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Henry – Fantastic Review

Henry Lau’s second mini album, Fantastic was released on iTunes today and I’ve got to say Henry has become one of my favorite Kpop solo artists. Two years running he’s managed to create two mini albums of six songs each of pure audio bliss. Sadly, I can’t say that about any of my long time favorite kpop artists like Tae Yang or Jay Park which puts Henry at the top of a very short list. The only other act in all of Kpop whose been this consistent, for me, is VIXX and this folks may just alter my bias list for a long time coming because Fantastic is just that good.

Compared to his debut album, Trap, his second outing is once again consistent. It sounds and feels like the Henry we know as a solo artist and as a member of Super Junior, but there is a more mature and evolved sound in his sophomore effort. The title track is reminiscent of Trap but is a much more interesting single. His use of the violin adds a quality to the song that just makes me swoon. It’s a haunting track that I think for many people will grow on them the more they hear it. I’ve had the album on repeat all day and unlike most title tracks I’ve come back to Fantastic because it is that, fantastic. When it comes to title tracks from my favorite artists this one is going to go down as a favorite right up there with Jay Park’s Know Your Name and Tae Yang’s Wedding Dress. Like the previously mentioned singles, it won’t be my favorite song from Henry. I think that would still fall to 1-4-3 or Ready 2 Love. Like those two songs the new mini album has a song in a similar vein, but nails the kind of songs I love to blast all summer long…especially on Saturdays.

Saturday is by far my favorite track on the album. It’s a fun, fresh, fierce, and funky pop rock track that will have your shoulders shaking, head bopping, and maybe your booty swerving. It’s uplifting from beginning to end is guaranteed to raise your mood if you’re feeling down. Give it a listen, you won’t be sorry.

Overall, the vibe of the album has many layers with funk and electronic being the most notable which are expertly crafted over a classic pop sound. There is a slight R&B feel to the album overall and these various musical styles combine in a way that speaks to Henry’s (and his producers) genius. Which is exactly what he is…

A fantastic genius.

I picked up the mini album from iTunes and you can too, if you click on this link and support one of the hottest solo artists in Kpop today. (https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/2nd-mini-album-fantastic-ep/id897469808)

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Top Kpop of 2013 – Check out the videos here!

Top Kpop of 2013 – Check out the videos here!

My 2013 Top Kpop

2013 was a great year to be a kpop fan.

So many promotions, so many debuts, and so many feels! This is a post I have not been looking forward to making because the year was just that damn big. I made myself choose not a top 3…no top 10.   One item for each category. O_o

Song of the Year

This is the song that I keep coming back to month after month and never get tired of it. My song of the year is AA’s Because I’m Crazy. You’re probably thinking wait how can that be your favorite song of the year? It came out in 2011.  The debut single may have come out a while back, but I didn’t discover it until it was re-released on this year’s Comeback album.  It’s the song I go back to from AA time and again. I love this one.

Runner up: This Love – ShinHwa

Video of the Year

My favorite video of the year.  I almost can’t choose.  There were so many amazing music videos this year I’ve filled a 32gb sd card with them.  There is one though that I keep coming back to to show off how sexy and visually stimulating Kpop is.  That would be Smoky Girl. Whether I’m on the train or at work this is the video I’m showing off on my Gs4!  From G.O. smelting intro, to the sexy dance and Zion.T produced track.  This one had it all.

Runner up: Tarzan – Wonder Boys

Album of the Year

There is always one album that amazes you with is quality.  For me, the best album of the year is never a mini album and always a full length.  I limit this category to albums I’ve purchased as well.  This eliminates a lot if great singles, but they didn’t have a chance anyway. My favorite album this year was Henry’s Trap.  Every track blew me away and made me a super fan.

Runner up: Grown – 2PM

Artist of the Year

This has always been 2PM for me. When I look at their live performances, length of promotions, and variety work 2PM has been my favorite Kpop act until this year.

This year another six member boy group stole the year with constant promotions, varied concepts, and videos that delighted all year.  My favorite artist this year was undoubtedly the “Marathon Idols” VIXX. These guys just did not stop.

Runner up: G Dragon

There it is.  2013 you were a great year in Kpop!

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