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Way Back Wednesdays – The Moon Embracing the Sun – Episode 5


Spoilers very very possible.

See that guy up there in the picture? The one with the distraught, teary eyed face? That might look like our sweet prince, but no…that was me! Same damn face after watching episode five.

I was really not expecting this episode. It kind of came out of left field to me from a storyline perspective. First, we get introduced to the awesome child actors who are totally nailing it and setting up their roles for the somewhat more adult actors who will be leading the way in later episodes. We get two incredible female actresses, the Moons, who are two very different sides of a coin. They make for great foils for each other and they “love” the same boy-man. That’s a rather nice conflict in and of itself and was interested in seeing more of that, but what did I get? Swerved! Swerved hard.

Yeon Woo is a young noble lady whose got the goods to be an amazing Joseon Queen. She’s caring and sensitive…she’s freaking awesome and that’s why the entire royal family loves her except for that creepy nasty Queen Dowager. Folks, I need this former Queen to die and die painfully. Why? She has the leading shaman cast a spell that essentially turns poor Yeon Woo into a vegetable and causes her constant pain. This in turn forces her out of the castle and separates her from her betrothed, perhaps for good. I’ve seen some pretty crappy former Queen’s in my time, here’s looking at you Cersei, but this wench takes it to another level. I had a visceral dislike for her and on that note what’s up with the Shaman. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this the Shaman who pledged to protect the “moon who will embrace the sun?” at the very beginning of the show? I was not happy to see Yeon Woo die and I’m wondering now just where the hell does the show go? Unless I’m about to be swerved again in episode six I think I just saw our female lead get killed off. 0_o

There isn’t really much that strikes my mind about episode five. There really was not a whole lot going on outside of the tragedy that befell Yeon Woo and the fall out of her illness. I do wonder what Prince Yang Myung is going to do once he finds out she’s dead and how will this effect Lee Hwon. I’m kind of excited to get episode six out of the way and get the adult actors on screen. I’ve totally enjoyed the younger versions of the characters, but I need a time warp here so I can see Lee Hwon and Yang Myung kick some ass and fix this situation.

Next week, will I get to see Song Jae Rim and Kim Soo Hyun again? Lord, I hope so!

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Thriller Thursdays – Two Weeks – Episode 2


I checked out Two Weeks a couple months ago and haven’t had time to come back to it. It’s a show I heard a lot of talk about and from the first episode it’s been on my radar since then. With the lack of Wednesday – Thursday dramas not airing due to the recent tragedy in Korea and my aching back I turned the show on today and checked out episode two.

I wish I hadn’t been so busy for most of 2013. There were a lot of really great dramas last year and this one is exactly the kind of show I would have liked to watch twice a week. It’s got the thrills, adorbs child actress, and a plot line that’s straight out of the Korean revenge thriller genre that I love so much. As an added bonus Lee Joon Ki is rocking that suit and we all know I love a nice suit.

Being that I watched the first weeks episodes several months apart there was a bit of a disconnect in the show for me. Episodes one and two set up the storyline very nicely and in grissly fashion which I quite liked. Due to my real life time difference it seemed like the show spanned months rather than just a few days. Tae Sung did not have a very good day. Wow, he finds out his daughter has cancer and then gets framed for murder. To top things off he almost gets killed himself very early on. He’s not the greatest guy in the world, let’s be honest, but there’s something I like about him and I see an opportunity for redemption.

Until something catches my eye, Two Weeks is going to be my go to on Thursday nights for action and thrills.

Oh…and I can not wait for Song Jae rim to show up. I’ll be honest, my main driving force to pick the drama up during a time when there are so many great dramas out is him. I can’t get enough!

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Inspiring Generation – Episode 23


I’m going to come right out of the gate and say that Ok Ryeon deserved better. Flat out, she deserved to have a happy ending and for that matter so did all of us. That being said, I did not expect for her to go out like that. In no way, shape or form have I ever seen a lead character leave a show in such a devious and heartbreaking manner. Whoa. The first fifteen minutes of Inspiring Generation this week are intense and you should ready a box or two of Kleenix. You will cry…

Buckets of tears.

