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Troy – Green Light – Hot Debut

Troy – Green Light

Troy has finally arrived and I think they’ve managed to debut with a track that fits perfectly within the zeitgeist of the year. Green Light is a soulful and funky song that will get your butt grooving. The four members of the group are Bum Key, Kanto, Chang Woo and Jae Woong.

Speaking of Jae Woong this 33 year old is seriously trying to screw with my bias list. He’s working out almost as Taec Yeon and has looks to die for. I saw him for the first time last July with Bum Key’s debut single Bad Girl. He was featured in the video and played a guy who was not at all interested in his female fan. Having him portray a gay character was rather risqué in Kpop and the way they made it seem so matter of fact made me lol and begin to wonder if this new generation of idols have moved on from the “gay doesn’t exist in Korea” mentality that has survived for so long. Props for that.(http://youtu.be/FFDD_3IV7fU)

The visuals in the music video are hawt. The men are dressed ever so dapper and fun with flamboyant suits and crazy fun hats. The color choices remind me of other hip hop groups like Men in Black. The video and track are polished and feature Bum Key’s vocal talent. He’s got the goods in the same way that Zion.T has a unique manner to him. Not quite on the same level, but for a lot of fans this could be a good thing.

I’ll be putting Troy on my watch list for their great visuals, vocals and smooth flow. How about you?

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