t like nearly as much as thrilling action. There are some rather glaring plot holes in the show and inconsistencies in the storyline, especially in character development, that just don’t make sense. I’m sure the writers will clarify why these characters are changing sides and what their motives are, but it does seem strange that an ardent supporter of Tae Kyeong’s camp would suddenly flip.

The show is worth watching just to see Park Yoo Chun portray Han Tae Kyeong. He’s got the action scenes down and he’s so determined and focused that’s impossible not to like him.

Anyone else watching 3 Days? What are you thinking of the show?


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3 Days – I Almost Walked Away – Episode 7 & 8


Literally, I was this close to not watching 3 Days again after last week. I like the show, but there are just so many great dramas out right now that it just lacked something for me and couldn’t compete. That being said, I decided to give it one more shot this weekend and plowed through both episodes back to back.

Episode seven did nothing for me. After establishing an interesting timeline and concept where a few hours at a time are shown per episode, this weeks show went completely off the rails as far as keeping this in tact. The events of episode seven seem like they would take days to complete and if I recall we witnessed just a few hours time. The episode had a ton of talking and not a lot of action…not good, not happy about it. The one scene that stood out to me was shot in an elevator and while Yoo Chun nailed his stunts the confined space made it awkward and difficult to enjoy. One second your looking at Yoo Chun’s face and the next some body’s butt is in the camera frame.

Then I got to episode eight, thank Buddha I made it to episode eight. The second hour of this weeks content saved the show for me. It went down on Thursday night and after weeks of waiting we finally got the goods on Confidential Document ’98 and some ammunition for the President to fire back with. He’s not out of the woods yet, he’s got blood on his ledger and I don’t think he can erase it. Interestingly, everyone in this show has blood on their hands and I still can’t tell if I should be rooting for the president or not. All I do know is that Yoo Chun’s character Tae Kyeong has some serious fighting skills and his loyalty is second to none. The guys got some balls.

By the end of episode eight my heart was racing and I was glued to the screen. It had a very strong final 20 minutes that reminded me very much of the final four hours of Iris…digging that!

With Inspiring Generation ending next week and since I’ve started watching Single Cunning Lady just for myself I’ll have some time on Wednesday and Thursday to enjoy 3 Days for what it is. I think I might enjoy it a little bit more with some room to breathe.

Anyone else having issues wanting to follow the show? What’s keeping you tuned in?

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3 Days – Episode 5 and 6

This weeks episodes of 3 Days wrapped up one segment of the storyline and forcibly knocked down the doors to an even bigger scandal than a presidential assassination attempt. I felt like I went from watching Iris to Scandal within these two hours. The action was very different from previous weeks and was rather predictable.


Who didn’t know that Tae Kyung was going to shoot his Sunbae and save the president? It was obvious, right? I was a bit let down they killed off the character so soon and then immediately went after and tracked down his accomplice. It felt a bit rushed to me, but it did open the flood gates to what’s really going on. I’m not sure yet, even after giving myself two days to wrap my head around this erupting storyline if I like the direction the show has taken. It may be due in large part to Park Yoo Chun’s shoulder injury that the show had to be tweaked, but I was more confused by the show this week and not in a good way.

There are a few things I did like. The flashbacks were very well done. They established why the President must die, or at least the motives behind what we had been pricy to from the assassins perspective. I thought this was a great way to explain the story behind them rather than having them say it themselves in an all too predictable monologue. They also established a new cast of “evil-doers” to rally against and they act as a nice foil to the President. Is he a hero, or not? Time will tell, but I think he’s going to turn out to be all right in the end.

I’m also digging the assassin whose name we don’t know yet who helped set off the EMP bomb and chased Tae Kyung through the train. He’s got a menacing demeanor that I like and he’s definitely lethal.

If you’ve seen the ending of episode six you’ll understand why I was confused by the show. It brought me back to my original point that the show moved too fast.

What did you think of this weeks show? Let me know in the comments down below!

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3 Days – Episode 3 & 4

3 Days – Episode 3 and 4

It’s all a lie.

If you’re watching this show and you haven’t seen this weeks episodes I highly recommend you watch them together. As a stand alone episode episode three is not very good, but when coupled with episode four you’re left with a heart pounding thriller that’s totally worth the ride.

Let me break it down. Episode three is very by the numbers procedural crime drama that we’ve all seen time and time again. Tae Kyeong (Park Yoo Chun) is on the run and trying to find the President. The Secret Service is after him and the President. Nothing very spectacular happens and not much is revealed as to why all of this is happening. We don’t get any info why Tae Kyeong’s father and friends have all been murdered, or why there was an assassination attempt on the President. I found the episode to drag a bit as it had very little action, but was completely watchable if not as much as other shows currently airing.

