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MBLAQ – Be a Man

MBLAQ – Be a Man

Be a Man is surprisingly smooth and slow for this group. I’m digging the pure vocals from all five members who are featured nicely due to the slower nature of the song. They’re allowed some room to breathe and shine individually which is a nice departure from their usual sound.

I don’t think I’ve head anything from MBLAQ that sounds this light and airy, while not expected it is a pleasant surprise.

The video is all about the boys, who don’t look like boys anymore. Sad to say, but Thunder is all grown up. I like the choice of a monochromatic backdrops. The sets put the focus on the group and nothing but the group. Their static enough the video matches the feeling of the song which is something I’ve always felt JTune Camp was excellent at accomplishing.

I can’t wait to hear the rest of the mini album when it comes up on iTunes.

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MBLAQ – Broken Teaser

MBLAQ – Broken Teaser

MBLAQ’s comeback with their sixth mini album is imminent as yesterday JTune Camp released a reader for Broken.

I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited for the boys comeblaq (love that). The teaser has a somber feeling to it. The boys are sitting together in a circle, a sign of their unity perhaps, looking very forlorn. The teaser has a very different feel to it than their previous efforts. Maybe their Smokey Girl got away after all.

Can’t wait for this one!

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New to Kpop? Start Here.


If you check out the above article from KpopStarz.com regarding the top ten kpop albums every new kpop fan should check out, I highly recommend it, I have a few revisions as your resident Sifu of Hallyu. I don’t reference the albums listed in the article because I agree with most of them. Those that I don’t agree with I address after adding my own required kpop for our lovely newbies!

I would add the following to the list of albums every new kpop fan should have to begin their journey riding the Korean Wave.

1. 2PM – Again and Again
2. Shinee – Love like Oxygen
3. MBLAQ – Stay/Cry
4. BEAST – Fiction
5. Jay Park – New Breed
6. Wonder Girls – Tell me/Nobody
7. Rain – Rainism
8. SS501 – Deja Vu

I would remove Super Junior’s Single Sexy and Free and replace it with Sorry Sorry and Bonamana. I’d also remove Seo Tai Ji and replace that with Drunken Tiger’s Monster. JYP has got to go. The article states that he is required to understand Got7. No, just no. Certainly allowed their own opinion, but to understand Got7 you only need understand 2PM.

There is no need for new kpop fans to look into the first generation of the Hallyu Wave. The second generation blew open the doors to kpop for much of the world thanks to the above mentioned groups and those in the article. Every group we see today, with few exceptions like History, CNBlue, and Ledapple are a direct result from this list. That being said, there are groups from the Third Generation like B.A.P. and VIXX that I love and suggest you listen to. These groups, and their generational peers, owe their success in large part to the previously mentioned groups. For example, we would not have the powerful beastly image that Bang Yong Guk and his team display without 2PM. The same could be said of VIXX, but I think they are a highly evolved form of SHINee, 2PM, and SS501.

What kpop albums/singles do you think every new kpop fan should listen to?

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February Kpop Playlist

I don’t usually create a post on my playlist unless I really really like the way it’s coming together.  Each month I build a playlist based around the tracks that are released in that month.  Generally, by the middle of the month I’ve got a complete playlist that keeps me entertained throughout the day.  Right now…I’m digging this February 2014 Playlist…for sure.

I started out with the new February releases like Taxi, Fxxk You, and Angel.  I like the slower RnB feel of these tracks and pulled songs from my library to add to them.  It’s full of romamce and heartbreak  Check it out.

