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KDrama Supporting Cast – They Make or Break a Show

After watching Inspiring Generation this week I realized that every show I’ve ever really really liked. Those that are in my top ten, maybe even top five of all time have great leads, but also an amazing supporting cast that makes the show what it is. For many of these actors these roles, in these show, make them stars and leads in their own follow up shows. So, let’s get down to it and list the top five supporting casts.

The first drama I can remember with an all star supporting cast was my favorite drama of all time for six whole years, up until Man From the Stars obliterated my bias list and my feels. My, now second, favorite drama of all time is Iris and two of its supporting casts blew away audiences for their killer performances. Iris had a great cast all around, but Kim So Yeon and Choi Seung Hyun (T.O.P.), became breakout household names in the acting world for their work as North Korean spy Kim Seon Hwa and lethal assassin Vick. Iris is the show that established Kim So Yeon as my favorite kdrama actres and T.O.P. as a action star. If you haven’t seen Iris it’s one not to miss, one of the most thrilling Korean dramas ever made and set the standard for high quality high budget dramas.



Number two on my list of best supporting casts is Boys Over Flowers. This is the show I suggest every new kdrama fan watch first. It’s a beast of a show and if you can get through it and like it everything that comes after will be a cake walk. Those who love the show…they’re hooked! This shows supporting cast was flawless. Out of any Korean drama I’ve seen Lee Min Jung was the closest I’ve ever seen to actually stealing the male lead from the female lead. How many of us actually wanted Gun Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho) to end up with her character? I did. I’ll be honest. I thought she was a better match and a way funner character than Jan Di. Lee Min Jung is now a leading actress staring in her very own drama, Single Cunning Lady which is a heck of a lot of fun.


Wait, whom I kidding…

We all know what made Boys Over a Flowers so awesome, the boys. Can you imagine any other actors playing the F4 flower boys besides Kim Joon, Kim Bum, and of course Kim Hyun Jung? Anyone? Anyone…I didn’t think so. These three along with Lee Min Ho set the benchmark for lovable bitchy rich boys and any chaebol that’s followed takes their lead from one of these four. This is also the show that turned Kim Hyun Jung from one of the hottest idols in the world to a legitimate actor. When Boys Over Flowers started Kim Hyun Jung was just another idol turned actor and his role as Ji Hoo earned him millions of new fans around the world due to his handsome face and adorable portrayal of Ji Hoo.




The third best supporting cast which made the their show so so good was Shin Sung Rok and Park Hae Jin in the best drama of all time, The Man From the Stars. These two actors lit up the screen in each and every scene that they were in. Park Hae Jin was so lovable and endearing as Lee Hui Kyung he’s now, after many years, a household name in Korea. The charming and gorgeous actor won our hearts over with this role and is now a hot issue as his next drama Doctor Stranger is one of this years most anticipated dramas. His next role airs sometime in April and I for one can not wait to see him back on my screen. Park Hae Jin’s on screen brother, Shin Sung Rok, won over many viewers with his devilishly good looks and scarily psychotic portrayal of Lee Jae Kyung. Week after week we tuned into the show to see just what evil schemes he’d come up with and the inevitable encounter where Do Min Joon throws him off a cliff, or a building, or into space…we really didn’t care. Shin Sung Rok was that good, we just wanted him gone.
Shin_Sung_Rok10 (1)

The drama taking the number two spot is 2013’s Fall favorite The Heirs. You knew this was going to be on the list, right? How could it not. This was one of the most anticipated, viewed, and highest rated dramas last year that had an all around awesome cast that established several of the actors as major forces in the acting business. The first to make an impression is another idol turned actor, F(x)’s Krystal Jung, who won us over with her at first cold and snotty, but later warm and fuzzy portrayal of Lee Bo Na. Let’s get real, she had us at “Exscccuuuse Me?” 20140315-154501.jpg
Two other standouts were Choi Jin Hyuk and Kim Woo Bin. This was the second of Choi Jin Hyuk’s major shows in 2013. The first being Gu Family Book which got his name out there, but it was The Heirs and his role as Kim Won that made fan boys and girls go gaga over his perfectly handsome face and that voice…that voice. Choi Jin Hyuk followed up his supporting role in The Heirs with his own leading role in Emergency Couple which is currently airing and doing extremely well on TvN breaking the 5% barrier in the cable ratings.


