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Gap Dong – Episode 2 – Lee Joon Stuns


MBLAQ’s Lee Joon has taken some rather risky and evocative roles lately. The first acting of his I experienced was in Ninja Assasin (2009) where he had a brief cameo, but one my heart and became my MBLAQ bias…forever. Then there was IRIS 2 which was overall a major letdown, but I do remember fondly his scenes as a super spy. To end 2013 he stared in and to my knowledge aced his first leading role in Rough Play. Now, in 2014 he’s come back as a creepy psychopath in Gap Dong. I can see a complete evolution in his acting roles which has led him here and next to Rough Play this may be his best acting to date

Ok, so I was expecting Gap Dong to be a murder mystery with some thriller elements thrown in for effect. I did not expect it to play out like some of the grittiest Korean revenge thrillers and be on par with say God’s Gift 14 Days in the thrills department. Now, I don’t think it’s even remotely similar to that show except that both deal with serial killers, Gap Dong has it’s own thing going on and for me, Lee Joon steals the show. Sure, I love seeing Oska play a complicated role that features a multifaceted and troubling character. He’s going to be great, but Lee Joon is so creepy that his beautiful smile gives me the chills. The look in his eye when he finds his mark and the admiration he shows to the original Gap Dong is insane. I’m wondering if he is a psychopath, a sociopath, or something else entirely…

Now, as far as I know Tae Oh, that’s his character, hasn’t killed anyone. He’s stalked a few people and probably creeped the hell out of one poor girl, but we haven’t see him kill anyone. I don’t know why that intrigues me, but the way episode two ends left me wanting to know what the hell happened off screen and why Tae Oh does what he does with his motorcycle helmet. He knows more than he’s letting on about Oska.

Anyone out there watching Lee Joon in Gap Dong and loving him?

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