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God’s Gift 14 Days – The Finale – Episode 16


So, if you haven’t watched the show…don’t read this. Go watch then come back.

It’s not Saet Byul and Hyung…but, me and Saet Byul.

Ok, so everyone is freaking out over the ending of this awesome show, and rightfully so. We all wanted a happy ending and sadly we just didn’t get it.

Did that knight survive?

That is the question posed at the end of the show. The answer is yes. Dong Chan did survive. The ending was ambiguous at best, but when Dong Chan is holding Saet Byul in the lake and Soo Hyun is racing to get it them that was at 12:00am. We then see the events of that day where the president is holding a press conference and we see Dong Ho released from prison. In that shot we see Grandma, Yong Gyu, and Dong Chan facing an ecstatic Dong Ho. Dong Chan was there when Dong Ho was released from prison.

He did not die.

Did that knight survive?

The answer is yes. The only other scene we see is Soo Hyun, her mother, and Saet Byul walking happily on the banks of the river. Unless, my memory is warped Soo Hyun’s mother survived the show. Can anyone verify?

So, it seems to me that everyone lives happily ever after, except the presidents family.

I’m not a fan of shows with this type of ambiguous endings. If you’ve been following this blog since i was using Google+ as my blog medium you’ll remember how annoyed I was at the ending of Mirae’s Choice. These types of endings to accomplish nothing, but tarnishing a great dramas run. Coincidently, Viki auto-play jumped straight to Mirae’s Choice when GG ended…no, just no.

All that being said, the last two episodes were quite underwhelming for me. I would have much rather have seen the fallout from the presidents realization that his family is corrupt. What is the resolution between Soo Hyun and her #DonkeyFace husband. Did Woo Jin ever wake up from his coma? Did Dong Chan and Soo Hyun get married? Why couldn’t we have just had a simple scene with this cast sitting around a table happily eating dinner?

For such an awesome show, the ending was very infuriating, frustrating, and rather disturbing. I’m surprised the scene was allowed to air as it did, so soon, with every other drama and variety show cancelled this week given the Jindo/Sewol Ferry Tragedy. To potentially have one of the greatest cop heroes and the cutest child actress of the year drown…not cool. Who thought this was a good idea?


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God’s Gift 14 Days – Soo Hyun; Weak, Stupid, or Crazy


I’ve been hearing a lot of chatter about Lee Bo Young’s character Kim Soo Hyun in God’s Gift 14 Days being written as strong then weak, incredibly stupid, and crazy. Were all entitled to our opinion, but I had to share my own.

I do not think Soo Hyun has been written to be a weak character. I think she’s been depicted as a strong female up against all odds. She’s been worn down, beaten, and terrorized and yet she manages to keep getting up day after day, hour after hour. When we first met this woman she had her daughter kidnapped, killed and later commits suicide over her grief. When she finds herself alive and seemingly well, what does she do? She get’s up and goes home to find her daughter doing just fine and sets out to get every last single scum bag she can. From day one she said she will hunt down and destroy whomever took her daughter and she has done just that. Her head count is as follows…

At least one serial killer, one pedophile, and one seriously sociopathic jilted lover. Kim Soo Hyun is in no way a weak woman. She’s been written to face insurmountable odds and has overcome each challenge she’s faced…repeatedly.

But, is she stupid?

No, once again she’s not stupid. She has certainly made some idiotic decisions, from our perspective as viewers. We are privy to information that she simply is not. We know she can’t trust anyone but Dong Chan so, Soo Hyun, sadly has had to come to that realization on her own. She’s surrounded by people she should be able to trust and I can’t fault her for seeking others help. If you look at things from her point of view every bad decision she’s made makes perfect sense with what information she’s been given.

Ok, ok, but she is crazy?!?

