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Gap Dong – Episode 6 – Ok, Ok…

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I’ve been pretty hard on Gap Dong after it’s first week due to a lack of creativity in the storyline and nearly complete lack of realistic conflict between its two leads. Episode six went a long way in fixing a lot of the issues I had with the show’s apparent inconsistencies. First and foremost, the cranky police chief needed to receive a whole heck of a lot less screen time and thankfully he did. For a show based around a serial murderer the police chief was way too much of a jerk and the writers for some reason set him up as the central antagonist of the show. I suppose it makes sense to establish that he and My Yeom have a history, but honestly it’s not a history I care one bit about when there is a possible rapist and definite murderer on the loose preying on young woman. The thought get it together crossed my mind a time or two, how about for you?

Get it together they did because after five hours of television (the shows only 16 episodes) we finally get to see our Hero Mu Yeom Oska square off with the incredibly handsome and creepy Gap Dong. That’s what I’ve been waiting for!?! Lee Joon is one of my favorite idols much less idol-actors and he’s killing it week after week, pun intended, and his scenes have made the show watchable. Lee Joon is doing a great job at portraying an uber smart and cunning villain. From his devilish smirk to clown make up and literal stalking of women he’s bringing his A game to the show.

I haven’t watched last weeks episodes yet, but one thing I do want to see is these murders ramp up. I would love to have the show focus more on Tae Oh doing his thing and build his relationship with the original Gap Dong. How interesting would it be to see the “bad guy” get the screen time to tell his story. We so often get a monologue that explains their motives, but rarely to writers of this kind of television let you get inside their heads. It would be rather cool if they let us get inside Tae Oh’s mind and show us what he’s thinking. It would also set up nicely the inevitable showdown between him and the police force that brings him down in a different way. Maybe even spend two weeks showing Tae Oh going on a killing spree and have the cops not able to do a thing about it.

There are plenty of possibilities for this show. After episode six my interest in the show picked up a bit. What about all of you out there…what are you thinking about the show?

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Gap Dong – Episode 5

So I’m not sure about this show. It’s got all the right parts to be a great show, but something is missing. I found myself actually bored watching the fifth episode and I’m not sure why. Maybe if I make a list of what I like and therefor what I expect of the show and what I don’t I might understand a bit better.

What interested me about Gap Dong…

1. The actors, namely Lee Joon and Oska
2. Fictionalized version of an real serial killer
3. It’s a thriller, love thrillers.
4. I was expecting a murder mystery thriller

What I think I’m getting…

1. Very little Lee Joon
2. A very weird Oska. Why can’t be he be out there investigating and trying to track down both the real Gap Dong and his copy cat. It makes very little sense to me to have him locked up or in perpetual conflict with his superior. Their interactions together are so convoluted and asinine it boggles the mind.
3. As far as the murders go they are lacking quite a bit in the thrills department. So far, all we’ve seen is Lee Joon chasing after a few women and essentially pulling the wool over their eyes. We aren’t privy to his inner dialogue or intentions. I’d be far more interested in knowing what is going on in his head instead of passively witnessing Tae Oh acting mildly creepy.
4. I mentioned in my last post how inept the police force is depicted in the show and it’s really getting on my nerves. These guys just don’t have a clue.

Sadly, after two very good episodes the last three have left me very underwhelmed and I’m wondering if the Sewol Ferry Incident changed the direction of the show. It is in no way turning out to be the show it was marketed as and I’m feeling a bit let down. If the producers of the show decided to tone down the dark aspects of the show due to the ferry incident I would completely understand, but am a bit saddened by my perception of the show because I did have such high hopes.

I’ll check back in tomorrow with episode six and see if things get on track.

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Gap Dong – Episode 3 & 4 – Inept Police Strike Again


Gap Dong made its return to television after a several week hiatus for episodes three and four. It’s been a while since I watched the first two episodes and had a hard time getting back into the show. I found the first week’s episodes engaging, interesting, and was excited to see where they would take the show. Originally I felt that Gap Dong would be a continuation of sorts to Memories of a Murder which explores the actual events that the Gap Dong killer is based on. The show felt thematically similar honoring the movies and had the same gritty sensibilities. After week two, a lot of that magic seems to have flown the coop.

