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No Game No Life – Episode 1

I’m super excited for Sword Art Online II, like many other fans, but I’m holding back from watching that show because I don’t know if I can stand just 20 minutes of visual joy a week?!?  I loved the first season, both halves, and am totally going to watch season 2.  But, maybe not today because I think I might have found the perfect visuals in animated form…

No Game No Life.

The show just ended last week and had a three month run.   That means it should be a quick little marathon of 12 epidodes.  Those tend to be my favorite shows, quick and satisfying.   I love saturated color.  Bright, vibrant and varied color just turns me on.  If I could live in a Lisa Frank poster from 1995 I’d be eternally happy.  That is just about what the world in No Game No Life looks like.   A Lisa Frank poster.  Heaven.  Visually, I dug this show.

The story caught my interest right away as well.  There is a group of legendary MMORPG players who never lose.  They’re better than the best of the best.  Their skill is unrivaled and unparalleled. The four of them have defeated 1200 other players in a single fight.  Amazing right?  Ha!  Amazingly, this team called Blank is made up of for characters, but only two players.   Siblings Sora and Shira control multiple characters simultaneously.  Totally unrealistic,  but who needs that in Anime?  They look at life as a game…one that can’t be beat because it lacks clearly defined rules.  Therefore, life is actually boring.  Which is where things get interesting.

Tet, a seemingly omniscient diety from some other universe/reality brings the duo to his/her realm where everything operates on six basic game principles.  All of a sudden Sora (the older male sibling) seems to awaken at the possibilities that await him in a game world where he can exploit the rules to his advantage.   I really liked that twist on the Anime set in an MMORPG environment.  I don’t know if they’re actually in a game or not, but the environment they’re in operated with gaming principles.  The show had me wondering if I would leave the reality we live and die in to go to a realm like those in the video games I love.  I’d have to say workout a doubt Diablo is out,  but how cool would it be to travel in Tamriel?  I’d so pick up where my Khajit necromancer vampire left off in Morrowind and head straight for Skyrim.  How about exploring the universe with Master Chief and Cortana.  Oh, that is my cup of tea.

Pretty sure No Game No Life is going to be a fun ride and probably make a nice companion work Sword Art Online once a few episodes have gone by.  Did any of you or there watch this show and more importantly…

Which of your favorite video game world would you want to live in?

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