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Way Back Wednesdays – The Moon Embracing the Sun – Episode 5


Spoilers very very possible.

See that guy up there in the picture? The one with the distraught, teary eyed face? That might look like our sweet prince, but no…that was me! Same damn face after watching episode five.

I was really not expecting this episode. It kind of came out of left field to me from a storyline perspective. First, we get introduced to the awesome child actors who are totally nailing it and setting up their roles for the somewhat more adult actors who will be leading the way in later episodes. We get two incredible female actresses, the Moons, who are two very different sides of a coin. They make for great foils for each other and they “love” the same boy-man. That’s a rather nice conflict in and of itself and was interested in seeing more of that, but what did I get? Swerved! Swerved hard.

Yeon Woo is a young noble lady whose got the goods to be an amazing Joseon Queen. She’s caring and sensitive…she’s freaking awesome and that’s why the entire royal family loves her except for that creepy nasty Queen Dowager. Folks, I need this former Queen to die and die painfully. Why? She has the leading shaman cast a spell that essentially turns poor Yeon Woo into a vegetable and causes her constant pain. This in turn forces her out of the castle and separates her from her betrothed, perhaps for good. I’ve seen some pretty crappy former Queen’s in my time, here’s looking at you Cersei, but this wench takes it to another level. I had a visceral dislike for her and on that note what’s up with the Shaman. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this the Shaman who pledged to protect the “moon who will embrace the sun?” at the very beginning of the show? I was not happy to see Yeon Woo die and I’m wondering now just where the hell does the show go? Unless I’m about to be swerved again in episode six I think I just saw our female lead get killed off. 0_o

There isn’t really much that strikes my mind about episode five. There really was not a whole lot going on outside of the tragedy that befell Yeon Woo and the fall out of her illness. I do wonder what Prince Yang Myung is going to do once he finds out she’s dead and how will this effect Lee Hwon. I’m kind of excited to get episode six out of the way and get the adult actors on screen. I’ve totally enjoyed the younger versions of the characters, but I need a time warp here so I can see Lee Hwon and Yang Myung kick some ass and fix this situation.

Next week, will I get to see Song Jae Rim and Kim Soo Hyun again? Lord, I hope so!

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Way Back Wednesdays – The Moon Embracing The Sun – Episode 1 – First Impressions


Last night I checked out The Moon Embracing the Sun for a variety of issues, but mostly it’s a show I’ve wanted to watch for a very long time.

So here’s the deal with this show…as far as I can tell.

There’s a really cool prince and a very special little girl who I think will fall in love as they get older. It’s a period piece so were somewhere between 1386 and 1897 on the timeline. Were talking Joseon dynasty here which is where many, no most, of the Confucian based societal customs and structures comes from. This is the golden age, the history that Koreans look to that defines their culture. So, I was expecting beautiful sets, rustic villages, and amazingly bright clothes. What I saw was all that and more.

The show is indeed beautiful. The sets are historically accurate (it was filmed in a historical/heritage site/attraction) and give the show a sense that it could have been filmed 300 years ago. Seriously, the wardrobing is top notch, beautiful, amazing. They just don’t make clothes like that anymore!

The shows also really intense, for the first twenty minutes or so. While the Joseon Dynasty might have been the golden age, the Korean Renaissance…whatever you want to call it. It was also a highly superstitious time where politics could be easily corrupted. I’ll be honest. I did not like the first twenty minutes of the show. I was riveted and glued to my screen, but it was a difficult twenty minutes.

Once you get past the opening of the show the tone is much more relaxed and were offered up a delightful treat of color, wonderful child actors, and some characters I’m sure I’ll grow to love. This one is worth checking out.

What I didn’t get and wanted more than anything…

1. Kim Soo Hyun


My favorite Korean actor wasn’t in the show at all. I don’t know anything about the show’s plot but it’s safe to assume that one of the awesome child actors I saw (Yeo Jin Goo, Hwa Yi: A Monster Boy…I’m looking at you!) will turn into the handsome Kim Soo Hyun with time. I love me some KSH and hope I don’t have to wait too many weeks before I get to see him on my screen again!