Oh, this is where I want to lose it…

God’s Gift 14 Days is a show intended for mature audiences and as such deals with some incredibly difficult issues. Criminally and psychologically this show has offered no quarter. We’ve seen a misogynistic serial killer, a child predator, adulterous husbands and coworkers, miscarriages, domestic violence, forced imprisonment and possibly worst of all gang rape. The writers have, in my opinion, created a story that is dark and psychologically depressing. The world that Soo Hyun lives in is insanely emotionally draining. From the outset she’s faced with tragic loss and for a moment she is unable to overcome her great troubles. She comes back with a vengeance and just when she’s making progress she’s thrown into the loony bin by her lecherous and conniving husband. Why? He says she’s crazy. Simple as that. It’s not Soo Hyun who is insane, but literally everyone she’s around save Dong Chan. Sure, she may be on shaky ground, but she is definitely the second sanest character in the show. The writers have given us a strong female lead and an incredibly hostile world for her to live in for no other reason than she’s female. They’ve done this too make Soo Hyun that much stronger. As a possibly unintended side effect she takes the brunt of people’s criticisms and looks crazy.

I’d ask anyone whom think she’s weak, crazy, or stupid what would you do of your daughter was kidnapped and killed. Better yet, what wouldn’t you do?

Getting off my soapbox…

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God’s Gift 14 Days – Episode 11 & 12


There are dramas and then there are great dramas.

God’s Gift 14 Days is an awesome drama. When it comes to thrills this show takes the proverbial cake, runs out your front door and sprints around the corner before you realize what’s happened. From the opening minutes of the show until the terrifying conclusion of episode twelve my heart was pounding out of my chest. I may need some heart medication to finish this one folks, I think I had palpitations.

The show isn’t perfect, there are huge plot holes that largely get filled in in later episodes. It’s part of the shows charm really. We know how things end and in classic mystery who-done-it fashion what we think we know isn’t always the case. What we’ve seen from the opening two episodes can be rewritten. We can’t believe our eyes…they’re lying to us. One issue I do have with the overall characters is just how stupid, if I can use that word to even describe the imbecilic actions they take, can be. I’ve seen Soo Hyun leave her daughter with multiple people only to have her precious Saet Byul and herself fall into harms way. Don’t even get me started with #DonkeyFaceDaddy. I want to throw him in front of a bus. For days Soo Hyun has been telling him that someone is after Saet Byul and he does nothing despite, at this point, knowing full well why someone is going after his family. #DonkeyFaceDaddy is too kind for the words I want to use for him, seriously.

If you haven’t already started this show, I recommend you wait to marathon it. It’s too good to pass up and this should be on every kdrama and thriller fans list of must see shows. This is true not just for kdrama fans but anyone with an interest in mystery and thrillers. This show is awesome, but it’s so thrilling I wish I could see it all at once.

One last thing. Baro, Yoo Bin, and Min Woo have added so much to this show. Yes, I tune in for Soo Hyun and Dong Chan, but the supporting cast makes the show shine.

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God’s Gift 14 Days – Episode 9 and 10


It’s taken me a few days to write a post about this weeks God’s Gift 14 Days because of Inspiring Generation ending this week. IG left me with such a emotional drain and put me in a kdrama hole, but I’ve had my time to say goodbye to that shows great cast and can focus on other things like the best drama of 2014 so far…

God’s Gift 14 Days

This shows storyline is just incredible. It’s insanely complex and each week were left with more questions than answers despite multiple clues revealed around every corner. After five weeks we’re nowhere close to figuring out whose cutie pie Saet Byul’s killer, but we have a ton of possibilities. One thing is for sure. Saet Byul’s father…I can’t bring myself to even say his name…he’ll now be known as #DonkeyFaceDaddy…is a total jerk. I do not like him and I want him to go away!


As for the rest of the cast I’m completely dismayed by Woo Jin’s actions this week. He protects Soo Hyun and appears to want to repay Dong Chan for their past, but then he goes and destroys evidence that could identify the Nemesis. Later, he tells an unnamed voice on the phone not to hurt Soo Hyun or he won’t sit still. Ok, dude…what’s your deal?