Kim Woo Bin made headlines with his portrayal as #DonkeyFace #WhiteKnight Young Do in The Heirs. It was the role that established him as a household name and the perfect bad boy we all love to hate. He was so deliciously, yes deliciously, good at being bad he’ll own the bad boy image for years to come. The model turned actor made this show what it is for his bromance with Lee Min Ho’s Kim Tan and their love triangle with Park Shin Hye. To deny him his turn in the light is just wrong…just wrong.

Which leaves us with the best, the number one supporting cast in a Korean Drama…

My number one pick for the top supporting cast is the currently airing drama Inspiring Generation. This show has had so many ups and downs in emotions, storyline changes, and actor changes that it’s been a literal roller coaster. One thing that has remained constant is that the immense cast has been consistently good from day one. There are of course a few standouts. Yoon Hyun Min as Aoki has been brilliant. I haven’t quite labeled him #DonkeyFace Aoki, yet, but he’s damn near close to being this seasons number 1 #DonkeyFace with his constant schemes and attempts to murder our hero Shin Jung Tae. He came in early with a great fight sequence against Aoki that left both a bloody mess. Since then he’s managed to capture Shineuijoo and is well on his way to taking over not only Shanghai but also Il Gook Hwae itself…here’s hoping anyway. One of the actors I’ve been most surprised with in the show is Uhm Tae Goo’s portrayal of Do Ggoo. He’s a scheming, sneaky, wretch whose got no backbone, but has always been in the thick of drama. There is a cooky lethalness to the character that only Uhm Tae Goo could adequately show with his outrageous facial expressions and huge eyes. They are huge right?

These next two players have had the most impact on the show after our lead, Kim Hyun Jung, and could arguably not be considered supporting casts at all, but second male leads. Both Kim Sung Ho and Song Jae Rim have made Inspiring Generation a better show each and every week. Kim Sung Ho is the actor I hope gets the most press from the show. He’s excellent as Jung Jae Hwa and this is the first role I’ve seen where he gets so much screen time. He’s an excellent actor and his work on The Tower and Secret Garden had me cracking up. The first time I had seen Kim Sung Ho, however, was in one of my favorite Korean Movies, 2010’s best film…The Man From Nowhere. Kim Sung Ho played a hideously psychotic and strikingly beautiful (Yes…the dude was pretty, real pretty) gangster who gave me the chills and thrills throughout the movie. Since his character has been introduced I’ve become more interested in his character and admiring him for his intelligence and care for the Korean refugees that live in Shanghai’s Bangsantong.

Last, we come to the man of the season. A man who many would say saved his show, replacing a departing second male lead and making waves all over Dramaland with his portrayal as Master Mo Il Hwa. Of course, I’m talking about Song Jae Rim. Like Kim Woo Bin, Song Jae Rim is a model turned actor and is the breakout star of his show. After being written off the show after episode eight or nine fans of the show cried out in dismay. How could this amazing character played by a hot actor many had seen, but couldn’t place his face to be written out of the show with such a small role. I even wrote a two part post on Song Jae Rim’s departure as being the number one reason to stop watching the show after Inspiring Generation went through a writer switch at episode ten. The hope if his return was also the number one reason to continue watching the show and all of us Master Mo fans out their got our wish as he’s been the most exciting part of the show since his arrival. Has Song Jae Rim won you over? I’m solidly in his camp and can’t get enough Mo…I need mo’ Mo!

What are some of your favorite supporting casts? Is there a show I should check out whose supporting cast was so good it made the show for you? Let me know in those comment boxes down below!

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I Need Romance 3 – Episode 16 – The Kisses

You said that you love me
you said that you want me
your eyes, touching my heart
sweet oh na na na na naaaaa
love in the air, love in my dreams
love in your eyes, la la la laaaaa

I Need Romance 3 has been undoubtedly been my favorite drama of the winter. If you have not watched this show, you must. To say that it is easy to watch, super sweet, and will make your heart melt is an understatement. It will do all that and more. I’m so sad to see it go and for once we got a satisfying ending that wrapped all storylines with a good feeling. How often does a drama end and you don’t wish for more? One in ten, twenty? Never happened? Right!