Episode three set up some tension and put some key characters in their roles. We see that the Gap Dong killer is back, or some variation of him. At this point I’m not sure who Gap Dong is or if a copy cat is picking up his crimes or aiding him. It would seem that Lee Joon’s Tae Oh is highly likely to be taking over Gap Dong’s role, but we haven’t really seen that he’s a killer. He’s certainly creepy, but is he a killer? Is he helping the real Gap Dong? I’m not sure. There wasn’t much about the third episode I liked and hit the snooze button throughout most of the episode. Episode four was a tad bit better.

I did feel that episode four was a completely different show from the first toe episodes, but it did have some genuinely tense moments. Our lead Yoon Sang Hyun makes a tremendous amount of idiotic mistakes which drove me crazy. I need Oska to be making some better decisions because it really hurt my ability to suspend disbelief and throw myself into the story. As far as the tension in the show that was legitimate all came when Lee Joon was on screen. The dude’s facial expressions and internal monologue saved the show for me in spades. He’s owning this role and got my heart pumping repeatedly. He’s the villain I would have loved to see in God’s Gift 14 Days and never really got.

It’s possible that these episodes were heavily edited and cut down due to the Sewol Ferry Tragedy, but I’m thinking this may be the case. The show was far less gruesome and seemed to be pulling punches from one week to another. Another issue I think is behind the show is I’m not sure they know what kind of show they’re making. It seems like a crime procedural thriller, and murder mystery all rolled into one. The best shows do one of these things very well and utilize the other genres to enhance the story. I hope Gap Dong figures out quickly what kind of show it wants to be quickly. After such a long break it might be difficult for its audience to get behind the show if they don’t know what their watching,

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Gap Dong – Episode 2 – Lee Joon Stuns


MBLAQ’s Lee Joon has taken some rather risky and evocative roles lately. The first acting of his I experienced was in Ninja Assasin (2009) where he had a brief cameo, but one my heart and became my MBLAQ bias…forever. Then there was IRIS 2 which was overall a major letdown, but I do remember fondly his scenes as a super spy. To end 2013 he stared in and to my knowledge aced his first leading role in Rough Play. Now, in 2014 he’s come back as a creepy psychopath in Gap Dong. I can see a complete evolution in his acting roles which has led him here and next to Rough Play this may be his best acting to date

Ok, so I was expecting Gap Dong to be a murder mystery with some thriller elements thrown in for effect. I did not expect it to play out like some of the grittiest Korean revenge thrillers and be on par with say God’s Gift 14 Days in the thrills department. Now, I don’t think it’s even remotely similar to that show except that both deal with serial killers, Gap Dong has it’s own thing going on and for me, Lee Joon steals the show. Sure, I love seeing Oska play a complicated role that features a multifaceted and troubling character. He’s going to be great, but Lee Joon is so creepy that his beautiful smile gives me the chills. The look in his eye when he finds his mark and the admiration he shows to the original Gap Dong is insane. I’m wondering if he is a psychopath, a sociopath, or something else entirely…

Now, as far as I know Tae Oh, that’s his character, hasn’t killed anyone. He’s stalked a few people and probably creeped the hell out of one poor girl, but we haven’t see him kill anyone. I don’t know why that intrigues me, but the way episode two ends left me wanting to know what the hell happened off screen and why Tae Oh does what he does with his motorcycle helmet. He knows more than he’s letting on about Oska.

Anyone out there watching Lee Joon in Gap Dong and loving him?

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Gap Dong – Episode 1 – First Impressions


Memories of Memories of a Murder

I’ve been waiting days to watch Gap Dong staring Oska (Yoon Sang Hyun), Lee Joon, and Kim Ji Won, but sadly neither of the two legal content providers I watch have secured the rights to stream the show in North America. I turned to other means to watch the first episode and I’m glad I did. Gap Dong is 100% the type of show I like. Previews I read described it as a pretty basic thriller with a murder mystery plot line. This is true, but I would describe it much more along the lines of CSI meets Silence of the Lambs. No, actually Memories of a Murder is a far better fit.

A little bit of history…

Gap Dong is a fictionalized dramatization and updating of the first, in known modern Korean society, serial killer and rapist. The attacks began in 1986 and persisted until 1991 with no killer ever brought to justice. He simply vanished into thin air and to this day no one knows who he actually was. I’d highly recommend checking out the entertaining and eerily accurate 2003 film staring Song Kang Ho Memories of a Murder prior to watching Gap Dong. The film tells the story of the police detectives who were after the Hwaesong Killer and never gave up their search right up until the statute of limitations ran out on the crimes. Gap Dong picks up where that story ends…years later after the killer has vanished and runs no risk of being punished for his crimes. Does he return? Does he kill again? That’s what makes Gap Dong so interesting to me.