2. Song Jae Rim

If you didn’t know already Song Jae Rim has become my Kdrama bias. I loooooved, like so many others, him in Inspiring Generation. I can’t wait to see him in this drama as well.

There are a few things I liked about the drama that surprised me, but more than anything it was how the show utilized the traditional Korean shaman. Those that were shown had a very large role in setting up the storyline and I’m all about SciFi and Fantasy so I quite liked the visions they received that foreshadowed events to come. A real hook line and sinker.

This is a show I’m looking forward to following. I may not have time every Wednesday to watch it, but it’s likely to be a staple for the coming months as I satiate my need for more Kim Soo Hyun and Song Jae Rim!

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Man From the Stars – The 21st Record – Finale


Man From the Stars is now my favorite drama of all time. It was the best I’ve ever seen in almost every way a show can be excellent. The acting was superb and made us laugh and cry. The romance was real and turned our feels all the way up. The production of the show was a perfect 10/10. Each and every episode looked beautiful, the scenes were varied and gorgeous.

I’m going to call it here, Man From the Stars is the 2014 Drama of the Year. If any drama can try to reach the heights reached by this show I will be utterly and completely surprised. Iris has been my favorite drama for six years and I’m sorry to see it leave the top spot in my heart, but Do Min Joon, Hee Kyung, and Cheon Song Yi have totally made me fall in love with them. I love these characters.

Ok, enough of my fanboying. The 21st Record was an emotional roller coaster. Right off the bat we lose our amazing Min Joon and he disappears. His farewell, “don’t call it a goodbye”, speech brought tears to my eyes…buckets of tears. It was the most beautiful speech he’s given yet. Following up this awesome scene we see Song Yi suffering time and time again looking for Min Joon as the years go by. She hears stories from her friends about him and reclaims her spot as Korea’s number 1 star. Life is good for her and I’m happy for her renewed success, but she’s a mess. She sees Min Joon at the strangest times, but can never talk to him. She might be going crazy, she thinks she is.

Then, at her newest movie premiere, time stops…I scream. The Dramaland world lets out one giant collective scream as Do Min Joon finally comes back to Song Yi. The cameras flash and in an instant he’s gone again. Bittersweet.

I’d rather know you exist somewhere in the universe than not at all.

– Cheon Song Yi

So it shall be…so it was.

I honestly feel that they should have ended the show with the 20th Record. It was perfect. The 21st Episode was not needed and with the bonus scene at the end of the show we would have only been left with the thought, for me the memory, that they lived happily ever after. The 21st Record took those amazingly happy feelings I had and crushed them like a babies lolipop melts on a hot Texas summer day. Destroyed. While I enjoyed the show only two scenes struck me as being relevant or of the quality that we have come to expect from this show. The scene on the balcony where Min Joon disappears and the Red Carpet scene where he finally returns.

Had these two scenes been added to the 20th Record and had a flash forward to three years in the future as they did, while stopping time periodically to show Min Joon coming back the show would have had a much more impactful ending then a drawn out sob fest featuring you, me, everyone else and Song Yi. With the bonus scene that aired at the end of episode 20 we would have been left with the most amazing ending I could have imagined.

Whew, ok I got that out.

More screen shots here : https://plus.google.com/102624929701045112463/posts/gijNfV9NgyY and here :https://plus.google.com/102624929701045112463/posts/gijNfV9NgyY

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Hotter Than Spock – Part 11

Hotter Than Spock – It’s Time to Say Goodbye

Hotter Than Spock is a series based around the immensely popular character from Man From the Stars, Do Min Joon. There are eleven posts in the series including this last and final goodbye post (you can read all 11 posts right here http://wp.me/P4kGvx-mV). Here’s to you Do Min Joon

Tonight marks the end of what will likely be known as the greatest drama of all time, Man From the Stars. It is a show featuring two powerhouses in Hallyu, Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun. Last night I said my goodbyes to the characters in the show and had to stop when it was time to address my thoughts on Kim Soo Hyun’s Do Min Joon. Not my thoughts, my feels. Some time was needed to really pull it together and be able to write this post. He is our super man, he is Hotter Than Spock.

