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Marriage, Not Dating – First Impressions – Episode 1


The rules of breaking up? Episode one of this quirky overly dramatic show deal with the three rules of etiquette. I don’t remember what they are, but what I do remember is how nasty one of the men on the show was to poor sweet Jang Mi (Han Groo). We’ve all been in her/his situation. You’ve given a person a chance and for whatever reason it just doesn’t work or they’re just not into you and then they suddenly stop answering your calls or responding to texts. It’s a crappy thing to go through, but sadly, one we’ve all been through at some point, I’m sure. What I’m not sure about is how fun this premise is to start a new drama. I mean…

Han Groo is a pretty good actress. She’s cute and believable. Her voice isn’t annoying and she doesn’t try to be cute, she just is. She got that cute factor, but when you turn her into a crying, sniveling, stalker who wants to get married for love and can’t face the lack of rejection from her really crappy boyfriend. Eh…I’m not buying it. Half way through the episode I wanted to scream at her, “Girl, he ain’t worth it! He’s not into and he’s a fool…get some self esteem and move on!” Plus, that blonde hair is really not his color. Total deal breaker. Amirite?

I did totally dig the sets. From #DonkeyFace Bad Boyfriends cafe to Gi Tae’s swanky bachelor pad the set design was very very posh. It’s what I expect from a show airing in TvN. I always dig their sets.

The highlight of the show for me was hottie Bo bottle 2AM’s Jin Woon making a cameo in the show and hopefully he’ll be back. After Seu Long blew it in Hotel King the 2AM boys could use a decent outing in the idol turned actor arena. I’m sorry….I won’t mention Hotel King again. Shudders. Oh, I wish I could have that hour of my life back.

Not sure if I’ll tune in next week, but Marriage, Not Dating was definitely very cute and while some of the plot was a bit second year of high school I did enjoy Yeon Woo Jin as Gi Tae and Han Groo’s performances.

Anyone else checking out this new rom com?

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