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Inspiring Generation – Episode 14 – Hero

Inspiring Generation – Heroes

a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities; a person who is greatly admired; he chief male character in a story, play, movie, etc.

To say that Shin Jung Tae proved to everyone in Episode 14 that he is a true here, by definition, is an understatement. This selfless man took on an entire corrupt police force and came out on top. Twenty four men’s faces met his fists for oppressing a people who have no land, no real home to call their own. He put himself in harm’s way once again to stand up for those weaker them himself. This is the Shin Jung Tae we know and love. This is the Shin Jung Tae that made me fall in love with Inspiring Generation. Congrats to this show for having an awesome, action packed, and thrilling week.

Episode 14 was a show that got the ball rolling towards some epic showdowns. Some action oriented, see Shin’ichi…yes he’s back and as always on a one track. I like this character, but seriously Wang Baek San needs to give this guy an epic beat down next week followed by another. My favorite scene was with Hwangbang’s leader and Gaya. These two have such animosity towards each other it’s palpable and their scenes are intense even without any action. Their words are weighted, pointed and lethal. I love it. Speaking of loving things…I will cherish the beatdown that Jung Jae Hwa deserves. He needs to eat dirt and taste the iron in his blood, am I right?

With the show no longer competing with Man From The Stars I hope the ratings begin to rise. The show really is phenomenally produced and this week the beautiful clothing and sets were back. Leader Seul’s costume was a standout for me. The gold, brown, and yellows of his clothing were impeccable and tasteful. The grey scarf gave his look a sense of modernity that balanced the classic Chinese robes he wore. Since were on the topic of impeccable clothing. Did you catch Gaya in that jacket and hat? Wow, if she is not a beautiful woman…I don’t know what is. The 1930’s had such great fashion, its a time whose class we won’t see again any time soon.

I am beyond relieved that this show got back on track this week and delivered the most action packed week since the show started nearly six weeks ago. Did you see this weeks show? I’m curious what everyone out there thought of the show. Let me know if you liked the show as much as I did in the comments down below!

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Hotter Than Spock – Part 11

Hotter Than Spock – It’s Time to Say Goodbye

Hotter Than Spock is a series based around the immensely popular character from Man From the Stars, Do Min Joon. There are eleven posts in the series including this last and final goodbye post (you can read all 11 posts right here http://wp.me/P4kGvx-mV). Here’s to you Do Min Joon

Tonight marks the end of what will likely be known as the greatest drama of all time, Man From the Stars. It is a show featuring two powerhouses in Hallyu, Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun. Last night I said my goodbyes to the characters in the show and had to stop when it was time to address my thoughts on Kim Soo Hyun’s Do Min Joon. Not my thoughts, my feels. Some time was needed to really pull it together and be able to write this post. He is our super man, he is Hotter Than Spock.

Is sorting through your feelings the same as tidying your room? How can you do it so fast?

Do Min Joon,

I don’t think there has ever been a person like you before or ever will be again. You are a hero, a stoic old man, but a man who learns and changed throughout the time we spent together. At first, you were lacking in emotions and this prevented you from bridging the gap between your alien heritage and early experiences on the planet. You had some rough times and for 400 years you’ve been shy, hiding yourself from the outside world letting few in. Then you met Cheon Song Yi, our heroine, for the second time and finally as an adult. She opened your eyes and heart to the possibilities of a better more fulfilling life. You’ve grown and despite being a Professor of Philosophy you were lacking in so many areas. Lacking, you are not, any longer. We’ve learned from you as each week passed by your lectures and far too mature thoughts on the world, love, and living enriched our lives in ways that we can never pay back. I still can’t bring myself to say goodbye so instead I’ll simply say..

Thank you,

You are a remarkable hero.

I miss you so much there’s dust piling up in my heart.

This is why we call him…Hotter Than Spock.

Kim-Soo-Hyun_1390412781_af_org (1)

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Inspiring Generation – Episode 13

Inspring Generation – Back on Track

Last week I wrote quite a bit on Inspiring Generation. One post dealt with three reasons why I was thinking of walking away from the show due to a horribly thought out writer change that shifted the storyline and characters I like completely out of the show. The second post, was after some reflection on how the show could be saved and bring in the aspects of the show I liked. You can read that post here ().