Ok Ryeon is an interesting character to me, now in hindsight, because she wasn’t very likable. She was too pure, too kind, and in the end the most selfless person imaginable. That’s a situation that puts many people in an awkward position because Ok Ryeon was a shining light in a cesspool of nefarious people. For most of the show she did not fit in with the rest of the cast and more often than not was in the way of the man she loved, Shin Jung Tae. Honestly, I didn’t particularly like her and in the end I pitied her and cried for her. For a show called Inspiring Generation Ok Ryeon has gone down as truly inspiring. What she did for Shin Jung Tae and the love she felt…that is an inspiration.

I said previously that the first fifteen minutes of the show are intense and will make you an emotional wreck which made watching the rest of the show very difficult. Kim Hyun Jung was excellent. His character has experienced so much loss it’s amazing that he hasn’t crumbled under the massive weight of his grief. Kim Hyun Jung portrayed heavy emotions in a realistic way that made me question if he’s ever lost someone he loved. When you compare his scenes in this episode with the entirety of his body of work this role is going to go down as the role that took him from idol turned actor to full fledged actor. He’s reached another level folks and it’s a terrible delight to witness.

Heads are going to roll and I can’t wait to see how it goes down tomorrow night. I want to see copious amounts of anguish on the faces of Wang Baek Sang and #DonkeyFace Seul. In a happier moment I can’t wait to see Jung Tae reunited with Chung Ah. They’ve been separated for so many years and after watching Jung Tae suffer for what seems like a decade, literally, is it too much to ask to see him cry tears of joy to end this awe-inspiring show?

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Inspiring Generation – Episode 22

What a happy ending…

Wait, did I just watch Inspiring Generation? How can this show end on a happy note? I do not understand.

I think, this was a filler episode…pretty sure I just watched a filler episode. I’m not sure and this confuses Sifu because Sifu is always sure. Two thirds of the episode was devoted to Shin Jung Tae’s plan rolling out without a hitch which was pretty cool to see go down. All the key players executed their roles perfectly and BangSamTong will be better off for it. How cute were So So and Baek Chi Gi as they worked the phones, I was dying!

I really enjoyed this weeks show, but I wish Mo Il Hwa would have had more to do. How cool would it have been to have Aoki show up at the telephone operator and fight Mo? It’s one fight we won’t get to see at this point and it would have been epic.

Who else got excited when Gaya tells Jung Tae, “live so you can receive the one you seek most.”? For the rest of the show I was thinking Gaya knew something about the location of Chung Ah. Sadly, she was referring to Ok Ryeon…who makes me want to pull my hair out. I wish she would have left the show with Kim Jae Wook, drowned on that rickety boat, or something…anything.

With one week left Jung Tae isn’t out of the woods yet. He’s literally in the Dragon’s cave and I suspect that HwangBang isn’t going to let him out easily. There’s but one fight left for Jung Tae and that’s the final showdown with Wang Baek Sang. No problem, Jung Tae has his number.

After three months I’m excited to see this show end. It’s been a fun ride and one hell of a commitment to follow. It’s a beast of a show to get through with all the death and loss our hero has had to face, but a beautifully produced one nonetheless.


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Inspiring Generation – Episode 21

Inspiring Generation – Episode 21

I can finally wield my sword against you.

– Daeguchi Gaya

Episode 21 of Inspiring Generation was epic in every sense…let me count the ways.

1. Kim Hyun Jung vs. Wang Baek Sang
2. Gaya in the red Kimono
3. Aoki, boss status achieved
4. Song Jae Rim, enough said

We’ve waited weeks to see the events of this show take place. From beginning to end the show was a thrilling and heartbreaking affair. Gaya breaking rank and went into the dragon’s den at HwangBang and saved Shin’ichi. You will die only by my sword. Did you cheer for her courage and cry for her loss? I sure did.

I don’t know what it means between Gaya and Shin Jung Tae, but he saved her at HwangBang and took on Wang Baek Sang and walked away unscathed, identity in tact. This is the fight I’ve been waiting for ever since HwangBang’s assistant leader showed up many weeks ago. Jung Tae held his own and nearly defeated the #DonkeyFace Baek Sang. He’s gotten so much stronger from the kid we met over two months ago.