Is sorting through your feelings the same as tidying your room? How can you do it so fast?

Do Min Joon,

I don’t think there has ever been a person like you before or ever will be again. You are a hero, a stoic old man, but a man who learns and changed throughout the time we spent together. At first, you were lacking in emotions and this prevented you from bridging the gap between your alien heritage and early experiences on the planet. You had some rough times and for 400 years you’ve been shy, hiding yourself from the outside world letting few in. Then you met Cheon Song Yi, our heroine, for the second time and finally as an adult. She opened your eyes and heart to the possibilities of a better more fulfilling life. You’ve grown and despite being a Professor of Philosophy you were lacking in so many areas. Lacking, you are not, any longer. We’ve learned from you as each week passed by your lectures and far too mature thoughts on the world, love, and living enriched our lives in ways that we can never pay back. I still can’t bring myself to say goodbye so instead I’ll simply say..

Thank you,

You are a remarkable hero.

I miss you so much there’s dust piling up in my heart.

This is why we call him…Hotter Than Spock.

Kim-Soo-Hyun_1390412781_af_org (1)

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Man From the Stars – Episode 20

Man From the Stars – The Penultimate Ultimate 20th Episode

This Episode was so good. So so good. The best hour of Man From the Stars there ever was. I could watch this episode 100 times and not get tired of it. If you haven’t watched this episode yet, stop reading this, and go watch…then come back so you can cry with me.

An hour and a half after watching this episode I’m still tearing up. Not because the ending is sad, but because it was just that damn beautiful and well told. A drama hasn’t had that effect on me since Secret Garden’s final hours and Iris’ heart wrenching ending. This isn’t a single scene nor hours of content. This is one hour, three minutes, and twenty four seconds of perfect story telling.

Every scene in this episode was meaningful. There was no filler and the episode progressed from small fries like Jae Kyung to bigger things like Hee Kyung. Our lead couple was interspersed throughout leading to one emotionally powerful scene after the other. I was honestly cool with the emotional side of the show, I really liked the way they did it, but when that bonus scene at the end came on…I lost my proverbial daebak manlyness. I was in tears. That one thirty second bonus scene really brought home just how much has happened in this show and how much I love these two characters. Song Yi and Min Joon. Now, my most beloved couple in Dramaland. Hands down.

I tend not to have a lot to say about a drama during its finale, so I’ll take this time to say my goodbyes to this amazing show.

It’s not the greatest love story ever told. That honor still lies with Secret Garden for me. It’s not the most unique drama I’ve ever seen. Man From the Stars, however, is the greatest drama ever made. It’s the most consistently well written and produced drama I’ve ever seen. Not once, did the show go off the rails (Episode 13…we forget about you because you gave us Jae Kyung falling off a building). Not once, did this show fail to deliver excellent visuals, fashion, and acting that was out of this world. Jeon Ji Hyun, you deserve a best actress award. You were everything. Our heroine, comedy relief, and emotional rock. You’re so crazy…I couldn’t stop watching, not even for a minute. Lee Hee Kyung, you may not get the girl, but you won our hearts. Not everyone (yes I’m pointing at you and you and you) saw the beauty that was in your heart or the handsome man that you are in the beginning like I did, but you were an amazing second lead. Park Hae Jin…you did good with this role. You have a new super fan and I can’t wait to see you in Doctor Stranger. Shin Sung Rok, you were the creepiest hottest hyung on television this winter. Simply put, you were one half of the hottest brothers on television week after week. Can’t wait to see your next project. Next time, lets go for the lead.