What I wanted, it pretty much all happened. Uhm Tae Goo is back as Do Ggoo and up to his old tricks. May he be devilishly handsome and always a trouble maker. Good to have you back! Shin’ichi, while not completely absent from last weeks debacle of programming made another appearance here that lasted more than ten seconds. We got to see what he’s been up to, for the most part, which is all I really wanted in the first place. His haircut looks rather dapper, don’t you think?

Another thing I asked for, which was handed over in and accepted so willingly was Jung Tae’s search for Chung Ah. We finally got back to the reason why he’s in Shanghai in the first place. This is partially how we get Do Ggoo back, but they used Chung Ah as a means to get Jung Tae back on the warpath. He’s not a character that we need or maybe even want to see romancing his girlfriend. For me, I want to see him working his way up the food chain kicking ass and defending those he cares about. Thats who this character is and thats what I like about him. Tonight they gave us that. So, thank you writers and if you read my post and took my suggestions into consideration. Good, Sifu knows…Sifu Says.

This really was an excellent hour of Inspiring Generation. We got not one, but five different fight scenes and the last should set up tomorrow’s episode nicely. The action was well done and Kim Hyun Jung’s acting has greatly improved. It’s obvious he’s been working hard not just on the action sequences, but also his ability to emote. His pain after being nearly cut in half by Shin’ichi compared to his fight with the no name swordsman was far far more realistic and believable.

The only drawback for me tonight was the use of Gaya. This is such a bad woman. She’s so cool and complicated. The layers of her personality and schemes out weigh her kimonos. By the way, where are her Kimonos. I do not like her in these dresses she’s wearing. Doesn’t look good to the eye and lacks a very special part of her character as princess of Il Gook Hwae. I suspect that she’ll be utilized more effectively as the HwangBang begins to loose it’s grip on Shanghai.

The big news coming out of this show is that next week. Joy oh Joy of Joys…

Song Jae Rim, who portrays the enigmatic Master Mo Il Hwa will be making his return to Inspiring Generation. He’s been the break out star of the show and I can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode…actually, I’m ready for some ‘mo Mo. Get me next Wednesday stat!

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Bride of the Century – Episode 2

Bride of the Century – Episode 2 – The Webs We Weave

Episode 2 of Bride of the Century was heads and toes better than the first episode. It was a joy to watch and the entire cast, save the boring parental figures were engaging and far more interesting than they were the night before. Still the highlight of the show, Yang Jin Sung, is a cute female protagonist with a lot of spunk. Her dual performance is worth checking out these first two and half hours of content. She is a scene stealer and a show stopper.

She portrays two characters who look almost identical, so similar are they that their own families have a hard time telling them apart. Fortunately for us, we do not see both characterss on screen at the same time. I like this small story line twist that allows this to happen because it lets the viewers get acquainted with each role. Room to breath so to speak. The first character you meet Na Doo Rim is a working class and financially strapped young woman who works several jobs. She is not afraid to kick ass when needed as she’s been seen taking her martial arts skills to not one, but three different people during the first two and a half hours. She’ll fight for what she believes is right or when she’s been wronged. I love a strong female lead and Na Doo Rim fits the bill perfectly. The best scene, where she kicks ass involved some rather strong sexual advancement from her “fiance” Choi Kang Choo (Lee Hong Ki). He attempts to force himself on her saying, “if you are to be my fiance don’t you want to see my body?” while he has her pressed against a wall with his forearm across her throat. I called this guy a jerk and he proved that in episode 2. Needless to say, Doo Rim did not take to kindly to his advancements and he ended up with his back against the wall and a proverbial pie in his face. He will not be making that mistake again any time soon.

Bride of the Century is billed as a romantic series with fantasy elements in the way of a light ghost story. If fantasy or ghost stories aren’t your thing, don’t worry, you can make it through the first week without any concerns. You may even forget there is a ghost anywhere in the storyline. She shows up periodically in very unobtrusive ways and helps push the story along in small yet meaningful ways. I kinda dig the ghost. She’s got a lot of attitude and is quite mischievious.

All in all, Episode 2 set the groundwork for the storyline to plow forward like a spider spins a web. We’ve got one female lead playing to characters entangled in a family drama between two powerful entities. This lower class girl has to learn how to behave and be seen by these upper echelon adults which is where most of the hilarity in the show takes place. I was laughing out loud throughout the entire show. It’s a good blend of potential romance, romantic comedy, and fantasy and I feel comfortable calling it a mix of Mi Rae’s Choice and I Hear Your Voice. Not as well made as either, but now showing a lot of potential.

