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She’s So Lovable – Episode 5


Why do you make a person’s heart beat like this?

Cause Si Woo…she’s so lovable! See what I did there?

So, let me get this straight. Si Woo is falling for Se Na? The cocky rude boy has a heart after all. Seen it before…only, this time I’m kind of interested and maybe it’s because Myung Soo is so darn adorable. The shows given him some decent material to work with and I’m rooting for him. Second male lead syndrome…I see you coming baby.

Krystal Jung…you’re winning me over. I fell in love with your character in The Heirs that evil delicious Bo Na and I’ve got to say. I need, like really need, to hear you say “Oh, my GAWD” one more time. Wait a minute. I think I have a thing for these idol actors who play cocky ride people. First Bo Na and now Si Woo. Oh no.

I’m really liking this show. It’s cute and simple and it’s got lots of idols to watch. The storyline is a bit contrived, but I don’t care I’m having fun!

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