Then episode four happened and after watching that I feel like I just got smacked upside the head! Episode four is everything I had been hoping for from this show. Tae Kyeong is out kicking some serious butt and seems to be in legitimate danger throughout the episode. He gets help in the best way and is on track with his Secret Service peers. They aren’t as smart as he is though and I’m digging Tae Kyeong. He’s got the smarts and fighting skills to be a character worth tuning in for. Another thing I enjoyed about to show was the complete lack of “by the numbers” writing and scripting. The writers unveiled what’s really going on here, but left us with more questions then answers. They did, however, give us some meat to chew on and I honestly loved the way the story unraveled via flashbacks and by showing us the various camps involved as the first five hours after the President goes missing unfolds.

Together, these two episodes make for one hell of a good movie that ends on a heart pounding climax. It starts out slow and then kicks it into fifth gear and you will be on the edge of seat.

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3 Days – Episode 2

3 Days – Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

Episode 2 was leaps and bounds better than the first. This seems to be a trend with these winter to spring dramas. The first episode left me with more questions than answers and not the kind of questions that make me want to watch a drama. I found the pacing to be off kilter and in retrospect strangely quiet for a action thriller with mystery elements. Episode 2 cleared everything up and then some. The story progressed logically in an non linear manner and jump started the storyline.

Here’s the deal.

Han Tae Kyeong (Park Yoo Chun) is a secret service agent whose father is murdered over some classified document and his knowledge of whatever it holds. He gets swept up in an assassination plot on the president and becomes the prime suspect due to some rather shady figures within the secret service. Episode 1 led me to believe that the president was in on the act and tonight we found out that it wasn’t that he faked his own death, but he simply knew it was coming. Tae Kyeong’s father knew something was amiss and alerted the President to the fact that on March 5th an attempt on his life was imminent. I love the timing the writers used as it puts us right smack in the middle of the events as if they were happening in real life. It adds a sense of realism to the show which is much needed because the events that we witness are highly improbable.

In the 2nd episode we find out who it is who tries to assassinate the President and in turn points the finger at Tae Kyeong. That is where the drama comes in to play. Tae Kyeong, who is surprisingly bright, figures the whole thing out and now has to go on a mission presumably over the next three days in dramaland time and the next two months in reality and figure out is actually going on. He’s got to find his father’s murderers, get the bad guy, and determine if the President is even really dead. At this point we don’t know if he was shot at all.

I’m digging it.

The non sequential story telling is well done here. We get to see the story unravel in fifteen to thirty minute increments before, after and during the actual time line. It feels very much like a mix between Iris, 24 and Damages. Two of the three of those are two brilliantly told stories. Iris being my favorite drama ever and Damages one of the best non linear storyline’s I’ve ever seen. After the 2nd episode I’m excited for this drama. It’s not at all what I was expecting it to be and it has a very off kilter feel. The actors are doing a superb job of making each scene feel extremely awkward with long pauses and intense close ups. You will see pores. Lots of pores.

Visually, I find the show to be striking. The 2nd episode takes place between 7:45 and 9:00pm and as such has a very dark and night time feel to it. The entire show, almost, was entirely blue and the lighting effects were spectacular. The use of a very static blue gives the show a cold feeling. A sense of loneliness and foreboding. It’s artfully done and the set designers deserve a big round of applause for their use of color and lighting. I’m not a fan of dark scenery and they’ve gotten around this in a very brilliant way of making everything feel dark, but with clear details all around.

This season is turning out to be owned by action thrillers. Monday and Tuesday, for me, are all about God’s Gift 14 Days and Wednesday and Thursday now have 3 Days accompanying Inspiring Generation making the whole week a action packed thrill fest. After all the romantic comedies that have been coming out since November I can’t be happier to have a more mature and darker week of drama.

Did you check in with this show? It was my second most anticipated show to come out in the last two weeks, what did you all think?

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3 Days – Episode 1 – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.


As one Park brother leaves our screen another another graces is it as Mickey Yoo Chun makes his way back to Dramaland with 3 Days which replaces Man From the Stars on Wednesday and Thursday nights. It’s a thriller which is why I tuned in but it’s got stiff competition as God’s Gift 14 Days is also a thriller (airs on a different night), Inspiring Generation and Single Cunning Lady are airing up against it. I try not to watch multiple shows of the same genre at the same time, but I think 3 Days is worth a watch.

The Good.

The visuals. The sets are vibrant and despite being extremely dark have pops of color that keep your eye moving across the screen looking for clues and trying to figure out what’s going on. That’s where the fun is in this drama, at least in episode one, we have no idea what’s going on and quite a bit happens in the first episode. There is a mystery going on here and I want to solve it.

The Bad.

Yoo Chun’s character is bland. He’s way to stoic and dare I say boring. He needs to be a tad bit more engaging if I’m going to watch Han Kyeong twice a week. I don’t think Mickey was the problem he’s a decent actor, but something didn’t feel right with him or the role…can’t quite put my finger on it, but the lead didn’t lead me through the show.