Aoki won me over in this episode. I’ve liked the character for the role he plays, but he’s done nothing to make me like him as a person until now. He opened the door for Gaya’s survival and for that I’m incredibly thankful. His actions weren’t completely unexpected, but I was surprised by his direct approach.

Shin Jung Tae’s master plan is about to go down and I can’t wait to see how all the pieces fall once these factions go to war. In the end I was hoping to see Jung Tae and Gaya stand and fight together, but I’ve little hope to see that wish come to fruition.

Lastly, speaking of hope…I’ve got none that Jung Tae will ever find Chung Ah. That’s very disappointing to me, but the writers have done such a good job with the show I’m almost okay with this glaring omission.

Episode 22 starts…now!

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Inspiring Generation – Episode 19 and 20

This was not my favorite week of Inspiring Generation yet. Episode 19 felt like a filler episode. I’m not the biggest fan of filler, but after seeing episode 20 it all made more sense. This weeks shows had more synergy between the two hours than previous weeks and these two began to wrap up the series. I’m sad to say, but there are only two more weeks left, it was a relief to see certain plot points come to a head.

The big news of the week was Denkai arriving in Shanghai and disrupting the status quo within this segment of Il Gook Hwae. Gaya and Shin’ichi are in the frying pan and Denkai is not happy. I think I know how this will unfold, but finally Gaya put the red kimono back on…you don’t even understand how had I fan-boy’ed when the red kimono made a comeback. For me, it’s synonymous with Gaya kicking butt and if you’ve been reading this blog you know that I have been eager for some Gaya badassery! Is it strange I’m actually sad for
Shin’ichi? He’s become a rather pitiful character, I do in fact pity him. Next week, I suspect these two will have their storyline wrapped up.

Song Jae Rim’s Mo Il Hwa has become such a important part of this show I think it might be the biggest comeback in a Korean drama ever. The guy was written out and gets brought back and in my opinion is the most enjoyable part of the show. His mannerisms and facial expressions are priceless and his bromance with Jung Tae is too cute.

Jung Jae Hwa. I’m going to miss him.

The next two weeks should be action packed and hopefully well see Gaya, Jung Tae, Il Hwa and a returning Jae Hwa come together…please? It’s not too much to ask is it?

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KDrama Supporting Cast – They Make or Break a Show

After watching Inspiring Generation this week I realized that every show I’ve ever really really liked. Those that are in my top ten, maybe even top five of all time have great leads, but also an amazing supporting cast that makes the show what it is. For many of these actors these roles, in these show, make them stars and leads in their own follow up shows. So, let’s get down to it and list the top five supporting casts.

The first drama I can remember with an all star supporting cast was my favorite drama of all time for six whole years, up until Man From the Stars obliterated my bias list and my feels. My, now second, favorite drama of all time is Iris and two of its supporting casts blew away audiences for their killer performances. Iris had a great cast all around, but Kim So Yeon and Choi Seung Hyun (T.O.P.), became breakout household names in the acting world for their work as North Korean spy Kim Seon Hwa and lethal assassin Vick. Iris is the show that established Kim So Yeon as my favorite kdrama actres and T.O.P. as a action star. If you haven’t seen Iris it’s one not to miss, one of the most thrilling Korean dramas ever made and set the standard for high quality high budget dramas.



Number two on my list of best supporting casts is Boys Over Flowers. This is the show I suggest every new kdrama fan watch first. It’s a beast of a show and if you can get through it and like it everything that comes after will be a cake walk. Those who love the show…they’re hooked! This shows supporting cast was flawless. Out of any Korean drama I’ve seen Lee Min Jung was the closest I’ve ever seen to actually stealing the male lead from the female lead. How many of us actually wanted Gun Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho) to end up with her character? I did. I’ll be honest. I thought she was a better match and a way funner character than Jan Di. Lee Min Jung is now a leading actress staring in her very own drama, Single Cunning Lady which is a heck of a lot of fun.


