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Sun Mi – Full Moon Review

For those who don’t know Sun Mi is an original member of the Wonder Girls from JYP Entertainment. She debuted in 2007 and is arguably one of the reasons why the Wonder Girl’s catapulted to success with Tell Me and Nobody in 2008. She’s known for having a certain softness, smooth and caring nature to her demeanor and most importantly her voice. After American promotions ended in 2010 Sun Mi withdrew from the group to peruse educational interests. She remained with JYP and in August made her debut as a solo singer which was the first time most of us had seen her in nearly three years. She’s just made her comeback yesterday, February 16th 2014, with a mini album and released her title track music video Full Moon.

First, the song is spectacular. It has a romantic and smooth feel as most tracks released this year and in December of 2013 do. It’s a sound I quite like and place this song in the ranks of my top singles for the year with B1A4’s lonely, Gain’s Fxxk You, and Gary’s Zotta Molla. This is the first song I can recall from JYP that the man himself did not produce. It’s the first collaboration with Brave Brothers and I can’t be more happy JYP released the reigns to make this song so different than what we are to expect from his company. Sun Mi’s vocals are a huge selling point here. The chorus is haunting and her smooth vocals will draw you in. The only drawback for me was Lena, a JYP trainee whose voice just didn’t resonate with me. Her flow is superb, however, and I don’t mind the rap break, but I certainly would not have minded if it weren’t there at all. The lyrics are, how do I say this, simply…sensual. The song is extremely sensual and romantic with lyrics like…

“There isn’t any need for words now
You and I, our eyes say it all, everything
Don’t say anything, there’s no need for words
Kiss me softly, come to my wet lips”

“Typical words, I Love you
Seem to be special tonight
Why is my heart beating…so fast?
Now’s the time”

There is no question this is a song about love. A love between two people who are walking hand in hand in the rain enjoying the time they spend with each other and only each other. It’s quite lovely, don’t you think?

Ok, now for my favorite aspect of Kpop…the visuals. The music video is loaded with symbolism. The full moon, horse and merry go round, and ghostly figure are have significant meaning. Those who are not students of East Asian culture may completely misinterpret the symbolism of the movie this odd demon girl seen at the beginning of the video to be a ghost, vampire (casket seen towards the end of the video) or any other supernatural being. That all may be true, but I equate these images with an overpowering love. A love that would not end in death or any form of afterlife. This love…it persists. The most important symbolism is the obvious full moon shown throughout the video. If you don’t know the Full moon in East Asia is a symbol of unity and familial harmony. The moon as an icon is a circle that does not end, it’s infinite as is the family in most of Asia. On February 9th or 10th we saw the first full moon of the new Lunar year. To see the first full moon is a symbol of good luck that brings good fortune for the remainder of the year. These two symbols are extremely intelligent in their juxtaposition together as the moon with the lyrics say “tonight we are together, in love.” The ghostly imagery, to me, states “tomorrow, should we not be here, this love will continue on”. When I finally had time to sit down and really examine the music video and match up the visuals with the lyrics I was blown away at the level of maturity and intelligence used to make a darkly vibrant four minutes of video.

This video, obviously got my kpop juices flowing and as I’ve always been a fan of Sun Mi I’m extremely happy to have her back and can’t wait for her debut stage.

9/10, as close to perfect as you can get.

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GOT7 in Star Magazine February 2014

I’m really liking the bright colors and equipment the boys are shown with. This photo shoot shows off their sporty energetic side while staying super cool.

I’m going to head to Japantown this week to see if I can find a copy.

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GOT7 – Girls Girls Girls – Hot Debut?

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Oh my…where to begin.

The Good JB and JR were great. JB styling in the opening and on the stains. JR picks things up right after JB and I like this. They’re the reason I care at all about the group. The rappers flow was excellent and each word was clear. I think I can easily say that was my favorite part of the video seeing future Thai Prince coming out with that baby face and that voice. That voice y’all. The beat was different I liked it, but sounded a little to similar to LC9’s Mama Beat slowed down a bit.

The Bad I did not like the lyrics. They are utterly stupid. Aside from JB and JR we don’t know these guys. It felt a bit pretentious every time the chorus came around. In time…this could have been a decent come back song but not digging it for a debut. JYP knows how to do a debut well too. I’m confused by this one.

The Ugly This video is just not easy to watch. I don’t like their outfits, the dingy dark set. Why are we in a basement…fight club at 10 pm? I was expecting the bright colors and vibrancy of 2PM, Miss A, WG, and JJ Project and got a video that even though is in HD I felt like the resolution is 360p.

I like this song, but I do not like the video one bit. I had high hopes for the group as a whole and I’ll probably follow them, but overall I think JYP dropped the ball with this debut.

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