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Doctor Stranger – I’m Not Sure About This One Folks

2014 has been an amazing year in Dramaland with superb dramas all year. Doctor Stranger was my most anticipated Drama of the year and when it debuted the only drama I was really interested in following. Every other show that’s been on just wasn’t good enough to hold my attention and those that were like Gap Dong, A Witch’s Romance, Angel Eyes, and Secret Love Affair, sadly went to the wayside due to the Sewol Ferry Accident. Over the last month I’ve gone from watching eight to twelve hours of dramas each week and blogging about them to zero. This week…I haven’t watched a single drama and because Doctor Stranger has let me down so much I’m probably not going to.

This weekend, I’ll make time to watch this weeks episodes, but I have to ask…


Seriously, this is old news by now, but she’s driving me nuts and not in a good way. At the end of last week’s episodes I was hoping they’d shoot her and send her corpse back to Pyongyang! O_o.

Another issue I have with the show revolves around this political issue and the Prime Minister. I really couldn’t care less about him and his need for a surgery. I don’t find the storyline compelling in the slightest and wish he’d just go away. In it’s stead I’d love to see more of Doctor Oh’s family issues. Her father would make a great antagonist for the show.


I’ve been wanting to get that out for weeks now.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming…

– Matthew

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Doctor Stranger – Episode 3 – That Was Fun!

Ahjussi…save my father.

Oh my gawd. If this episode wasn’t the definition of roller coaster I don’t know what is. Nice job writers. You had us laughing out loud one second and crying just a minute later. I don’t know about you, but this guy certainly was!

Can I just ask, how nice is it to have Lee Jong Suk back on our televisions and mobile devices not once, but twice a week? He’s really become an actor that you want to watch and holds your attention with every little mannerism. He’s always been the kind of guy who can turn the smallest eye twitch or smirk into something great, but tonight he brought his facial expressions to a whole other level. I’d dare even say he’s reach Choi Jin Hyuk levels of expression. I really had a good time just watching him be a goof ball tonight!

There is something special about this show. I’m not sure it quite knows yet what it’s going to be, but whether it settles on thriller, comedy, or a mixture of the two this is going to be the show of the season. I just don’t see anything coming even close to being able to throw your from one emotional extreme to another and make it enjoyable at the same time. Korean Dramas as a whole have a masterful talent at making your tear ducts work overtime often for the sake of the emotional pull, here however, the emotion is visceral and you feel it in your gut. Having little 500won break down in the hospital and seeing her fear makes her not only relatable, but her situation. Who doesn’t remember having a similar experience in their youth when you get lost or separated from your family at the zoo? The scene was remarkable for how relatable it was which made it very effective to me.

I’ve got to say that if Kim Ok Ryeon/Mok Dan (not sure what to call Jin Se Yeon anymore) doesn’t pick up a damn phone and call her man I’m going to flip. It’s not 1930 anymore and you’re not under North Korean occupation (for once) so get that handapone and call Hoon. He misses you!

My only gripe and it is a minor one is how rigid and stiff Park Hae Jin seemed throughout most of the show. Yes, he did have a super sexy “I’m da boss kiss me” kiss scene which got my heart all a flutter, but man if he doesn’t look like a 2×4 in that lab coat. Check out the way he turns when approaching patients, it’s totally awkward.

Can’t wait for tomorrow and I sure hope that Hoon runs into Jae Hee at that wacky hospital. I really can’t fathom how she ended up south of the DMZ, but I’m also really glad we aren’t going to have to wait another five years before they get reunited.

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Doctor Stranger – Episode 2

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 9.52.17 PM

Doctor Stranger seems to have it all. It’s got a sleek package, great acting, and a ton of fan service. Episode 2 had my heart pounding throughout the episode. When it comes to pulling on your heartstrings this show has it in spades. You can say and I’m saying it now that this show is a roller coaster of emotions. The show starts with a heart wrenching scene and builds to a thrilling chase that seems to go on forever. Their doesn’t seem to be a primary antagonist in the show, at least not one whose shown his face, but Hoon (Lee Jong Suk’s character) faces off against several North Korean officials in an attempt to return to South Korea. The first thirty minutes or so of the show were incredibly intense and thrilling. You’ve got to see this show!