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Emergency couple – Episode 8

Emergency Couple – Epiaode 8 Review

After taking a week off, last week only episode seven aired. The prediction team responsible for Emergency Couple out did themselves. Episode eight was like a whole new show, familiar yet upgraded in some way. Bravo, the show was already very very good and the ratings are, not that they matter much to us International fans, beginning to show. With episode seven the shows ratings peaked at a 5.1% in Seoul and earned a 3.7% nationwide for episode eight. Those are very very strong numbers for a show that airs on cable. The only thing missing was the beyond cute song that would play whenever there was trouble or drama afoot. It added a sense of brevity to very serious scenes. I hope they bring that back.

Ok, so we pick up episode eight where seven left off on the bus so #KimSteamy falling asleep on Jin Hee’s shoulder. How cute was this scene I mean really… Once they return to the hospital Chang Min sees what we all see, a budding interest between #KimSteamy and Oh Jin Hee. Finally, we get a reaction from Chang Min that he likes Jin Hee. In a non superficial way, I mean. He’s done some things for her, previously, but I think that’s because he’s a nice guy pretending to be a jerk. When he sees how close Jin Hee and KimSteamy were he gets jealous, a genuine emotion. This was a good evolution of the character. Are we supposed to care about this couple? In episode eight they started to give us a reason too. Were almost halfway through the drama so…bring it on!

The supporting cast was on point as well. This nurse, fawning over Chang Min was too cute. She doesn’t have a chance at getting him, but I like that they at least gave him a fan. Someone for us to relate to his studly handsomeness. Neither Ah Reum nor Jin Hee have given us concrete reasons to like Chang Min and we do want to like him, right? How can you not like Choi Jin Hyuk!?! Yoon Jong Hoon’s Yong Gyu was precious as always as he fawns over An Reum. This guy needs more to do, he’s doing so much with very little.

The highlight of the show for me was the ending where Chang Min has to literally carry Jin Hee on his back. The symbolism here for their relationship came together for me. He’s a man who does everything he can to support his partner, yet it’s never enough…I wonder if Jin Hee will take notice of how hard Chang Min works and worked for her.

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Bride of the Century – Episode One Review

Bride of the Century is a new drama airing on Chosun TV (a cable network) on Saturday and Sundays starring Lee Hong Ki and Yang Jin Sung. (You can read my preview for the show here http://wp.me/p4kGvx-jh)

We were the happiest couple in the world then…

That quote, is quite likely, to be the theme for this show. I’m calling it now. Lee Hong Ki’s (http://asianwiki.com/Lee_Hong-Ki) character Choi Kang Joo is such an ass. He’s condescending to everyone around him and seems to completely lack any manners at all except when in the company of his family. I do not like this character, not one bit. His counterpart, however, counterparts rather played by Yang Jin Sung (http://asianwiki.com/Yang_Jin-Sung) is a riot. She’s strong and determined and I find her completely respectable. It will be interesting how these two character’s Yang portrays will interact with this pompous Kang Joo.

As far as the acting goes, it was full on camp. Lee Hong Ki played his role well as I had a visceral negative reaction towards him. He’s not playing a happy go lucky Chaebol a la Kim Tan of The Heirs. He’s a ruthless, almost sociopathic jerk. I hope they soften the character a bit, because he was so unlikable I almost stopped watching the show. Yang Jin Sung, appears to be a powerhouse. She’s able to show subtle emotion as one character and then blow up full force and kick some major ass as another. She’s playing two roles in this show, perhaps identical twins.

This show appears to be a melodrama with some fantasy thrown in to add to the drama. The show opens with a rather b-level fright fest 100 years prior to the events that we see in the present day. The story will likely revolve around this event, a curse on Choi Kang Joo’s family…I don’t want to spoil anything, but this ghost/witch/thing shows up at the most comical times in the funniest ways. The k-drama tropes were in full force with this first episode and I’m hoping that this will be the last time we see a company going under, an owner embezzling, a grandmother in the hospital, a mother fainting, and lord help me if there was another I forgot. Get this out of the way now, early, and get on to what I’m interested in…romance, drama, and some scares.