No Min Woo finally showed up as Snake’s leader Tae Oh. He’s the adorbs singer that Saet Byul loves and somehow he’s connected to Dong Chan’s last as well. His older brother is “dead” and knew Dong Chan’s first love who was “murdered” by Dong Chan’s older brother Dong Ho. Completely confused? We need an infographic for this show. Seriously.

So, here’s what I think is going on.

#DonkeyFaceDaddy knew Dong Ho didn’t kill anyone and put him away because he was blackmailed or bribed to look the other way. I think it’s highly likely that Tae Ho’s older brother is the killer then and now. The grumpy Grandpa who always goes to Dong Chan is likely the murderers grandfather and wants to somehow repay Dong Chan for the murder of his first love, or for covering up the incident and pointing the finger at Dong Ho. Saet Byul, unfortunately, is a completely innocent bystander whose being used as a pawn to control #DonkeyFaceDaddy from talking about what he knows. The reason I say that is because in the beginning of the show he receives some photographs -after- Saet Byul dies and says he knows who did it. We haven’t reached that point in the narrative yet so I’m hoping that this is all about #DonkeyFaceDaddy getting his comeuppance.

Whatever the case may be, God’s Gift 14 Days is by far the best thing going in in Dramaland right now.

I can’t wait for Monday!


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God’s Gift 14 Days – Episode 8


One killer….
Two killers…
Three killers?!?

If I didn’t know better I’d think that Korea was full of murderers. How many of these people is poor Soo Hyun going to have to take down before her baby is safe?!? I don’t know, but as we have just one month left before the conclusion of the show I can’t help but feel it’s not Saet Byul, but Soo Hyun herself whose life is in danger. I sure hope Dong Chan comes to the rescue and saves her and Saet Byul!

The storyline of the show was increasingly complicated as episode seven and eight ran their course. How are Dong Chan and Soo Hyun connected, what’s the motive behind Saet Byul’s murder, and what’s #DonkeyFace up to? I have a sneaking suspicion he’s responsible for the chaos that’s befallen his family. I can’t really say why, but I’ve never felt that guy is quite right.

One month left and This is the show I look forward to all week, but I’m having a hard time seeing how their going to fill eight hours of television with meaningful and interesting content. We’ve already seen two killers go down and a possible third being chased down right now…I suppose in the end it’s a good thing because I can’t see how this story ends or where well go from there and it’s been a long time since I didn’t have any haunch at all.

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God’s Gift 14 Days – Episode 7


Ok, so let me get this straight. Soo Hyun has gone back in time, cheated death and now taken down multiple serial killers and the fate of her daughter is still in limbo?!? Ottoekke!

Of course I’m kidding a bit. God’s Gift 14 Days is the best thing on tv by a long shot. I can’t wait to fire up Viki and catch last nights episode as I wrote this, but is week marks the halfway point of the show and we are nowhere near saving poor Saet Byul. The plot did get thicker though and that creepy husband….I knew something was right about him. This weeks #DonkeyFace award goes to him for sure.

As has been the case week in and week out Dong Chan makes the show with his quick wit and detective skills. Soo Hyun may be driving the emotional power engine of the show, but Dong Chan keeps the story going. I can’t imagine the show without his character.

Ok, I’m off to watch episode eight!

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God’s Gift – Episode 6 – We’ve Gotten Nowhere


We’ve gotten nowhere, seriously, like no where. I’m not going to spoil the show for you, but you’ve got to watch this one folks, it’s just too good.

Episode six did a few things I asked for after episode five aired. We got more Baro, who did more than walk around aimlessly. I’m digging Baro as an actor and I’ve missed him previously so this is my first time seeing him act. He’s doing well.

Speaking of acting Cho Seung Woo’s Dong Chan made this show so much better. We got a bit more of his back story and how he’s connected with all Yong Gyu and the serial killer. His character seems to be the most interesting in the show and highly capable.

Then there is this killer…we got to know what his deal was, but then we are so back to square one by the end of the episode it’s not even funny. I’m not even going to spoil it, go watch!