The sets were beautiful and this episode was largely filmed in Hungary which offered the show a very distinct feeling. I wish we could have seen more from this location as it was very refreshing to see a drama in a location outside of Seoul. The ending put us back inside South Korea and it would seem that the majority of the show will focus on Lee Jong Suk’s exploits in finding his one true love. Park Hae Jin made an appearance in this episode and looks to be the leader or member of a very accomplished group of doctors. I’m expecting to see Lee Jong Suk and Park Hae Jin face off because I got the distinct impression that Hoon is not practicing medicine on the up and up. Perhaps the South Koreans don’t want to allow him to practice his trade in a hospital? I couldn’t really tell what the deal was with that, but I’d expect them to fully cement the character next week.

I said in my episode 1 reaction post that this was going to be good and boy oh boy does Doctor Stranger have all the makings of a very good show. I’ve been waiting all year for this show to come on the air and am super excited to have a great drama on Monday and Tuesdays to watch!

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Doctor Stranger – This is Going to be Good – Episode 1

The drama many of us have been waiting for all year has finally premiered…do I even have to say it’s name? Yes, yes I do.

Doctor Stranger is finally here!

I have been waiting for this drama since January if not earlier when it was announced that Lee Jong Suk would finally be returning to Dramaland after 2013’s summer hit I Hear Your Voice ran its course. He’s been off filming a movie and in the meantime two other actors caught my attention that are going to be featured in Doctor Stranger. The first is the incredibly handsome Park Hae Jin who many, many…MANY of you will remember from this year’s biggest hit Man From the Stars where he played Lee Whee Kyung. If that isn’t enough man-candy for you then there is just no helping you! The final piece of the puzzle for me that had be waiting very impatiently was Jin Se Yeon who I will always and fondly refer to as Kim Ok Ryeon from her involvement in -another- of my favorite dramas this year, Inspiring Generation. Ok, now that I’ve gotten that refresher out of the way.

This is going to be good!

Doctor Stranger opened up in a big way tonight. The basic premise of the show…is complicated. Hoon (Lee Jong Suk) is a genius brain surgeon of seemingly unparalleled skill. His father is recruited/kidnapped to save a high ranking North Korean official and Hoon, as a child, is used as collateral to ensure that his father succeeds in saving the official. After unfortunate turn of events they are forced to stay in North Korea and many years pass by. It seems like this show is going to be a part time medical drama, half time spy thriller, and quarter time love story. I’m digging that.

There were a slew of cute moments that made my eyes light up and smile. Most noticeably was baby Hoon whose tears made my own tear ducts work over time and Hoon and Jae Hee’s bike ride through the meadow. The color’s used were bright and warm which really made me feel like they were having a good time. It was a cheerful scene and stood out to me as a highlight of the show visually. These two scenes contrasted nicely with two others that told me this show was going to be a great drama. The first, a kiss scene…in the rain. Wait, what? Yes, you read that correctly. We get to see a kiss scene in episode 1! If that weren’t good enough we are lucky, oh so lucky, to get Lee Jong Sook in a shower scene…also in episode 1. Take a minute, catch your breath…go watch it and then come back.

Despite, the many dramaland tropes like kiss and shower scenes Doctor Stranger seems like it’s going to be a tough ride. Yes, there were some really sweet moments in this first episode, but there were also some very gruesome and heart wrenching scenes that are going to pull on your heart strings and possibly make you want to pull out your hair. I was incredibly impressed at how effective the writers and cast were able to bring a tear to my eye.

After so many weeks of staggered returns for various dramas I’m excited to get back into the swing of things and can’t wait for Monday and Tuesday nights for Doctor Stranger.

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Doctor Stranger – New Kdrama Alert!

Doctor Stranger is a new drama starring Lee Jong Suk (I Hear Your Voice), Park Hae Jin (Man From The Stars) and Kang So Ra (Dream High) will begin airing in April, 2014. Thankfully, it should be airing within a week or two of Emergency Couple ending on March 29th. That should be just enough time to get excited for another medical drama love triangle with two of the most gorgeous actors in kdrama land.

North Korean Refuge, check.
Genius Doctor, check.
Love triangle involving Jong Suk and Hae Jin, check+.

I’ll be adding Doctor Stranger to my queue, how about you?

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