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2NE1 – Crush – Album Review


They love me cause I’m hot, they love me cause I’m cold, they love me because I’m real, they love me cause I kill


After nearly three years these four queens return with their second full length album, Crush.

It’s been far too long since 2NE1 has released an album, whether a mini album or full length. 2NE1 is my favorite bias. I’ve waited for so long!

Ok so the album has ten tracks, track listing is in the photos below. The album has a very nice eclectic mix of nearly every genre 2NE1 utilizes to make their high energy tracks. Reggae, hip hop and pop are all represented on the album. This shows an evolution in their development as artists. The sound of this album is highly polished and less party rock anthem and more serious. That’s almost an oxymoron when it comes to their music, but it’s serious for serious sake, rather than serious just for the fun of it like most of their tracks. I’d say, if I had to compare these tracks with their previous works the only similar work I can think of is Lonely and Don’t Cry.

CL’s solo track MBTD is the highlight of the album for me. It has the most 2NE1 and YG Entertainment sound to it. I was up off my butt and dancing like I was 21 again within the first ten seconds of the song playing. It’s got a hard beat, for 2NE1, and CL’s flow is sick. The Baddest Gizibie, she is and proves it here. As far as female rappers in KPOP CL is on a different level. MBTD is a self composed track She’s believable as a rapper first, performer second. The only act that has more talent for their raw talent is Yoon Mi Rae. I can’t think of a better compliment to give CL than that.

How Beautiful is this life…how painful is this life

The title track Crush is reminiscent of their early works, but is solidly harder than their precious title tracks like Can’t Nobody and I Am The Best. It’s got the fun energy that we know from 2NE1 and adds a serious feeling that we haven’t seen before.

interestingly, YG included a Korean version of the groups Japanese single Scream on the album yet neglected to include I Love You, Falling in Love and Missing You on the album. Adding these three #1 hits would have added a lot of flavor and value to the album. I recall these were supposed to be on the album way back when I Love You was released.

Crush kills it. It’s an instant download and charting #1 in multiple countries. Pick it up on iTunes,
https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/crush/id828866397, right now!



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