MBLAQ – Smoky Girl
Henry – 143
AA – Midnight Taxi
AA – Because I’m Crazy
Lee Hyo Ri – Don’t Cry
Hyun Bin – That Man
Beenzino – Picassor
Gary – Shower Later, Zotta Molla
DBSK – Love in the Ice, Something, Wrong Number
BTS – Boy in Love
Roh Ji Hoon – A Song For You
Pro C – Love Hurts
Chang Min – Love is the Moment
VIXX – GR8U, Girls..Why
Rain 30sexy
Zion.t – Madame, Miss Kim
SHINee – Hello
Jay Park – Tonight, Do What We Do
2PM – Only You (Acoustic)
Cho Shin Sung – Romance
B2ST – Fiction (Orchestra Version)
B.A.P. – Coffee Shop, 1004Angel
Clazzi – This is how We Feel, Love Again
Tae Goon – Call Me
EXO – Growl, What is Love
Min Woo – Taxi
Gain – Fxxk You
B1A4 – Lonely

Let me know what you think about the selection and what am I missing, is there anything you think would fit this playlist?  Let me know in the comments down below.

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Rough Play – Staring Lee Joon



Rough Play

I just finished watching Rough Play starring Lee Joon of MBLAQ.

All I can say is what did I just watch?

This may be the type of movie you have to see more than once. There are scenes that appear spliced together and they come up at random times, repeatedly. After seeing the film I wonder if what we see is happening at all.

Lee Joon’s acting was very good. Their was real emotion conveyed and he was convincing as a crazy actor and as a pompous ass. After seeing this film, there will be very little left to the imagination as to what Lee Joon’s naked body looks like, you will see it repeatedly throughout the film. For some, this may be a major draw to watch this movie. There was a lot of press regarding this issue and I didn’t find the scenes to add to the movie, nor detract as well.

The editing of the film seemed very strange with hard cuts from one to the next. This may have been done purposefully to add to the craziness seen in the film, but I found this to be rather mediocre in parts and expertly done in others.

Did y’all check this one out? What did you think?

7/10  8/10 one extra star for gratuitous Joon booty.

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MBLAQ – Singles Magazine Feburary 2014

Can we just take a moment and enjoy one of my favorite Kpop groups from this smoky photo set?

These photos make me want a MBLAQ comeback soon.

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Top Kpop of 2013 – Check out the videos here!

Top Kpop of 2013 – Check out the videos here!

My 2013 Top Kpop

2013 was a great year to be a kpop fan.

So many promotions, so many debuts, and so many feels! This is a post I have not been looking forward to making because the year was just that damn big. I made myself choose not a top 3…no top 10.   One item for each category. O_o

Song of the Year

This is the song that I keep coming back to month after month and never get tired of it. My song of the year is AA’s Because I’m Crazy. You’re probably thinking wait how can that be your favorite song of the year? It came out in 2011.  The debut single may have come out a while back, but I didn’t discover it until it was re-released on this year’s Comeback album.  It’s the song I go back to from AA time and again. I love this one.

Runner up: This Love – ShinHwa

Video of the Year

My favorite video of the year.  I almost can’t choose.  There were so many amazing music videos this year I’ve filled a 32gb sd card with them.  There is one though that I keep coming back to to show off how sexy and visually stimulating Kpop is.  That would be Smoky Girl. Whether I’m on the train or at work this is the video I’m showing off on my Gs4!  From G.O. smelting intro, to the sexy dance and Zion.T produced track.  This one had it all.

Runner up: Tarzan – Wonder Boys

Album of the Year

There is always one album that amazes you with is quality.  For me, the best album of the year is never a mini album and always a full length.  I limit this category to albums I’ve purchased as well.  This eliminates a lot if great singles, but they didn’t have a chance anyway. My favorite album this year was Henry’s Trap.  Every track blew me away and made me a super fan.

Runner up: Grown – 2PM

Artist of the Year

This has always been 2PM for me. When I look at their live performances, length of promotions, and variety work 2PM has been my favorite Kpop act until this year.

This year another six member boy group stole the year with constant promotions, varied concepts, and videos that delighted all year.  My favorite artist this year was undoubtedly the “Marathon Idols” VIXX. These guys just did not stop.

Runner up: G Dragon

There it is.  2013 you were a great year in Kpop!

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