Wait, whom I kidding…

We all know what made Boys Over a Flowers so awesome, the boys. Can you imagine any other actors playing the F4 flower boys besides Kim Joon, Kim Bum, and of course Kim Hyun Jung? Anyone? Anyone…I didn’t think so. These three along with Lee Min Ho set the benchmark for lovable bitchy rich boys and any chaebol that’s followed takes their lead from one of these four. This is also the show that turned Kim Hyun Jung from one of the hottest idols in the world to a legitimate actor. When Boys Over Flowers started Kim Hyun Jung was just another idol turned actor and his role as Ji Hoo earned him millions of new fans around the world due to his handsome face and adorable portrayal of Ji Hoo.




The third best supporting cast which made the their show so so good was Shin Sung Rok and Park Hae Jin in the best drama of all time, The Man From the Stars. These two actors lit up the screen in each and every scene that they were in. Park Hae Jin was so lovable and endearing as Lee Hui Kyung he’s now, after many years, a household name in Korea. The charming and gorgeous actor won our hearts over with this role and is now a hot issue as his next drama Doctor Stranger is one of this years most anticipated dramas. His next role airs sometime in April and I for one can not wait to see him back on my screen. Park Hae Jin’s on screen brother, Shin Sung Rok, won over many viewers with his devilishly good looks and scarily psychotic portrayal of Lee Jae Kyung. Week after week we tuned into the show to see just what evil schemes he’d come up with and the inevitable encounter where Do Min Joon throws him off a cliff, or a building, or into space…we really didn’t care. Shin Sung Rok was that good, we just wanted him gone.
Shin_Sung_Rok10 (1)

The drama taking the number two spot is 2013’s Fall favorite The Heirs. You knew this was going to be on the list, right? How could it not. This was one of the most anticipated, viewed, and highest rated dramas last year that had an all around awesome cast that established several of the actors as major forces in the acting business. The first to make an impression is another idol turned actor, F(x)’s Krystal Jung, who won us over with her at first cold and snotty, but later warm and fuzzy portrayal of Lee Bo Na. Let’s get real, she had us at “Exscccuuuse Me?” 20140315-154501.jpg
Two other standouts were Choi Jin Hyuk and Kim Woo Bin. This was the second of Choi Jin Hyuk’s major shows in 2013. The first being Gu Family Book which got his name out there, but it was The Heirs and his role as Kim Won that made fan boys and girls go gaga over his perfectly handsome face and that voice…that voice. Choi Jin Hyuk followed up his supporting role in The Heirs with his own leading role in Emergency Couple which is currently airing and doing extremely well on TvN breaking the 5% barrier in the cable ratings.


Kim Woo Bin made headlines with his portrayal as #DonkeyFace #WhiteKnight Young Do in The Heirs. It was the role that established him as a household name and the perfect bad boy we all love to hate. He was so deliciously, yes deliciously, good at being bad he’ll own the bad boy image for years to come. The model turned actor made this show what it is for his bromance with Lee Min Ho’s Kim Tan and their love triangle with Park Shin Hye. To deny him his turn in the light is just wrong…just wrong.

Which leaves us with the best, the number one supporting cast in a Korean Drama…

My number one pick for the top supporting cast is the currently airing drama Inspiring Generation. This show has had so many ups and downs in emotions, storyline changes, and actor changes that it’s been a literal roller coaster. One thing that has remained constant is that the immense cast has been consistently good from day one. There are of course a few standouts. Yoon Hyun Min as Aoki has been brilliant. I haven’t quite labeled him #DonkeyFace Aoki, yet, but he’s damn near close to being this seasons number 1 #DonkeyFace with his constant schemes and attempts to murder our hero Shin Jung Tae. He came in early with a great fight sequence against Aoki that left both a bloody mess. Since then he’s managed to capture Shineuijoo and is well on his way to taking over not only Shanghai but also Il Gook Hwae itself…here’s hoping anyway. One of the actors I’ve been most surprised with in the show is Uhm Tae Goo’s portrayal of Do Ggoo. He’s a scheming, sneaky, wretch whose got no backbone, but has always been in the thick of drama. There is a cooky lethalness to the character that only Uhm Tae Goo could adequately show with his outrageous facial expressions and huge eyes. They are huge right?