This drama stars my favorite actress, Kim So Yeon, and for me a newcomer in Sung Joon. The chemistry between this older noona and the man whose like her little brother…the man who becomes her perfect man is palpable. They ooze charisma together and their love for each other radiates outwards from the screen and into your heart. You will love this couple. Sweet Potato and Shing Shing…live happy be happy. I’ll miss you.

You always kinda shy
you never let me down
I swear I’ll be with you
Oh Dear, na na na naaaa
love in my head, love in my soul
love with my heart, la la la laaaaaa

I’ve talked about this show before showing many different facets of dating and its maturity. This is what I love about this show. In the finale so many random topics came up like bondage, doing it with the lights on, porn, doing it with the lights off, pregnancy, and break ups…seriously. Was I watching Sex and the City? It sure felt like I was and that’s the biggest compliment I can give this show. SATC is my favorite t.v. show ever…next to Star Trek. Oh…the kisses…the kisses.

I Need Romance 3 had the most realistic kisses of any drama I’ve ever seen. From Joo Yeon and Tae Yoon, Woo Young and Jung Hee, Joo Yeon and Joo Wan to Tae Yoon and Se Ryung these kisses had passion. You could feel it. There was intent here and this show hands down wins the award for best kiss scene several times over. I can’t pick one as -the- best, but I think it has to go to Tae Yoon and Se Ryung. That kiss was just too much.

I’m sad to see this show go, but it was fantastic for about sixteen beautiful hours and introduced me to the perfect man in Sung Joon. How this jewel made it past me for all these years is beyond me. He’s not only great to look at and visually striking (dudes 6’2/186cm) he’s not a bad actor either. He’s right up there with Park Hae Jin as an actor to watch for. I’ll be checking out some of his previous work…if there is ever a drama lull. All that said, I’m glad this one is over. It ended well, so well. Perfectly. Time to make way for spring and all the new dramas. Big shoes to fill with this one…its going to be a long time before a romantic drama can top this one!

Did you check out I Need Romance 3? What did you think…let me know in those comments down below!

Love never disappears…

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I Need Romance 3 – Episode 15 – I Love You

Episode 15 was the episode I’ve been waiting six weeks for…to hear Joo Yeon say, “Sweet Potato, I love you.” She finally said it and made her way to Joo Wan’s arms after a week of being shunned the reward was worth the trouble.

Then we go to hear this…

I like to have sex when it rains.


I like to do it when its snowing.

Thank you dramaland gods, you finally have given us a mature and sweet drama that deals with big kid/adult issues. It’s appreciated.

Dating isn’t easy. I can’t stand dating and that’s why I’m happily single. This show is a great reminder at how difficult and exciting dating can be if you’re willing to go through the trouble. It’s a great reminder and this has been an enjoyable ride.

I especially liked how Jung Hee and Woo Young came together, in the end, and seem like a perfect match for each other. This couple had me cracking up for the entire show, I totally ship them. Park Yoo Hwan’s acting has really impressed me. He’s got a nice voice and relatable face. I hope to see him in many more dramas as the years roll by.

Episode 15 set us up for a happy ending on multiple fronts and I really hope we get it for all couples, especially Oh Se Ryung and Tae Yoon. I’ve always likes this couple and really want to see them reconcile. For me, they’re the couple that needs the most romance. Just a little bit of romance, it’s not that much to ask for.

As I write this it’s Monday night and I can’t wait to see what sweet situations and fun this cast will have during the finale tomorrow. Happy endings all around, please writers…please?

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Man From the Stars – Episode 20

Man From the Stars – The Penultimate Ultimate 20th Episode

This Episode was so good. So so good. The best hour of Man From the Stars there ever was. I could watch this episode 100 times and not get tired of it. If you haven’t watched this episode yet, stop reading this, and go watch…then come back so you can cry with me.

