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Toheart (Key + Woo Hyun) – Delicious

WooKey (ToHeart) – Delicious

These two together are so sweet and delicious.

This love this love.  I swear that it’s, come on so sweet delicious.

Ok so SM Entertainment knows how to put out a project group, right?   First we had the OTP, Dong Hae and Eun Hyuk, bringing sexy back in Oppa Oppa and I Just Wanna Dance and now SHINee’s key and Infinite’s Woo Hyun are finally, feels like forever since this project group was announced, out with their fun and funky track _Delicious_!

Comparisons between these two OTP have to be made.  From the funky dance beats to the undeniable chemistry between the four men it’s like watching one generation lead to the next.  Not only is the chemistry similar the suits are as well.  We’ve seen red and yellow before, but not quite this flashy…of Key’s involved it’s going to be next level, amirite?

There is something a bit more tantalizing with this duo however over Eun Hyuk and Dong Hae.  They seem more like a couple in the video, giving flowers to each other, shaving, and practically sleeping together.  I honestly though Key was going to jump off the top bunk into Woo Hyun.  Good for them.  


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New to Kpop? Start Here.


If you check out the above article from KpopStarz.com regarding the top ten kpop albums every new kpop fan should check out, I highly recommend it, I have a few revisions as your resident Sifu of Hallyu. I don’t reference the albums listed in the article because I agree with most of them. Those that I don’t agree with I address after adding my own required kpop for our lovely newbies!

I would add the following to the list of albums every new kpop fan should have to begin their journey riding the Korean Wave.

1. 2PM – Again and Again
2. Shinee – Love like Oxygen
3. MBLAQ – Stay/Cry
4. BEAST – Fiction
5. Jay Park – New Breed
6. Wonder Girls – Tell me/Nobody
7. Rain – Rainism
8. SS501 – Deja Vu

I would remove Super Junior’s Single Sexy and Free and replace it with Sorry Sorry and Bonamana. I’d also remove Seo Tai Ji and replace that with Drunken Tiger’s Monster. JYP has got to go. The article states that he is required to understand Got7. No, just no. Certainly allowed their own opinion, but to understand Got7 you only need understand 2PM.

There is no need for new kpop fans to look into the first generation of the Hallyu Wave. The second generation blew open the doors to kpop for much of the world thanks to the above mentioned groups and those in the article. Every group we see today, with few exceptions like History, CNBlue, and Ledapple are a direct result from this list. That being said, there are groups from the Third Generation like B.A.P. and VIXX that I love and suggest you listen to. These groups, and their generational peers, owe their success in large part to the previously mentioned groups. For example, we would not have the powerful beastly image that Bang Yong Guk and his team display without 2PM. The same could be said of VIXX, but I think they are a highly evolved form of SHINee, 2PM, and SS501.

What kpop albums/singles do you think every new kpop fan should listen to?

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