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MBLAQ – Be a Man

MBLAQ – Be a Man

Be a Man is surprisingly smooth and slow for this group. I’m digging the pure vocals from all five members who are featured nicely due to the slower nature of the song. They’re allowed some room to breathe and shine individually which is a nice departure from their usual sound.

I don’t think I’ve head anything from MBLAQ that sounds this light and airy, while not expected it is a pleasant surprise.

The video is all about the boys, who don’t look like boys anymore. Sad to say, but Thunder is all grown up. I like the choice of a monochromatic backdrops. The sets put the focus on the group and nothing but the group. Their static enough the video matches the feeling of the song which is something I’ve always felt JTune Camp was excellent at accomplishing.

I can’t wait to hear the rest of the mini album when it comes up on iTunes.

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MBLAQ – Broken Teaser

MBLAQ – Broken Teaser

MBLAQ’s comeback with their sixth mini album is imminent as yesterday JTune Camp released a reader for Broken.

I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited for the boys comeblaq (love that). The teaser has a somber feeling to it. The boys are sitting together in a circle, a sign of their unity perhaps, looking very forlorn. The teaser has a very different feel to it than their previous efforts. Maybe their Smokey Girl got away after all.

Can’t wait for this one!

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Pro C – Hot Debut

Pro C – New Rap Duo From Jtune Camp

The production company that Rain created and later left to manage MBLAQ has released a new single from rap duo Pro C. Moos and Buffy…yes, those are their stage names. I kinda dig it.

Ok, so the song is another soulful r&b track with some nice flow from the boys, a decent beat and a lovely melody. To cap things off Ailee lends her powerfully rich vocals. Wrap all of this together and you’ve got a pretty nice package for a debut (?) single.

The video is rather dark and I like that. They boys look amazing as is to be expected from JTune Camp. Their polished, outfits sick, and the hair…oh that hair.

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