Ok, so there’s the review.

Here’s my brief and honest reaction to the show…

I did not like the first episode in any way with the exception of Yang Jin Sung’s performance. She was quite good and reminded me a lot of Song Yi and Geum Jan Di which are two female lead characters I very much adore. She’s spunky and a fighter which I like. The rest of the cast seems overwrought and lacking in personality. The exception here was Lee Hong Ki who simply rubbed me in all the wrong ways. This could be the character and I’ll learn to love his acting, but from a first glance…Jo Kwon says, “NO! I Don’t Like!”


I’ll be tuning in for the second episode tomorrow, but with two two other dramas airing and two more beginning next week. I’m not sure if this show is going to make the cut for a regular rotation and earn a replacement spot for either I Need Romance 3 or Man From the Stars.

What did you think of the premiere? Let me know in those comments down below!

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Inspiring Generation – Time to Walk Away? Three Signs You Should.

It’s happened to everyone. You’re excited for a new show starring your favorite or new actor. You read every article you can find on the show and watch every previous drama, anime, or music video they’ve ever been in. The show starts and its good, you’re hooked on the solid plot and engaging characters seen on screen. You say things like, “I’m digging it” and “best produced show on television”. Then halfway through the show’s run something tragic happens…

You start to think, “It’s time for me to walk away from this show!”

This is my dilemma right now with Inspiring Generation. I certainly don’t have a problem walking away from a show, I’ve already walked away once this winter with Log Horizon (http://wp.me/p4kGvx-2u). Inspiring Generation, unlike Log Horizon was a show I’ve written most about and spent the most time analyzing. I enjoyed writing about the show and its meaningful content. Each week I’d work on multiple posts dealing with very deep topics like loss, grief, and death. I like this show, but lately…I’ve been thinking, “It’s time for me to walk away.

So, when do you know its time to walk away from a show? Here are the top three reasons to walk away from your show.


The first sign, look to Log Horizon. In that case I was simply bored. I think my exact words were, “BORED TO TEARS”. (fact check: thats correct, I was literally so bored a tear shed from my eye.) That’s never a good thing when you aren’t engaged by the content you consume. It’s like eating a bad cheeseburger. You don’t want it! Now, Log Horizon was a visual masterpiece, its gorgeous. But, if the storyline is more effective then NyQuil at putting you to sleep, be sure, its time to walk away.


The second sign you need to start looking suspiciously at your show is when there is a writer change. A writer is nearly always a long slow painful agonizing hair pulling frustratingly nauseating experience. Yeah, that bad. Right now, I’m going through this with Inspiring Generation. The first 10 hours of the show was fantastic, then Episode 11 and 12 roll into town and everything cool about the show you liked…they’re like no, we’re not doing that anymore. The new writer in this case has a tremendous amount of experience than the previous writer. You’d think that would be an advantage. Oh, no, that would be a wrong assessment here. This new writer didn’t know a thing about the show. They didn’t know a thing about what we fan’s like about the show and has made such sweeping changes that we’ve lost our Hero and Heroine kicking ass along with many other things…like the actors we tune in to watch!


Which is a fantastic segue to the number on reason its time to walk away from a show. Actor’s dropping out or being underutilized. When you’re bias walks out on a show…its time to go. Point blank. Don’t look back. You are done….FOREVER!

But, what happens when the writer, perhaps a new writer, write’s your favorite character out of the show, or the role is simply finished. This is the more difficult because the show could still be good, there could be really good stuff there. That’s not enough. If you fall in love with a character and their run on the show is done it’s high time to consider walking away from your show.

Don’t feel bad about walking away from your show. Ultimately, we watch content to be entertained and to learn. A show does its job when its engaging, consistent, and fun.

Regarding, Inspiring Generation…All three signs are staring me dead in the eye. Episode 11 featured the work of a new writer who simply bored me to tears and I was waiting for it to be over. Episode 12 wasn’t much better because the characters and actors I liked on the show were no longer present. Kim Jae Wook left the show after Episode 8 and Song Jae Rim was said to have completed his run after he saved Jung Tae. Uhm Tae Goo who played the backstabbing maliciously delicious Do Ggoo hasn’t been seen since joining Il Gook Hwae. Shin’ichi, played by Jo Dong Hyeok has been seen for a total of 30 seconds in these two hours of content in Episode 11 and 12. THAT’S NOT COOL! NO! I DON’T LIKE!

