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Fated to Love You – Episode 4


Well, we sure aren’t waisting any time with this show now are we? Episode four is complete and we’ve already had a wedding. Isn’t that something that you usually have to wait till episode 18 or 19 for if it happens at all? I mean, Emergency Couple gave us a wedding in episode 1, but that didn’t exactly turn out too well. One thing that this light speed pacing the show is taking that I can look forward to is some serious shenanigans now that all the tired and true drama tropes are out of the way.

Here’s what I’m hoping happens. Choi Freaking Jin Hyuk’s Daniel falls in love with Mi Young at some point because Jang Hyuk’s Gun goes nuts with paranoia. Jang Hyuk’s acting alone in that should be enough to satisfy any Dramaland fan, but imagine the possibilities. Oh man, the heartache as Daniel discovers he’s fallen in love with his sister. We might get to see The Hyuk cry. -_- whispers: he’s really pretty when he cries…it’s been compared to witnessing a live birth for the first time.. Personally, I hope to never witness such a thing, but I do want to see Daniel lose his control over Mi Young. Dramas just don’t do that kind of thing, bout time!

How cool was Gun when he was running through the hospital to stop Mi Young from having her surgery? That’s the Jang Hyuk I know. Those stunts were awesome and I think I might have woken up my neighbor I was LOL’ing so hard. I think of him as an action guy. Every drama or movie I’ve seen with him has been high octane and full blown testosterone fest so seeing him in a more comedic role is quite refreshing.

Big ups to a whole hour without #DonkeyFace Lawyer Min. Maybe, if were lucky that trash is on his way to another drama as a doctor, or spy…anything will make me happy as long as he’s not on this show again. Speaking of trash, Se Ra is on my No! I Don’t Like List!” I get and applaud that she had to follow her dream, but come on…the whole black swan thing is so over. Plus, she left Gun at the most inappropriate time. Use your words Ahjumma! That makeup though, made my lovely Wang Ji Won look ten years older than she should.

All in all, Fated to Love You is a hilarious and unexpected drama that I can’t wait to watch on Wednesday. Now, I’ve got to get some sleep or else I’m going to be looking like Gun in the final minutes of episode four.

Good night!

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Fated to Love You – Episode 3

Second Lead Syndrome

Ok, so we all know I luuuuuuuuuuubs me some #choijinhyuk something fierce, but I was really not prepared in episode 3 to be suffering from SLS… Second Lead Syndrome. But, I’ve got a bad case of SLS brewing folks and I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Firstly, I already fell in love with Gun and Mi Young. By episode 2 I deemed them OTP status. How can I expect to cheat on my OTP when my love for them is just beginning. I just can’t “stand” it!

Secondly, Choi Jin Hyuk didn’t even really have that much to do in this episode. What does it say that I’m already feeling the effects of SLS this early? What am I going to do when I get around to episode four? What about this weeks episodes? Omo…I am not prepared.

Third, is my obsession with Choi Jin Hyuk just that strong that I can’t help but ship him with whichever lead he’s put up with? The answer to that is easily, yesssshhhh!.

SLS aside episode 3 was a heck of a lot of fun. There were so many awkward moments I was literally dying from laughter. The introduction of Gun’s half brother, Mi Young’s revelation to her mother, and Gun meeting #DonkeyFace Lawyer Min take the cake for fun factor and awkward moments. Gun sure knows how to make people uncomfortable…with his words. Let’s use words, ahjumma.

Speaking of Ahjummas. I adore Wang Ji Won and am so happy to see her playing Se Ra in this show, but unless she is Daniel’s sister I feel she needs to go. I’m down for a love triangle, but it can’t deal with a four way love affair between her, Gun, Daniel, and Mi Young. I’m also hoping that Mi Young will end up being Daniel’s love interest and later discover he’s her…nah, no spoilers tonight. BROTHER. I think this show has the guts to pull something like that off. (I’ve avoided all spoilers and haven’t seen any of the precious versions of the show, but come on, he’s got to be the brother of one of the two…right?)

Loving it.

Check out more screenshots from episode 3 over at my tumblr. Sifuhallyu.tumblr.com


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Fated to Love You – Episode 2

Don’t think of your name as common, but popular and well liked.

Oh man…the shenanigans didn’t take long to get started with this show! Within the first ten minutes we were witness to creeper status level 1000 and then 1,000,000 and thanks be because we got to see Jang Hyuk shirtless and then…almost nekke. Teehee!