We’re left with a fictionalized version, a what if…based on real events. What would happen if the real Gap Dong (Hwaesong Killer) came back today nearly thirty years after his crimes and began killing again? A rather chilling and completely plausible thought. He’d only be between fifty and sixty years old, likely closer to fifty. What if the killings weren’t from the original killer, but a copycat or admirer. Maybe his son? Gap Dong looks to set out to answer these questions and provide a hell of a lot more.

As for the snow itself, Oska is awesome as usual. If you’ve liked his work in I Hear Your Voice or Secret Garden you’ll like him here. His role is far more complicated and endearing that his previous popular roles and he shines in every scene. Your eyes shine today…they’re both happy and sad.Boy, does he have a reason to be.
You’ll get to know his character pretty well in the first episode thanks to some very unobtrusive flashbacks that link his character to the Gap Dong Killer.

Lee Joon, as usual, is a delight to watch. He’s got the idol turned acting thing down and I can’t wait to see him in this drama. He’s one of the few idol turned actors, in my opinion, who takes on riskier roles and isn’t afraid to bare it all. (Fans of his might get that joke!). He’s portraying a seemingly creepy creepster this time around and should make a nice counterpoint to Oska’s character.

Lastly, The Heirs fans will recognize Kim Ji Won who played Rachel Yoo in last years biggest hit drama. I for one am excited to see her again, but I still can’t stand her face. She’s like the female version of Game of Thrones Joffery…I will never be able to like them in anything they do in the future. That is a sign of good acting so despite the fact that I already despise her character I’m giving Kim Ji Won to turn me around and see her in a better light.

As far as the production of the show goes, it feels a bit low budget…in a good way. There isn’t anything flashy here. We aren’t in Seoul and none of its bright lights, high fashion, and luxury hotel apartments are going to be seen. There is a grittiness and almost desolate feeling to the show that captures the emotional toll that living with the cloud of a serial killer over your head would bring to your life. Their is almost a sadness in the show that’s amplified because of the gritty nature of the sets and landscape. Won’t be for everyone, but I found it to be a nice touch and thematically similar to Memories of a Murder.

This is so going on my watch list, I hope Viki or Dramafever pick up the rights to stream soon. Episodes One and Two have already aired on TvN and the show replaces Emergency Couple on Friday and Saturday nights.

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MBLAQ – Be a Man

MBLAQ – Be a Man

Be a Man is surprisingly smooth and slow for this group. I’m digging the pure vocals from all five members who are featured nicely due to the slower nature of the song. They’re allowed some room to breathe and shine individually which is a nice departure from their usual sound.

I don’t think I’ve head anything from MBLAQ that sounds this light and airy, while not expected it is a pleasant surprise.

The video is all about the boys, who don’t look like boys anymore. Sad to say, but Thunder is all grown up. I like the choice of a monochromatic backdrops. The sets put the focus on the group and nothing but the group. Their static enough the video matches the feeling of the song which is something I’ve always felt JTune Camp was excellent at accomplishing.

I can’t wait to hear the rest of the mini album when it comes up on iTunes.

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Rough Play – Staring Lee Joon



Rough Play

I just finished watching Rough Play starring Lee Joon of MBLAQ.

All I can say is what did I just watch?

This may be the type of movie you have to see more than once. There are scenes that appear spliced together and they come up at random times, repeatedly. After seeing the film I wonder if what we see is happening at all.

Lee Joon’s acting was very good. Their was real emotion conveyed and he was convincing as a crazy actor and as a pompous ass. After seeing this film, there will be very little left to the imagination as to what Lee Joon’s naked body looks like, you will see it repeatedly throughout the film. For some, this may be a major draw to watch this movie. There was a lot of press regarding this issue and I didn’t find the scenes to add to the movie, nor detract as well.

The editing of the film seemed very strange with hard cuts from one to the next. This may have been done purposefully to add to the craziness seen in the film, but I found this to be rather mediocre in parts and expertly done in others.

Did y’all check this one out? What did you think?

7/10  8/10 one extra star for gratuitous Joon booty.

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