Do Min Joon,

I can’t.

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Brace Yourselves, It’s Military Enlistment Time

It’s one of those things that every Hallyu fan dreads. Each year more and more of our favorite Hallyu stars head off for a 21 month mandatory military service. No one likes seeing their favorite idols disappear from public life for nearly two years, but this is a compulsory tradition in Korea and one that brings much national pride to its citizens.

Ok, so…yeah. I don’t know how to say this, but we’re losing some big big names. Some of our favorite of favorites are going into the service. Brace yourselves. Here’s the list.


SS501’s Kim Hyun Jung, Watch him play Shin Jung Tae on Inspiring Generation, right now, before enlistment.

Cho Shin Sung: Sung Jae

Dong Bang Shin Ki – YunHo, Jun Su, Jae Joong, Yoo Chun
– Better get all the Yoo Chun you can now as he’s set to premiere in a new Drama, 3 Days, on March 5th, Viki.com has the rights to stream for us international fans.
(my preview http://wp.me/p4kGvx-jh)

Super Junior: Shin Dong, Sung Min

Seo In Guk

Hallyu Actors, this…is…going…to…be…rough:
Yoon Si Yoon, Lee Seung Gi, Jang Geun Suk
Lee Minho (cry)
Kim Soo Hyun (sobs)
Choi Jin Hyuk (weeps uncontrollably) Jin Hyuk is currently staring in Emergency Couple, which is exclusive to Dramafever.com which you can watch right now.

We Hallyu fans need to pull together and support each other and all the new faces that are sure to rise up with the absence of these major singers, performers, and actors head off to the military.

Let’s hear it for the boy!

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Man From the Stars – The 19th Record

Man From the Stars – Unwrap it, Unwrap it!

He wants to stay with you at the cost of his life.

Has a drama ever made you so perfectly happy that you were moved to tears? After watching the 19th Record of Man From the Stars I can honestly say yes to that question.

On Wednesday night I wrote a post on the 18th Record which was published a few hours ago. I felt that show was wrapping up the storyline and I didn’t say it, but I thought the show would be by the numbers, all down hill for its final three hours. Boy, was I wrong!

The 19th record had me ready eyed at several points…within the first five minutes! The revelation, to Song Yi, that Min Joon has been protecting her this entire time. That he pushed her away to protect her heart, man was Jeon Ji Yeon’s expressions some damn good acting. I felt her pain all the way.

Speaking of pain, poor Hee Kyung. He’s back at home by the looks of it and in a tremendous amount of grief. Stage 1, according to Min Joon. I am really going to miss his lectures, but this isn’t about them. Hee Kyung, the brilliant man and #whiteknight did his family and the fans proud last night. I’m so now a Park Hae Jin fan, it’s not even funny. He’s probably my number two actor after Kim Soo Hyun. He’s just believable and so damn handsome.

+1/like this post if you’ll be watching his next drama, Doctor Stranger, for him. I’m curious.

How sweet and perfect was that getaway from Min Joon. The roses, Song Yi’s confession, her reaction…that proposal. Yeah, Min Joon. That proposal was out of pocket buddy. You should have so said, “Cheon Song Yi. I love you.” The imagery was spectacular however and it was a beautiful final twenty minutes.

One more week. It’s almost over folks.

Let’s do a poll on this one…

Reshare/reblog if you want Min Joon to stay on Earth. If you want Song Yi to go with Min Joon next week let us know in the comments down below!

A show…is not meant to be this good for so long.

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Hotter than Spock – Part 10


Hotter Than Spock – Part 10

Unfortunately, I do not have anyone that I love unconditionally.

Do Min Joon #hotterthanspock

My dear Min Joon,

400 years…My my how things have changed.  You probably don’t even remember saying that after all these years, yet the thought has never left you.  You’ve fallen for an amazing woman and you’re adapting to her.  I wonder, does your species mate for life?  If you stop being sick after every kiss does that mean your spirit is tied to Cheon a Song Yi?  So many questions.  One thing I do know, I’m happy for you.  Perfectly happy.