The Ugly.

I did not like the pacing of the show. There were moments where I was glued to the screen like when the President was at the bar, the market scene, and Yoo Chun’s tears at the bus stop, but largely I was bored with the show. It wasn’t very thrilling, didn’t set up the characters well and if I hadn’t been waiting a month for this show I wouldn’t check out the second episode. Action Thrillers need action -and- thrills. I didn’t get any from the premiere. I suspect that will change with the second episode.

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New Drama Alert – 3 Days Trailer


@viki has released the trailer for Micky Yoo achun’s upcoming drama thriller 3 Days.

The trailer mixes historical subjects like U.S. Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy, who were assassinated for their political prowess and ability to affect change. I wonder if the show is going to somehow deal with a politically charged issue in Korea, that would be interesting.

The trailer is much more action oriented and darker than I would have expected. I’m now excited to see this drama when it premiers on March 5th, replacing Man From The Stars.


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New Drama Alert! – Bride of the Century, God’s Gift: 14 Days, and 3 Days

Three new dramas will be premiering soon, as in this Saturday February 22nd! Winter favorites Man From the Stars and I Need Romance 3 will be ending in two weeks time so…let’s take a look at a few of the dramas coming up!

First, is Bride of the Century which will air on CSTV for 20 Episodes starting this weekend and will run till April 27th, 2014. Dramafever.com has secured the rights to air the show to us international fans and they are right now setting up notifications for when the show becomes available.

For me, the interest in this show is two fold. One, it stars FT Island’s actor-singer Lee Hong Ki and this will be the first drama I’ll have the chance to see him in. Secondly, this will also be my first melodrama, that I know of, and has some fantasy elements in it to drive the plot line along. The story is about a wealthy chaebol, Lee Hong Ki, whose the first son of the Tae Yang (great name) Conglomerate and his family has been under a curse for 100 years which is said to kill the first born son when he marries. The curse began when the bride of the first son, at the time, died on their wedding day. Shenanigans ensue and as this handsome chaebol is set to get married everyone around him rushes to get their plans underway.

The plot sounds interesting enough and I’ll be checking in for the first episode, at least, when it becomes available on Sunday.

Check out Dramafever’s trailer here:

On March 3rd the stunningly beautiful Lee Bo Young (I Hear Your Voice) makes her return to Dramaland in God’s Gift: 14 Days. This is the upcoming drama I’m most interested in as Lee Bo Young made a huge impact on me in I Hear Your Voice with her charm and strength of character. Originally Beast’s Lee Ki Kwang was supposed to be her counterpart and lead male costar but, due to his boy band activities had to drop out leaving the door for Icon’s Noh Min Woo to return to Dramaland! I’m excited to see Min Woo again. I haven’t seen him since he was on Midas and that was years ago.

The show is a mystery thriller with some science fiction elements. People, we just entered into the realm where I freak out. Korean drama, check. Two favorite Korean actors, check. Mystery, check. Time travel, check.

I’m digging it.

The plot line involves Bo Young portraying a mourning mother who suddenly finds herself able to teleport through time, up to two weeks in the past, where she will search for her daughter’s killer. This reminds me a lot of last Fall’s Mirae’s Choice and somewhat like Two Weeks. This one sounds like a heart pounding emotional ride. I’ve already ordered a extra box of Kleenex from Amazon to arrive that day.

God’s Gift: 14 Days airs on Monday and Tuesday and will be my replacement for I Need Romance 3, which has become my favorite Winter Drama. Big shoes to fill.

Check out the 33 second, chilling, teaser here:

Filling very big shoes seems to be a theme for these new upcoming dramas as Soo Yi Hyun (Who Are You) and Mickey Yoo Chun will be staring in 3 Days which replaces this Winter’s top Drama Man From the Stars for a 16 episode run starting March 5th, 2014. This also, is a thriller mystery starring yet another pop music icon from DBSK5’s JYJ (Yes, I still hold hope for a five member reunion). It’ll be interesting which drama does best in their time slot, while none will be competing against each other I’m interested to see which star is the bigger draw. My guess is Yoo Chun will be as he’s made a lot of inroads into becoming an actor over the last few years.

3 Days is a about a secret service agent, Yoo Chun, who has to hunt down the President whose gone missing after going on vacation and three gun shots sound off.

March is looking to be a huge month in Dramaland as Man From the Stars and I Need Romance 3 end their runs. Can these new dramas fill their shoes and join the ranks of other weekly shows wer’e watching like Inspiring Generation and Emergency Couple? I know I’m not looking to get into five currently airing dramas, but if they are -that- good I just might have to. Which new shows are you most interested in and are any of you thinking of picking up Inspiring Generaiton or Emergency Couple if you hadn’t been following them previously?

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