An hour and a half after watching this episode I’m still tearing up. Not because the ending is sad, but because it was just that damn beautiful and well told. A drama hasn’t had that effect on me since Secret Garden’s final hours and Iris’ heart wrenching ending. This isn’t a single scene nor hours of content. This is one hour, three minutes, and twenty four seconds of perfect story telling.

Every scene in this episode was meaningful. There was no filler and the episode progressed from small fries like Jae Kyung to bigger things like Hee Kyung. Our lead couple was interspersed throughout leading to one emotionally powerful scene after the other. I was honestly cool with the emotional side of the show, I really liked the way they did it, but when that bonus scene at the end came on…I lost my proverbial daebak manlyness. I was in tears. That one thirty second bonus scene really brought home just how much has happened in this show and how much I love these two characters. Song Yi and Min Joon. Now, my most beloved couple in Dramaland. Hands down.

I tend not to have a lot to say about a drama during its finale, so I’ll take this time to say my goodbyes to this amazing show.

It’s not the greatest love story ever told. That honor still lies with Secret Garden for me. It’s not the most unique drama I’ve ever seen. Man From the Stars, however, is the greatest drama ever made. It’s the most consistently well written and produced drama I’ve ever seen. Not once, did the show go off the rails (Episode 13…we forget about you because you gave us Jae Kyung falling off a building). Not once, did this show fail to deliver excellent visuals, fashion, and acting that was out of this world. Jeon Ji Hyun, you deserve a best actress award. You were everything. Our heroine, comedy relief, and emotional rock. You’re so crazy…I couldn’t stop watching, not even for a minute. Lee Hee Kyung, you may not get the girl, but you won our hearts. Not everyone (yes I’m pointing at you and you and you) saw the beauty that was in your heart or the handsome man that you are in the beginning like I did, but you were an amazing second lead. Park Hae Jin…you did good with this role. You have a new super fan and I can’t wait to see you in Doctor Stranger. Shin Sung Rok, you were the creepiest hottest hyung on television this winter. Simply put, you were one half of the hottest brothers on television week after week. Can’t wait to see your next project. Next time, lets go for the lead.

Do Min Joon,

I can’t.

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I Need Romance 3 – Episode 14 Review

You use to be someone who was not here…my body hurts…my heart hurts.
-Joo Yeon

Warning: Episode 14 will try to rip out your heart, make your feels cry and make your feels tears shed tears. It is very very good. Kleenex level set to mandatory.

Kim So Yeon owned this episode. From beginning to end she made us cry, laugh, and for me personally I fell in love with her all over again just up like I did when I first saw her in Iris many years ago.

Shing Shing has finally realized that she’s in love with Joo Wan. Not just Joo Wan, but what he’s done for her. He’s her companion, her friend, her confidant, and someone who loves her up unconditionally. Her flashbacks to all of his attempts to break down her cold heart and watching her melt, did it give you chills? I got chills.

Her hallucinations were so sad, she wants Joo Wan to be there yet, realized it too late. Then, it rains.

I thought it would be nice if it didn’t stop raining.
– Joo Yeon

I had the same thought as Sweet Potato and Shing Shing stood under the gazebo. I wish they could stay this way forever. This wasn’t a hallucination. Joo Wan was having them too, but he obviously was handling them better than she was. This scene was one of the most beautiful in the entire show. The rain was a perfect touch as it symbolizes both rebirth and cleansing. A good omen in East Asia as heavy rain is needed before the rice harvest. On the other hand, given the heavy emotions these two were experiencing it can also represent the tears they dared not show each other. I hope next week as this awesome show comes to an end these two come back together cleansed and renewed after the rain washes their feelings away.

Check out the rest of the screen shots I took here : http://sifuhallyu.tumblr.com/post/77885015296/i-need-romance-3-episode-14-this-scene-it-was

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I Need Romance 3 – The 13th Episode – Kiss Kiss Kiss

I Need Romance 3 – Episode 13 – Kiss Kiss Kiss

I strongly suggest listening to Jo Jung Hee’s Now and Forever from the I Need Romance 3 OST

The man I kissed before. The one I embrace often and sometimes sleep with also.
The one who said I love you every time our eyes meet…is Wan.