“I will never give up everything for just one person.  I am not that foolish.”  
Yes, you are.  Babo-ya!

That’s why you’re hotter than Spock after all…always learning, always growing. 

This will be the last of this series, since Man From the Stars will be ending next week. The Hotter Than Spock series has become my favorite post to do. Each week I’ve gotten to experience this character from what I think it’s like inside his head. I’ve examined him and learned from him which has been a very fun journey to be on.

Do Min joon,

I thank you.

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Man From the Stars – The 18th Record

Man From the Stars – Wrapping Things Up

The 18th Record was pretty difficult for me to get through. I like it quite a bit, but it felt like a filler episode, yet wasn’t. I feel like nothing major happened, yet major things happened. I’m super excited to get to Thursday’s episode later and see what the rest of the week will bring. With just three episodes left, we’re in the home stretch and I’m confident that many will remember Man From the Stars as one of their favorite dramas ever.

Min Joon, had another premonition, this time a not so happy or fun premonition as his body began to deteriorate and turn to light. Since he has finally decided to stay on the Earth and be with Song Yi there is a chance that he could fade away as is life essence or Chi is being used up. This, is a rather interesting plot point. It keeps us guessing for the remainder of the show that something could happen we might not like which keeps the suspense going for the final hours. I was expecting the finale to be a “does he stay, or does he go” kind of episode so, I’m still amazed at how the writers are keeping a 20+ hour long show fresh and fun each week. Visually this scene was spectacular. Min Joon looked genuinely frightened, having fallen on the ground as his body turns to white light from his extremities first. This was a perfect analogy for the show. We hands and feet deep into the end of the show. Now is the time to realize its almost over.

that was the most horrifying sentence I’ve ever written.

The highlight for many of the show was a scene with Yoon Jae and Min Joon. Always the horrible drunk, Min Joon has one sip too many of the Soju and reveals himself to Yoon Jae. Hilariously, Min Joon shoves the kid into a telephone booth and teleports them back to his apartment. Yoon Jae is amazed the next morning asks for an E.T. phone home finger connection. Too Funny.

For me the writers did a great job in pushing along the Kyung brother storyline. Hee Kyung, ever the White Knight, tries one final time to get his brother to admit his faults and do whats right. Like that is going to happen?!? This forces a family showdown and in classic K-drama fashion somebodies parents finally has a meltdown. The Lee parents stand beside Jae Kyung, likely unknowingly supporting a sociopathic homicidal maniac, and cast the perfect Hee Kyung out of the family home. He’ll be back though, he’s finally got the evidence he’s needed to put Jae Kyung away thanks to an all too tear inducing flashback with someone very near and dear to Jae Kyung’s heart. Park Hae Jin won the best crying scene of the week in the 18th Record, for sure.

Didn’t you want to give him a hug?

I’m not ready to say goodbye to this show. I don’t think I ever will be. Man From the Stars has been such a good show I can’t stand that it won’t be on my screen come March. I’m in denial, Kdrama denial has hit me hard with this one. Are you too, reblog, reshare, or comment down below if you’re in major denial too!

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This is Why We Call Him Hotter Than Spock – Part 9


If you are looking very far away you can see how beautiful are home planet live. The earth is beautiful.
Do Min Joon #hotterthanspock

That beauty is amplified from your presence on earth. Thank you, Min Joon. You’ve made the world a better place by coming here. You’ve made our lives better each and every week by giving us a genuine hero yell Hwaiting! at every turn.

If I can’t go home this time and I have to wait another four hundred years it is likely that I will disappear. I could die.

Do Min Joon #hotterthanspock

You could never die Min Joon. You will live in in our hearts forever.

This is why you are #hotterthanspock

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