Just one more week.

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Inspiring Generation – The 12th Episode – Switching

Inspiring Generation – The Problem with Switching

Episode 11 of Inspiring Generation left me with a bad taste in my mouth for reasons you can read about here https://sifuhallyu.wordpress.com/2014/02/20/inspiring-generation-episode-11/). I did not like last nights episode because of the change in direction of the storyline. The show I had watched in the previous 10 hours just was -not- the same show that I watched on Wednesday and I did not like this switch. I blame it largely on the new writer not being familiar with the content as the previous writer. This isn’t his or her fault, but it is unfortunate. Now, that I’ve seen Episode 12 and was able to digest the two hours of content this week as a single unit I’m still not happy with the shift from Jung Tae’s ever increasingly entangled revenge plot with Gaya and search for his sister Chung Ah to dealing with his daddy issues. It’s a switch in character development I’m not digging.

Kim Hyun Jung was awesome in the 12th episode! My first bias, tends to be awesome regardless, but his portrayal of Jung Tae coming around and dealing with his absent father after his death was heartbreaking. I only wish I cared more about that. Speaking of switching…props must go to Jung Jaw Hwa for outsmarting both Il Gook Hwae and Hwang Bang in getting Bamsantong’s savior back to them. He showed his intelligence, and maybe, just maybe that he’s man enough to replace Chol Jae Sung. It’s obvious Jung Tae doesn’t want the job and somebody is going to have to step up. While, I don’t like the guy at least they gave us a reason to care about him.

I’m curious how many people think Chung Ah and Sung Jae’s search for her will return as a major plot of the show? This is why he is in Shanghai and perhaps the new writer just wanted to give Jung Tae something else to do before he gets back on track. This is possible, but hellishly frustrating as Jung Tae’s sense of direction and determination are his shining characteristics. The man does not stop…

Episode 12 marked the halfway point of the show and I’m still concerned with the direction of the show, but I will give it one more week before writing it off the schedule. I do love Kim Hyun Jung and want to support his work!

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Man From the Stars – The 18th Record

Man From the Stars – Wrapping Things Up

The 18th Record was pretty difficult for me to get through. I like it quite a bit, but it felt like a filler episode, yet wasn’t. I feel like nothing major happened, yet major things happened. I’m super excited to get to Thursday’s episode later and see what the rest of the week will bring. With just three episodes left, we’re in the home stretch and I’m confident that many will remember Man From the Stars as one of their favorite dramas ever.

Min Joon, had another premonition, this time a not so happy or fun premonition as his body began to deteriorate and turn to light. Since he has finally decided to stay on the Earth and be with Song Yi there is a chance that he could fade away as is life essence or Chi is being used up. This, is a rather interesting plot point. It keeps us guessing for the remainder of the show that something could happen we might not like which keeps the suspense going for the final hours. I was expecting the finale to be a “does he stay, or does he go” kind of episode so, I’m still amazed at how the writers are keeping a 20+ hour long show fresh and fun each week. Visually this scene was spectacular. Min Joon looked genuinely frightened, having fallen on the ground as his body turns to white light from his extremities first. This was a perfect analogy for the show. We hands and feet deep into the end of the show. Now is the time to realize its almost over.

that was the most horrifying sentence I’ve ever written.

The highlight for many of the show was a scene with Yoon Jae and Min Joon. Always the horrible drunk, Min Joon has one sip too many of the Soju and reveals himself to Yoon Jae. Hilariously, Min Joon shoves the kid into a telephone booth and teleports them back to his apartment. Yoon Jae is amazed the next morning asks for an E.T. phone home finger connection. Too Funny.

For me the writers did a great job in pushing along the Kyung brother storyline. Hee Kyung, ever the White Knight, tries one final time to get his brother to admit his faults and do whats right. Like that is going to happen?!? This forces a family showdown and in classic K-drama fashion somebodies parents finally has a meltdown. The Lee parents stand beside Jae Kyung, likely unknowingly supporting a sociopathic homicidal maniac, and cast the perfect Hee Kyung out of the family home. He’ll be back though, he’s finally got the evidence he’s needed to put Jae Kyung away thanks to an all too tear inducing flashback with someone very near and dear to Jae Kyung’s heart. Park Hae Jin won the best crying scene of the week in the 18th Record, for sure.