– Joo Yeon

Episode 13 was a busy episode with a lot of story lines advancing nicely and rapidly. I especially liked how Joo Yeon and Se Ryung rapped up their power struggle over the business. Neither is likely to succeed without the other and with the help of Min Jung, a more mature HooBae Noona, (did you crack up when she said that?!? I sure did!) they seemed to have settled their grievances, for the moment. Se Ryung continues to slay me week after week. This actress, Wang Ji Won, has really impressed me with her run on I Need Romance 3 playing a grudge holding, hard hitting, boss female. Interestingly, she embodies all of the qualities I ascribe to Scorpios and she herself is one. This character probably isn’t too far off to her own personality.

Enough of my love for Oh Se Ryung…this episode is all about the kiss.

The show was chalk full of kisses, mostly involving Joo Yeon as she was a very busy woman on Monday evening sharing a kiss with both Tae Yoon and my lovely, Sweet Potato Joo! Joo Yeon is realizing that she loves Joo Wan slowly but surely. Somewhere along the line she forgot that she was into Allen Joo and stopped seeing him as a man. After her kiss with Joo Wan on Monday I can’t see any other way for her to see him. He did everything perfectly and I’m proud of him for kissing her and walking away the way he did. A wise woman once said, “aint no body got time for that!” and in Joo Wan’s case he indeed does not have time for that. I wonder if Joo Yeon will realize that she is happier with Joo Wan in her life. She searches for him when she gets home, sleeps comfortably when he’s by her side, and her heart has stopped aching since he’s returned to Korea. They are meant to be.

The best kiss award for the week goes to the adorable couple of Hee Jae and Woo Young. He finally did it and kissed his colleague and apple of his eye. These two are too cute together and I hope they over come their relationship fears and just get together already. Seriously, is Yoo Hwan not making your drama feels go crazy with his caring demeanor. When he said, “No, Hee Jae. Let me do it, you could get hurt.” after she broke her mug. Is he a sweetheart or is he a sweetheart?

The loser for me in this episode was Tae Yoon. I still like the guy enough, he’s not a bad guy, but he is simply outclassed by Joo Wan in every way. Even with his now equal position within the company, he still doesn’t see Joo Yeon as an equal of his. This is something throughout the entire show that has rubbed me the wrong way. I don’t think Tae Yoon is a bad guy, but I can’t sign up for a coupling where one has more power of the other and they don’t use it to help and cherish their loved one.

I really enjoyed this episode. What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments down below!

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I Need Romance 3 – Getting in the Way, Episode 12

I Need Romance 3 – Getting in the Way, Episode 12

Your getting in the way…of what I’m…feeling.

– Jill Scott

That’s what Episode 12 felt. There was a lot of shenanigans taking place and games being played.

1. Joo Wan was doing his best to make Shing Shing notice him.
2. Tae Yoon is stepping up his game. I kinda like him again.
3. Se Ryung is up to her old tricks, but this time I’m not sure they’ll work.

Is was a total fan service episode. We get to see into Sweet Potato’s mind and what gifts he’d like from Joo Yeon, we see hem cuddling in end, and then finally Tae Yoon sees what we all see. That Sweet Potato and Shing Shing should be together.

I really liked the episode, it was cute and a great way to lead into the final four episodes.

For a full recap of episode 11 and 12 check out TheDramaNoona’s post here:

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I Need Romance 3 – Episode 11

I Need Romance 3 – Episode 11
I highly suggest listening to Super Junior’s It’s You while reading this.  It’s perfect.

I don’t need anyone else, it’s only you to me
even if you ask again, it’s only you to me
even if you already have someone else
I can’t forget, I can’t forget

If Episode 11 didn’t make you angry as all get out I have to ask, “you human?”  This was one of the most frustratingly fun episodes of a kdrama I can remember.  It’s a testament to the writers ability to make us love certain characters for their genuine character and dislike those because they make such great foils to others.