These next two players have had the most impact on the show after our lead, Kim Hyun Jung, and could arguably not be considered supporting casts at all, but second male leads. Both Kim Sung Ho and Song Jae Rim have made Inspiring Generation a better show each and every week. Kim Sung Ho is the actor I hope gets the most press from the show. He’s excellent as Jung Jae Hwa and this is the first role I’ve seen where he gets so much screen time. He’s an excellent actor and his work on The Tower and Secret Garden had me cracking up. The first time I had seen Kim Sung Ho, however, was in one of my favorite Korean Movies, 2010’s best film…The Man From Nowhere. Kim Sung Ho played a hideously psychotic and strikingly beautiful (Yes…the dude was pretty, real pretty) gangster who gave me the chills and thrills throughout the movie. Since his character has been introduced I’ve become more interested in his character and admiring him for his intelligence and care for the Korean refugees that live in Shanghai’s Bangsantong.

Last, we come to the man of the season. A man who many would say saved his show, replacing a departing second male lead and making waves all over Dramaland with his portrayal as Master Mo Il Hwa. Of course, I’m talking about Song Jae Rim. Like Kim Woo Bin, Song Jae Rim is a model turned actor and is the breakout star of his show. After being written off the show after episode eight or nine fans of the show cried out in dismay. How could this amazing character played by a hot actor many had seen, but couldn’t place his face to be written out of the show with such a small role. I even wrote a two part post on Song Jae Rim’s departure as being the number one reason to stop watching the show after Inspiring Generation went through a writer switch at episode ten. The hope if his return was also the number one reason to continue watching the show and all of us Master Mo fans out their got our wish as he’s been the most exciting part of the show since his arrival. Has Song Jae Rim won you over? I’m solidly in his camp and can’t get enough Mo…I need mo’ Mo!

What are some of your favorite supporting casts? Is there a show I should check out whose supporting cast was so good it made the show for you? Let me know in those comment boxes down below!

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Inspiring Generation – Episode 17 & 18

Inspiring Generation – Episode 17 & 18

This weeks shows were stellar. I waited till Friday night this week to check out the show. I was feeling a bit thrilled out after 3 Days and God’s Gift 14 Days and I’m glad I did wait to watch Inspiring Generation. Neither episode was as good as the God’s Gift or episode four of 3 Days so, a bit of a breather was required to fully enjoy the show and it was so much better with a short break.

There is so much action and thrilling dramas airing right now that it’s hard, I’d imagine, for most to keep up with it all. Inspiring Generation is unique amongst the overwhelming number of great dramas on tv. It’s got a ton of action, it’s thrilling, it’s got a decent romance storyline, and it’s a period piece. This show stands out from the crowd in all the right ways. I absolutely enjoy the set design and art direction of the show. The budget for the show is one of the largest ever and it pays off. When you’re in Shanghai you feel like you’re actually seeing Shanghai and the same can be said for Shineuijoo and Osaka. Now, the show has filmed in all these places, but it’s set in the 1930’s and that the part that blows me away with the art direction. It’s not that you feel the spirit of the geography, but that she show evokes the spirit of the time. Club Shanghai’s grand opening had the bright lights, music, and feel of the swing era. It’s was believable and for that I think the show deserves a huge round of applause.

I didn’t think that this was the best week of the show. Not at all, but it did get two this right. First, we got the epic showdown between Mo Il Hwa (Song Jae Rim) and Shin Jung Tae (Kim Hyun Jung) which I think was the best fight scene in the show yet. The second also featured Song Jae Rim and was his sequence with Gaya way back when she was still relevant. The other aspect of the show was the storyline developing. Everyone is out to get Jung Tae. He’s a wanted man and it’s been exciting just to see how many traps can be set for him and watch him escape every time. Il Gook Hwae’s Shin’ichi and Aoki have both attempted to take down Jung Tae in recent weeks and failed…this week he did get some much needed help and from a rather unexpected source, Gaya. You’ve got to watch, trying to avoid the spoilers.