Didn’t you want to give him a hug?

I’m not ready to say goodbye to this show. I don’t think I ever will be. Man From the Stars has been such a good show I can’t stand that it won’t be on my screen come March. I’m in denial, Kdrama denial has hit me hard with this one. Are you too, reblog, reshare, or comment down below if you’re in major denial too!

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New Drama Alert! – Bride of the Century, God’s Gift: 14 Days, and 3 Days

Three new dramas will be premiering soon, as in this Saturday February 22nd! Winter favorites Man From the Stars and I Need Romance 3 will be ending in two weeks time so…let’s take a look at a few of the dramas coming up!

First, is Bride of the Century which will air on CSTV for 20 Episodes starting this weekend and will run till April 27th, 2014. Dramafever.com has secured the rights to air the show to us international fans and they are right now setting up notifications for when the show becomes available.

For me, the interest in this show is two fold. One, it stars FT Island’s actor-singer Lee Hong Ki and this will be the first drama I’ll have the chance to see him in. Secondly, this will also be my first melodrama, that I know of, and has some fantasy elements in it to drive the plot line along. The story is about a wealthy chaebol, Lee Hong Ki, whose the first son of the Tae Yang (great name) Conglomerate and his family has been under a curse for 100 years which is said to kill the first born son when he marries. The curse began when the bride of the first son, at the time, died on their wedding day. Shenanigans ensue and as this handsome chaebol is set to get married everyone around him rushes to get their plans underway.

The plot sounds interesting enough and I’ll be checking in for the first episode, at least, when it becomes available on Sunday.

Check out Dramafever’s trailer here:

On March 3rd the stunningly beautiful Lee Bo Young (I Hear Your Voice) makes her return to Dramaland in God’s Gift: 14 Days. This is the upcoming drama I’m most interested in as Lee Bo Young made a huge impact on me in I Hear Your Voice with her charm and strength of character. Originally Beast’s Lee Ki Kwang was supposed to be her counterpart and lead male costar but, due to his boy band activities had to drop out leaving the door for Icon’s Noh Min Woo to return to Dramaland! I’m excited to see Min Woo again. I haven’t seen him since he was on Midas and that was years ago.

The show is a mystery thriller with some science fiction elements. People, we just entered into the realm where I freak out. Korean drama, check. Two favorite Korean actors, check. Mystery, check. Time travel, check.

I’m digging it.

The plot line involves Bo Young portraying a mourning mother who suddenly finds herself able to teleport through time, up to two weeks in the past, where she will search for her daughter’s killer. This reminds me a lot of last Fall’s Mirae’s Choice and somewhat like Two Weeks. This one sounds like a heart pounding emotional ride. I’ve already ordered a extra box of Kleenex from Amazon to arrive that day.

God’s Gift: 14 Days airs on Monday and Tuesday and will be my replacement for I Need Romance 3, which has become my favorite Winter Drama. Big shoes to fill.

Check out the 33 second, chilling, teaser here:

Filling very big shoes seems to be a theme for these new upcoming dramas as Soo Yi Hyun (Who Are You) and Mickey Yoo Chun will be staring in 3 Days which replaces this Winter’s top Drama Man From the Stars for a 16 episode run starting March 5th, 2014. This also, is a thriller mystery starring yet another pop music icon from DBSK5’s JYJ (Yes, I still hold hope for a five member reunion). It’ll be interesting which drama does best in their time slot, while none will be competing against each other I’m interested to see which star is the bigger draw. My guess is Yoo Chun will be as he’s made a lot of inroads into becoming an actor over the last few years.

3 Days is a about a secret service agent, Yoo Chun, who has to hunt down the President whose gone missing after going on vacation and three gun shots sound off.

March is looking to be a huge month in Dramaland as Man From the Stars and I Need Romance 3 end their runs. Can these new dramas fill their shoes and join the ranks of other weekly shows wer’e watching like Inspiring Generation and Emergency Couple? I know I’m not looking to get into five currently airing dramas, but if they are -that- good I just might have to. Which new shows are you most interested in and are any of you thinking of picking up Inspiring Generaiton or Emergency Couple if you hadn’t been following them previously?

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