I specifically love he way they confronted Joo Wan with Tae Yoon at the house.  The mix of first kiss jitters and gift giving and their animosity towards each other was palpable.  I loved this scene.  Sadly, I don’t care anymore that they’re fighting over Joo Yeon.  She’s been written as weak since discovering her heart and I don’t like that, not one bit.  Why does she have to be weak?  Is it because she has emotions now…are they saying having emotions make you weak?  Perhaps it’s because she’s female.  No, don’t like that either.  We started this show with a strong woman and now were ending the show with a shell of her former self.  

To tell the truth…Tae Yoon wants to start dating.

Did this break your heart hearing Joo Yeon say this?  I wanted to scream!  I might have actually.  

Right when my glare was sharp
Right when I was nailing a nail deep inside my heart
I chose you without any regrets
Yes , its you

I’m loving each of the sub couples.  The shows done a marvelous job at representing dating hell in all it’s stages and I hope we get to see them all come together and deal with life’s problems together.  Babies, infidelity, and of course the first kiss.

Oh the first kiss, we for one of those on Monday and man…was it awkward.  Two or three weeks ago I said Oh Se Ryung and Tae Yoon had the best kdrama kiss of the year and in Episode 11 we saw the worst with the same man and Joo Yeon.  Now, Tae Yoon can kiss though…amirite?  

In the end, we see Joo Wan no longer a sweet potato.  I did not like that he was forceful with Joo Yeon at all.  The fact that she said, “your hurting me” really bothered me.  She wasn’t talking about her heart, that was physical pain.  

I’ll be watching Episode 12 later today, can’t wait to see where they go from here.

Its you, its you, only you
It’s you, its you, only you
You’re the only on for me, its you
Its you, Its you

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I Need Romance 3 – Episode 10

Without flowers, without a ring, without saying I love you.

I was able to say that because I have faith and the love that you taught me when you were thirteen.

– Joo Wan

Love is a battlefield?  A battlefield?

I can’t agree…because Episode 10 has turned my feels into a war zone.  Not a battlefield, but a freaking war zone.

I’m super sad for #sweetpotatojoo.  Joo Wan is such a nice guy and so easy on the eyes.  He’s an ideal kind of guy for a lot of people.  I hope when this show ends in three weeks, yes there are only six more episodes left (it ends with Man from the Stars), this character will have a happy ending to his story.  I feel that way for him and Oh Se Ryung as well.

She’s the strongest and most honest character in the show.  Sure, Joo Wan hasn’t a flaw in his being, but she does and she owns up to those shortcomings.  Seeing her chase down Tae Yoon to be brutally rebuffed was heart renching.  She is going to bring him down and I’ll be glad to see it happen.

Tae Yoon, just doesn’t have -it- for me.  He’s over shadowed by Joo Wan and I’d really like to see him with Se Ryung.  I’ll tell you one thing.  This man does need some romance because that proposal at the end of the show.  I have one thing to say…shaking my head.

Then there is Joo Yeon who was the Bruce Willis Vad Damm Terminator on the Battlefield.  On one hand she’s killing me because she’s walking away from Sweet Potato.  The other, surprisingly I’m excited for he because she is following her heart.  I’m proud of her for playing the field, but upset she didnt consider the man buying her flowers and making her food at home.

How did last nights post go?

We are strong
Heartache to heartache we stand
No promises
No demands
Love is a battlefield


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Sweet Potato Needs Romance – Part Five


We are strong
No one can tell us we’re wrong
Searching our hearts for so long
Both of us knowing
Love is a battlefield

– Pat Benatar

#SweetPotatoJoo just can’t catch a break.  He encourages Joo Yeon to follow the path her heart leads her down even if that path may take her to another person.  He chastises her for playing games with her and others hearts because he knows it’s better to be honest.  He cooks multiple meals a day for her…

You know what, he really needs to get a hobby.  He spends way too much time casting his attention on Joo Yeon and doesn’t do anything for himself.  He was a much stronger character when he was introducing Allen Joo to Joo Yeon.  He went for super aggressive to exceptionally passive in his affections for Joo Yeon.  Where is the hottie who said, “See me as a man” on the beach?

Yeah, ok.  Love is a battlefield, but…

Sweet Potato needs romance too!

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