Speaking of Gaya, I’m disappointed with what has transpired with her character over the last eight episodes. She was a bad ass, a killer, a heroine easily rallied behind and since her initial arrival in Shanghai has accomplished not a damn thing. This needs to change next week. I would love to see her stand with Jung Tae and fight against Il Gook Hwae. How epic would a Jung Jaw Hwa, Mo Il Hwa, Shin Jung Tae, and Daeguchi Gaya fighting team be? Oh, if only.

After watching my big three shows, next week, I’m most excited for Inspiring Generation. All three of my big action thrillers are excellent, but Inspiring Generation has something special. It’s a head above the rest.

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Inspiring Generation – Time to Walk Away? Three Signs You Should.

It’s happened to everyone. You’re excited for a new show starring your favorite or new actor. You read every article you can find on the show and watch every previous drama, anime, or music video they’ve ever been in. The show starts and its good, you’re hooked on the solid plot and engaging characters seen on screen. You say things like, “I’m digging it” and “best produced show on television”. Then halfway through the show’s run something tragic happens…

You start to think, “It’s time for me to walk away from this show!”

This is my dilemma right now with Inspiring Generation. I certainly don’t have a problem walking away from a show, I’ve already walked away once this winter with Log Horizon (http://wp.me/p4kGvx-2u). Inspiring Generation, unlike Log Horizon was a show I’ve written most about and spent the most time analyzing. I enjoyed writing about the show and its meaningful content. Each week I’d work on multiple posts dealing with very deep topics like loss, grief, and death. I like this show, but lately…I’ve been thinking, “It’s time for me to walk away.

So, when do you know its time to walk away from a show? Here are the top three reasons to walk away from your show.


The first sign, look to Log Horizon. In that case I was simply bored. I think my exact words were, “BORED TO TEARS”. (fact check: thats correct, I was literally so bored a tear shed from my eye.) That’s never a good thing when you aren’t engaged by the content you consume. It’s like eating a bad cheeseburger. You don’t want it! Now, Log Horizon was a visual masterpiece, its gorgeous. But, if the storyline is more effective then NyQuil at putting you to sleep, be sure, its time to walk away.


The second sign you need to start looking suspiciously at your show is when there is a writer change. A writer is nearly always a long slow painful agonizing hair pulling frustratingly nauseating experience. Yeah, that bad. Right now, I’m going through this with Inspiring Generation. The first 10 hours of the show was fantastic, then Episode 11 and 12 roll into town and everything cool about the show you liked…they’re like no, we’re not doing that anymore. The new writer in this case has a tremendous amount of experience than the previous writer. You’d think that would be an advantage. Oh, no, that would be a wrong assessment here. This new writer didn’t know a thing about the show. They didn’t know a thing about what we fan’s like about the show and has made such sweeping changes that we’ve lost our Hero and Heroine kicking ass along with many other things…like the actors we tune in to watch!


Which is a fantastic segue to the number on reason its time to walk away from a show. Actor’s dropping out or being underutilized. When you’re bias walks out on a show…its time to go. Point blank. Don’t look back. You are done….FOREVER!

But, what happens when the writer, perhaps a new writer, write’s your favorite character out of the show, or the role is simply finished. This is the more difficult because the show could still be good, there could be really good stuff there. That’s not enough. If you fall in love with a character and their run on the show is done it’s high time to consider walking away from your show.

Don’t feel bad about walking away from your show. Ultimately, we watch content to be entertained and to learn. A show does its job when its engaging, consistent, and fun.

Regarding, Inspiring Generation…All three signs are staring me dead in the eye. Episode 11 featured the work of a new writer who simply bored me to tears and I was waiting for it to be over. Episode 12 wasn’t much better because the characters and actors I liked on the show were no longer present. Kim Jae Wook left the show after Episode 8 and Song Jae Rim was said to have completed his run after he saved Jung Tae. Uhm Tae Goo who played the backstabbing maliciously delicious Do Ggoo hasn’t been seen since joining Il Gook Hwae. Shin’ichi, played by Jo Dong Hyeok has been seen for a total of 30 seconds in these two hours of content in Episode 11 and 12. THAT’S NOT COOL! NO! I DON’T LIKE!

Just one more week.

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