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My KDrama OST Top Ten

My Top Kdrama OST.

My top ten Korean drama tracks all come from my favorite dramas. No surprise there. It stands to reason that one’s favorite tracks are those from the shows you spend so much time with, or even heard. I for one do not have enough time in my life to watch every drama that comes out. Even though I make it a point to watch a lot!

1. Don’t Forget – Baek Ji Young. This, for me, is THE definition of a Korean Drama OST. Baek is one of the greatest pure singers in the world and no other song has hit me with as much emotional force as this has except for Baek’s “Shot Like a Bullet.” It is a song I still listen to after many years and nearly makes me tear up!

2/3. This Man/That Woman – Hyun Bin/Baek Ji Young. I combine these two songs because they are essentially two versions of the same coin. I do prefer Hyun Bin’s version as the emotional heart strings it pulled were greater. Both are fantastic renditions of connecting me to the greatest love story I’ve ever witnessed in Secret Garden.

4. Love is the Moment – Chang Min. This song blows me away and gives me chills every time I hear it. I think to myself, still, “take his damn hand Eun Sang! As time passes by this could surpass Don’t Forget Me as my favorite OST. If anyone is going to challenge Baek Ji Young’s vocals it could be 2AM’s ChangMin.

5. Don’t Cry – Lee Hyo Ri. This hauntingly refreshing OST blew me away. It grabbed the feeling of I Need Romance 3 perfectly and was a fresh sound from Lee Hyo Ri.

6. Because I’m Stupid – Kim Hyun Jung. When Boys Over Flowers came out I was still a Hallyu newb…a quick learning toddler, really. BoF was my first drama and until Iris came out my favorite! See how that works. Kim belonged to my favorite idol group SS501 and if it weren’t for him my ride on the Hallyu wave may not have ever included dramas. This song is dope. There is no two ways about it.

7. My Destiny – Lyn. Man From the Stars. Enough Said.

8. Now and Forever – Jo Jung Hee. Another track from the I Need Romance 3 OST. There is something special about this show and the OST. It has a sincerity and sweetness that I haven’t heard in a song before. A great follow up to Don’t Cry.

I don’t have ten favorites yet. What am I missing? Let me know down below. In the comments.

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Lyn – My Destiny

I may have to revise my OST Top 5 list by the time this Winter ‘14 season is over. There have been a few good songs this season that truly add to the drama seen on screen. Like Lee Hyo Ri’s Don’t Cry Lyn’s My Destiny I can see myself listening to time and again even after these shows end.

Which OST’s are your favorite?
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Don’t Cry (I Need Romance 3 OST) – Lee Hyo Ri

Don’t Cry – Just Need a ‘lil Romance

I found the OST for I Need Romance 3 episode 1 to be rather haunting. As you feel Joo Yeon’s pain Lee Hyo Ri’s tender vocals add a lot of weight to the drama. If you haven’t checked out this show yet…the OST might convince you to!

Lee Hyo Ri – Don’t Cry

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