Seriously though, besides Jang Hyuk’s glorious 38 year old body on display this episode had lots of fun moments between the leads and after the second episode I don’t care about Choi Jin Hyuk’s Daniel, #DonkeyFace Lawyer Min, or anyone else! Gun + Mi Young = OTP. These two characters have an incredibly interesting dynamic between them. One is a charismatic rich boy (seen it before) and the other a timid, pleasing, pushover of a woman (oh please, this again?), but somehow Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra take these -tired- tried and true kdrama archetypes and breathe fresh life into them.

I said in my First Impressions – Episode One review that I felt like the show feels like Secret Garden and that still feels true after episode two. There were moments that made you want to cry…looking at you Lawyer Min #DonkeyFace and others that had me screaming at my screen. The show’s got quality written all over it and if you need an example because your not seeing it…I offer you…

Jang Hyuk’s hair. Satisfied? Good.

Strangely, I did not miss Choi Jin Hyuk in the episode at all. He had a very small cameo and we can add futbol to his growing lists of talents, but all in all I didn’t miss him and I’m not even worried if his role is minuscule in the show. He’s only getting in the way as Jill Scott may say and I’ve already chosen my OTP and that’s Mi Young and Gun. No room for you Daniel…go find your sister.

Did anyone else notice a drastically and almost disturbing makeup job in Lee Clara? I was not digging that harsh shading in her jawline. It made her look like a plastic queen ten years her senior. No thank you, please give me Clara all natural. >_<

Tomorrow night…episode three! Whose watching?


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Fated to Love – Episode 1 – First Impressions

Fated to Love – Episode 1 – First Impressions

Within the first twenty minutes of Fated to Love I was reminded of one of my favorite dramas ever, Secret Garden.  I doubt the show will have the emotional pull that Secret Garden managed to illicit (in my opinion it’s the greatest love story ever told.) but, there was something fantastic about the first episode. 

The show is full of bright colors and insane situations that had my guts in pain from laughter.  When you watch the show a certain cherry turns up and steals the show.  Aside from the delightful sets the lead female, Mi Young (Jang Na Ra) is outfitted in some really awesome prints that would make Lilly Pullitzer blush.  They did a great job making her look adorable, sweet, and likable.  The glasses she wears, while kind of reminiscent of Harry Potter’s, adds to her innocent face.  She’s super cute and I think many people are going to like this kind hearted character.  I do have to say that I would like to see her character grow a spine and learn to say no to the people who take advantage of her.  Let’s practice…

Ahneeyo…annie…andeyo. 하지, 하지. Mi Young.  Practice that, please.

Aside from Jang Na Ra who stole the show for me the remainder of the cast is killer.  Clara Lee (Emergency Couple), Jang Hyuk (OMG he’s back), Wang Ji Won (I Need Romance 3), and to top things off Choi Freaking Jin Hyuk round out the leading cast.  By the way, that’s Jin Hyuk’s official name from here on out on this blog.  CFJH…FTW!

Jang Hyuk hasn’t been in a drama in quite a while.  Last I saw him he was kicking butt in Iris II and The Flu, but you probably won’t recognize the age defying nearly forty year old actor here.  His hair, wow his hair, is completely different than what I’m used to seeing and may give Lee Min Ho’s Gun Jun Pyo’s perm a run for its money for nonsensical hair style of the century.  It’s kind of amazing.  In other news, I’ve already started growing my hair out so I can jump on this train…sure to be a hot issue.  I’m used to seeing Jang Hyuk in a very macho save the day kind of role, but here he’s caught me completely off guard.  He’s a big scaredy cat, well quoiffed, and way to into himself.  He’s so over the top I couldn’t help laughing at him…in a good way.

Clara Lee and Choi Jin Hyuk each owned just two scenes in the first episode and didn’t share any screen time together, but it was great to see them on screen within the same hour again.  I loved Emergency Couple and hope they get to have a scene or two before this show ends it’s run.  Jin Hyuk, as usual, did not disappoint with his trademarked faces and Clara looked absolutely amazing.  Wait till you peep her outfit in Macau.  Holee meat balls, batman. 

Overall, I’ve got to say I’m digging this show.  I’ve got big hopes for this one as it’s been a long time since a dramas really grabbed my attention.  It’s got all the makings for an extremely fun ride.  Will you be watching?

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