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God’s Gift 14 Days – Episode 5 – All Over the Map

God’s Gift 14 Days – Episode 5 – All Over the Map

Did you see episode five of God’s Gift? Talk about here and there…up and down…guilty and not guilty! This episode was all over the map and had so much happening in one hour it was almost overwhelming. Normally, I wouldn’t like so much crammed into one episode, but this really worked.

The primary reason I think the episode was so good was the focus on Dong Chan and Soo Hyun taking charge in finding evidence against #DonkeyFace. The police, as usual in Dramaland, were completely inept and actually let the guy go due to lack of evidence. Are you kidding me? Luckily, Dong Chan is daebak and took care of business. Their efforts led to some heart pounding moments and I’m totally shipping this couple. Their chemistry is on a different level.

Last week the show left us with a cliffhanger and last night’s ending was certainly shocking, but where does that leave us now? I can’t wait to catch episode six and see where things lead.

There are a couple things I can’t wrap my head around. The first is Soo Hyun’s husband. There is something off about this guy and I can’t quite put my finger on it. I don’t trust him. Secondly, what’s the relationship between the killer and Dong Chan and Yong Gyu? There is a connection there and I want to know more. Third, what exactly was #DonkeyFace going to tell Soo Hyun? What’s his story? Every great villain needs their monologue and I want to know what his motives and ambitions are. There’s more to this story, thankfully we still have eleven episodes to flesh it out.

The only thing I didn’t enjoy this time around was Baro. I’m impressed with his acting, kids got skills. So, the question I ask myself is why isn’t he given more to do?

What were your thoughts on the show? I’m so digging this show I can’t wait to go to +Viki . and load this one up!

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God’s Gift : 14 Days – Episode 4

God’s Gift:14 Days

Episode four was a heart pounding thrill ride. This show was so good that I wish I could marathon the entire thing right now. It plays out like a revenge thriller similar to The Man From Nowhere, I Saw the Devil, and No Mercy. It’s excellent and out of the crop of new dramas airing this is my favorite so far.

There’s a few things that make this show a cut above the rest…

1. Strong female lead. Lee Bo Young is back and she’s out for blood. There is nothing I enjoy more in my content then a strong female to rally behind and she has no fear.
2. The storyline. It’s engaging and does its job perfectly with never ending thrills throughout the entire hour.
3. Production. The production on this show is top notch. When we should see flashy, we get it. When we need grit, we get it. Visual effects, check.
4. Supporting cast. Cho Seung Woo, Baro, and child star Kim Yoo Bin are great foils for Lee Bo Young. They make her shine as partner, friend, and mother while making their characters pop out of the screen and into your heart.

The show is running only 16 episodes and I wish it were longer…already. That’s a good sign of a dramas quality. Did you check out the show? What did you think?

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God’s Gift 14 Days – Episode 3

God’s Gift: 14 Days – Is This a Gift?

Episode 3 of God’s Gift was a thrilling blast. It for a nice counter point to the humorous and light hearted Emergency Couple. Here’s the question the show left me with…

If you could go back in recent time and change events that had occurred, would you do so?

The threads of fate were at play with this episode. Miraculously surviving her suicide attempt, Kim Soo Hyun (Lee Bo Young) finds herself reliving all the same events that led up to her daughters kidnapping and seems helpless to stop them. Fate will not be changed…perhaps altered, but we see the same small events take place in various ways. Then she makes a huge mistake and everything changes leaving us with a huge cliffhanger, perhaps not unexpected, but definitely cringe worthy.

If you were in her shoes what would you do? I found myself questioning her actions time and time again. Her actions, while riddled with good intentions have no effect. It seems she’s going to have to work a lil bit harder to turn this clock back and have anything meaningful happen.

God’s Gift: 14 Days is a hell of a show. I’m beginning to think it could be the drama of the spring surpassing 3 Days and Inspiring Generation as the thriller to watch.

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