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Thriller Thursdays – Two Weeks – Episode 2


I checked out Two Weeks a couple months ago and haven’t had time to come back to it. It’s a show I heard a lot of talk about and from the first episode it’s been on my radar since then. With the lack of Wednesday – Thursday dramas not airing due to the recent tragedy in Korea and my aching back I turned the show on today and checked out episode two.

I wish I hadn’t been so busy for most of 2013. There were a lot of really great dramas last year and this one is exactly the kind of show I would have liked to watch twice a week. It’s got the thrills, adorbs child actress, and a plot line that’s straight out of the Korean revenge thriller genre that I love so much. As an added bonus Lee Joon Ki is rocking that suit and we all know I love a nice suit.

Being that I watched the first weeks episodes several months apart there was a bit of a disconnect in the show for me. Episodes one and two set up the storyline very nicely and in grissly fashion which I quite liked. Due to my real life time difference it seemed like the show spanned months rather than just a few days. Tae Sung did not have a very good day. Wow, he finds out his daughter has cancer and then gets framed for murder. To top things off he almost gets killed himself very early on. He’s not the greatest guy in the world, let’s be honest, but there’s something I like about him and I see an opportunity for redemption.

Until something catches my eye, Two Weeks is going to be my go to on Thursday nights for action and thrills.

Oh…and I can not wait for Song Jae rim to show up. I’ll be honest, my main driving force to pick the drama up during a time when there are so many great dramas out is him. I can’t get enough!

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